So. Just a little fic I found in my 'MODNAR' folder on my laptop the other day. I vaguely remember writing it when I had swine flu *insert dramatic glowing montage of flying pigs* and was really bored so...yes. I guess it's kinda swine flu inspired, because I was sick and in this Will's sick. Set sometime in Wills apprenticeship, before Erak's Ransom.

Word count:
Books 1-4
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by Pendragon.P a s s i o n.

Will barely at all sleep that night.

He lay on his bed, writhing as every fibre in his body ached. He was so hungry but he didn't know why, he'd eaten a massive dinner. The bed sheets, tangled up with his legs, were damp from sweat and he was breathing heavily. His mouth was mainly dry but the small amount of saliva that he produced had to be spat out into the bucket beside his bed. His throat, as well as being dry, was sore. Scratchy and raw and at one point Will thought that cold water might not be too bad on it. He dragged himself across the room to where a jug of fresh water stood. Hoping the coldness would numb his throat Will took a small gulp, straight from the jug. But to his dismay the result was him coughing hacking coughs as he attempted to choke the water back up. Exhausted from the short crawl Will slumped himself down on the ground, leaning his head back on the cabinet, still incredibly hot but suddenly cold, the young apprentice realised he dragged the sheets with him and they were still entangled around his legs. Slowly he pulled them up to his chin.

A cool midnight breeze drifted through his window and while soothing it also made him shake with cold. Will wanted ever so much to tip the water jug on his head but he stopped himself knowing that he would regret it. As Will sat there he wanted nothing more than to just sleep and after what seemed like hours it finally came.

The apprentice could feel himself waking up again, he tried to stop himself, tried to make himself go back to sleep but it was too late. Before he knew it his eyes were open once again. At least, he thought, I got some sleep. But looking out his window, the moon loomed outside and he realised, even though he felt like he had slept an hour or so, he hadn't even been 'asleep' for five minutes. The moon had not moved an inch.

The rest of the night carried this pattern. Will would close his eyes and think he had been asleep for an hour, only to open his eyes to find that he had barely been dozing for a minute. Every few minutes Will would moan as he found a new position to sit in, once he risked lying down but gave up on that idea quickly when he began coughing and retching uncontrollably. He was so uncomfortable and nothing he did relieved him from it. He became so hot that eventually Will did tip the entire contents of the water jug on his face. It was so cool and soothing but after about half an hour he was shaking. He also regretted it when he felt like he was dying of thirst.

Will wanted to call out to Halt to help him, to anyone but he just could not be bothered. Besides, he thought, it will probably pass by the time morning comes .Eventually Will looked out his window again and the moon was out of site. He didn't know how far, whether it was only just or had been for hours but he knew that meant morning was coming. this is just the beginning...ermm...this is going to be at least a 2shot but most likely more...


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