Ch. 1: Drago's Intense Workout

Drago was just in the Rec room at Section 13. He was just working out with Hsi Wu and doing some training. Drago had on a black sleeveless short, a pair of gym pants, and some bandages on his hands like the ultimate fighters wear. Hsi Wu was holding onto a punching bag for Drago while he hits it. Drago was punching it with aggression while Hsi Wu encourages him to punch harder.

"Come on, Drago! Hit hard!" Hsi Wu yelled.

Drago kept hitting harder and harder.

"Try harder, Nephew! No wonder Baldro keeps running circles around you."

Hsi Wu comment caused Drago to get mad and hit the bag real harder. Unfortunately, he hit it so hard; he knocked the bag and his uncle to the wall, knocking Hsi Wu unconscious while the bag is on him. Colleen and Ice then came into the room.

"Colleen, when Hsi Wu comes to, let me know so I can apologize," Drago said.

"Whoa! Is it me or is our gecko boy buggin' more than usual?" Ice asked Colleen with concern.

Drago begin to lift a 30 lbs dumbbell. Colleen walked toward him

"Drago, are you okay?" Colleen asked with concern.

"I'm fine, Col," Drago replied, "I've just been feeling tense. I don't know why. I thought a good work out could help."

Colleen was getting closer to Drago when she tripped over a barbell and began to fall. Drago dropped his dumbbell and caught Colleen on time. He lifted her up. Drago had a hard time letting go of Colleen. Both blushed and smiled. Then, they saw Ice giving "something between you" look, making them both let go. Hsi Wu finally regained consciousness and lifted himself up. He was wobbling toward the door.

"Sorry about that, Unc," Drago said, "Why don't you go and rest up?"

"Good idea," he said in a daze, "I earned a break."

Hsi Wu wobbled out the door while holding his head. He was walking past Captain Black's office when he overheard him talking to Jackie.

"Are you excited about tonight, Jackie?" Captain Black asked.

"Absolutely," Jackie responded, "I always enjoy doing some stargazing, but tomorrow night, I get to see a lunar eclipse."

Hsi Wu had a scared look in his face when he heard Jackie mention "lunar eclipse."

"A lunar eclipse?!" he shouted, "That's why Drago is getting aggressive! I hope that no emergencies happen."

Then, the alarm went off.

"Code Blue! Goblin attack in Chinatown!" the PA said.