Ch. 8: The Human Side of Drago

The J-Teens took an unconscious Drago back to Section 13. Drago was put in the infirmary, and he is still wearing the collar. Drago woke up to see Colleen at his bedside.

"Colleen?" Drago said, "Bedside vigil?"

"I was taking the first shift," Colleen informed, "Hsi Wu put the collar on you right on time before the lunar alignment."

"How long was I out?"

"A few hours. You missed the eclipse which is a good thing."

"Yeah. Colleen, thank you for sticking by me despite my little problem. You were right. One half of me may be demon, but the other half is human, which allows me to make a choice."

Drago was holding onto Colleen's hand again. Meanwhile, Jackie, Uncle, and Captain Black were talking in his office.

"It was strange, Jackie," Captain Black said, "Even though Drago was completely demon at the time, all he cared about was protecting Colleen from harm. He had a chance to hurt her but didn't."

"How's that possible?" Jackie asked.

"Perhaps Colleen has unlocked parts of Drago that are human. Colleen has not once showed any fear ever since she met Drago. In research on the four Druids, I found that Irene, the Water Sorceress herself has tamed beasts by bringing out the goodness in them. Like her ancestor, Colleen has brought out the goodness that not even Drago himself ever knew he had."

"Tch. If those two are just best friends, I'm the king of the Demon World," Captain Black said.

Meanwhile, in the old ruins of San Fran, Baldro, Illry, and Mump were giving their report to Froggo.

"And somehow, he broke the leash and got himself free," Baldro explained.

"If those J-Teens haven't gotten that collar, we would have brought him to the dark side and got the keys easy," Illry said.

"We're sorry we've failed, Sire," Mump said nervously.

"On the contrary, you've uncovered a weakness within the J-Teens," Froggo said.

"Huh?" the Trio said with confused looks.

"The J-Teens were willing to put their lives on the line to save the Son of Shendu. He may be the key to the keys."