I am Ken Sington, an Asian teenager, at the age of sixteen.

I am in a family of three, including myself, and my parents. My parents believe in cleanliness, since I am usually stuck with the job of cleaning the house I live in with a single vacuum cleaner, while my parents improve the aesthetics in the front yard and back yard. My mom and dad are equal in ability as cooks, which is very skillful. I know no other fathers who know how to cook a delicious "Buddha Jumping Wall." My dad used to actually be a cook in a nearby Chinese restaurant called "Oriental Express," but later he joined my mom in doing manicures in a Nail Salon, which is actually very profitable, considering how expensive getting your nails done are. My mom is somewhat religious, since there is a altar in my basement honoring my dead grandparents on my mom's side, adorned with golden Buddha statues and burnt out incense sticks. I am amicable with my parents, although my only crutch with them is that I don't know my native language. And my parents know very little English.

I go to Bryan Clay High School as a junior now, my parents have nudged me in the past to go to an academy, but they gave up when I entered sophomore year at Bryan Clay.

Usually, most of the teenagers at Bryan Clay are crackheads, I believe they are influenced by the crappy mainstream pop they listen to, especially since they think dick jokes are funny. Basically, most of the music they listen to are about sex, money, and drugs. That music just turns me off, like hell I would care to hear about a Gucci man who does his dishes. I listen to anything as long as it sounds good musically, including some of the mainstream pop. There are some good songs out there, the only reason people stop listening to them is because they listen to it too much. There's a lot of drama at the school, this makes me wonder why they couldn't just "take it easy."
I don't study as I seldom do things that don't interest me like homework. It's usually too easy, even if I hardly ever pay attention in class at all. It's all down to common sense, except for math, where I have to learn troublesome formulas to pass. It's very common to see a lot of very stupid people in advanced classes, for example, there's this brunette in Advanced Chemistry when she doesn't even know what the periodic table is.

In school, I used to be only known as a typical stereotypical Asian nerd, since I don't even have to try in school to pass with at least a high average and people ask me to help them with their homework. It's like I'm the middleman, people love me but don't even want to associate with me. But all that changed when I met a group of people in my freshman year. They were at first only using me to help them with homework. But after getting to know one of them, Jonathan, slowly things started to change for the better. I became more than the the middleman to them, more like a smart friend who's always there in need, drama and academics alike. I even changed their demeanor as a whole from being generally mean and bratty, to a more relaxed and nice attitude.

I have messy, thick black hair, with the bangs just above my green, narrow eyes. I have somewhat of a skinny frame but not skeletal like a certain person who revels in a drunken paradise.

I have little muscle, but due to playing guitar, I have incredible finger strength. I could hang on to a rough tree branch for hours with only my hardened fingers.

My skin is tanned, but not like a sun tan at all.

Recently, I have been getting into the phenomenon that is Touhou. With their lunatic yet addicting difficulty on the shooter series and catchy music, who wouldn't like it? There are all sorts of arranges for the original video game music, ranging from metal to classical, even making a popular internet meme involving two misshapen heads. All this was caused by a single one-man team called "Shanghai Alice," which amazed me, since it's very popular in Japan, even to the point where it has its own festival. Even some people I know started listening to the music, they all love a certain tomboyish song in common, even dancing to it once at the park with a really loud stereo. Eventually I found a Touhou fanbase forum called "ToujinStyle", who seems to be at odds with another forum called "Maids of the Kaleidoscope." I like ToujinStyle more, since people on there have a more friendly and relaxed demeanor than MoTK, where they are more serious.

I can't go throughout a day without doing something Touhou-related, especially since I visit the forum every day.

All in all, life was as mundane as you can get, continuing to bore me, until this happened, changing my life.

It all started while I recently got back from school, practicing guitar and skipping homework in my messy room. I just ate a cup of chicken Ramen noodles, explaining the empty Styrofoam cup with a plastic white fork in front of me.

I was intent on trying to master a song called "Bad Apple", a very old fan-made Touhou song.

I was sweating, mindlessly practicing a section of a song, while my fingers started to hurt, my callouses red.

(I haven't practiced this much in a long time. I think the jet lag is getting to me.)

Recently muting a messed-up attempt at the section of the song, I suddenly heard my phone, a Samsung Eternity touchscreen, vibrate on the table.

Picking it up, it appeared to be a phone call from my friend Jonathan.

(That's weird, you usually never call unless there's a situation going on, and even then you would just text it.)

Sighing, I gently put my guitar on the phone and pressed the green button on my phone, putting it to my left ear.

"Hey Jonathan, what's up?" I asked, curious.

"Dude, come to the basketball court at the park near the lake" replied Jonathan, ignoring my greeting. He sounded hurried, while panting.

"Ok, Why?" I asked.

"There's this cocky ass kid named Jesse with his friend Brenta. They have the fucking nerve to think I sucked at basketball and they called me out. Damn dumbasses, don't they know who I am?" muttered Jonathan.

(Wow, you usually never get angry at people for that, nor would you care if somebody thinks you're bad at basketball. Even if that's completely wrong.)

"Wow seriously? Weren't you the star point guard back in high school?"

"Yeah exactly. I heard they transferred to our school at the beginning of the school year. I can't play two people on my own, But two is better against two other people."

(Are you asking me to play basketball with you? Oh ho, no. I become winded easily, I never worked on the cardiac part of my body, especially since I got hooked into Touhou.)

"But i suck at basketball."

"Dude, come on. I just need you to block since you're tall and I'm short."

(That singled me out from the rest of the Asians, I swear I am as tall as freaking Yao Ming, and I am a good blocker. That's the only useful purpose for me in basketball, overshadowed by my shameful shots.)

"...alright. I will come over there very soon if I can" I said, hesitating at the beginning.

"Ok man. Just watch me, I'm going to go John Wall on them" said Jonathan, before hanging up.

I put my phone down on the table before putting up my guitar in a soft yet firm guitar case, closing it.

(Well, there goes me practicing bad apple, I'll just have to work on that section later.)

I walk out of my room into a hallway with a mirror at the end of the corridor, after grabbing a pair of socks from my Armoire.

(No matter what, that mirror still gives me the chills even it's been there since I was like seven.)

While I was hopping and putting on my socks at the same time, out of the corner in my eye I saw a strange ripple in the mirror. I quickly turned around to look at it and it just kept rippling, while taking off my socks.

(Uh, what the hell is going on? Is Bloody Mary going to kill me? No that can't be right, it's not dark and I'm not spinning in front of a mirror chanting her name.)

I noticed a red ribbons on each end of a long line. Then it opened up with so many red eyes just looking at me.

I was shocked, as thoughts began to race in my mind while my body was rendered motionless.

(Isn't.....Isn't this Yukari's Gap? Isn't that fictional? Am I dreaming or having a hallucination from practicing so much guitar?)
I blinked my eyes to make sure I wasn't having a hallucination and it was still there. I pinched myself while thinking it was a dream,
but it hurt as I quickly stopped.

(It shouldn't hurt if I was in a dream. Has the drunken paradise come true? Is it actually real?)

I continued to look with utter bewilderment. Then out of great curiosity, I walked over to the gap, tripping myself in the process and
fell into the gap. I merely drifted as I watched the eyes staring at me like they are observing. The gap I tripped into closed behind me.

(Okay calm down Ken, Somehow you managed to be in Yukari's.....world, while the eyes in the background are uncomfortably staring you down.)

I drifted throughout the space, with the uncomfortable stare from those eyes.

I drifted for two hours, while I was thinking up a conclusion.

(So by all the touhou fanfiction and theories I read, I might be going to Gensokyo. But I know I can't make it through it without modern technology, I will have to rely on Rinnosuke, that one guy who actually sells it in a seemingly backwards world. At least I know I can get my fix of Touhou depending on how long I'm here. But i bet none of those Yuri couples are happening, I could be wrong though... How am i going to adjust without a computer or a guitar to entertain myself? How do i fly? What if Yuyuko, that glutton, wants to eat me?
Is there toliet paper in Gensokyo?)

As i pondered these questions, a gap opened beneath me and I looked down to see a shrine with a black haired girl sweeping the leaves
with a bamboo broom.


Then Gravity decided to be active at this time, as I fell into the ground headfirst next to the donation box, my vision blurred in and out as I heard my glasses skid across the ground, before slowly blacking out. I heard a broom hit the ground and hurried footsteps coming towards me.

The last thing I remember is a voice in a background before I passed out.

"I spilled my tea, ze......who's tha..?"