Beware Shiny things!

Summary: Harry should have known not to touch it. Sadly, when has Harry ever listened when he is NOT to do something? Now Harry is trapped in the time of Tom Riddle.

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Harry's PoV

Summer…I hate summer! Summer is when I get sent to my abusive relatives. Yippy, 2 whole months of little to no food!

Harry Potter, Boy-who-won't-fucking-die weeding a garden and being starved!

Wouldn't that make a head line for Rita Skeeter. So yeah, here I am, Harry Potter, weeding my Aunt's garden on my 16 birthday. I mean really, I just lost my godfather and they are going to make me weed a freaking garden!?

Anyway, the work isn't that bad but the heat it horrible. The nice thing is that I can bury my hands in the cool dirt to try and cool off. On one of these attempts my fingers brushed something sleek hard and cold.

I, being the ever curious Gryffindor, started to dig the mystery object up.

General PoV

"Whoa." The object turned out to be a lovely silver ring with an emerald on it. The band was made of twin snakes the mouths were open to hold the gem. "This is lovely."

Harry smiled and slipped the ring on to his left ring finger. His smile grew when he saw that it fit perfectly. This ring felt very familiar, it was as though he was forgetting something very important.

He cast a wandless spell that couldn't be traced to clean the ring and his hands before heading inside. He was stopped by his aunt.

"Who said you could come inside? You have not finished your chore!" She smacked him. Harry sighed and raised his hand to his cheek. There was blood where her nail had bit into his cheek. He heard her gasp and felt her grab his hand.

"Where did you get that? You don't deserve something so beautiful you freak." He knew she was talking about the ring.

"I found it and it is mine!" Harry growled and tried to snatch his hand back. She had a vice grip though and didn't release him.

"Give it to me." She started trying to pry it off his hand. Harry was angry and ripped his hand away. He covered the ring with his other hand and gasped. He could feel magic.

Before he could even think to say anything he felt the pull on his body that told him it was a portkey. He sighed mentally.

'A portkey, of course I would find a portkey!' Harry was annoyed. Why is it that he always finds trouble no matter what he does!

Harry groaned as his whole body struck the ground.

"Ouch, damn why do I always get hurt when I go somewhere?" Harry stood and looked around. "A forest…well where the fuck am I now?" Harry growled but started to walk. It wasn't long till he figured it out.

"The forbidden forest…How did I end up in the forbidden forest?" Harry walked a bit further and saw the edge of the lake. He smiled and started towards where the castle would be. As he came upon the castle he noticed quite a few things wrong. The first, being that the castle looked newer.

Harry walked closer to the castle but couldn't put his finger on what was wrong. Upon entering the castle there were more things different that Harry couldn't understand. He walked till he found the headmaster's office. He knew the Headmaster stayed there all year round.

'Child, you are far from home. This is not your home but it is your time. You may pass but beware of what horrors lurk these halls. They are not the ones you fought before.'

Harry stared at the gargoyle before smiling. "Not my home but my time. I guess that means I am not even in the right year. Well, if you say this is where I belong then I guess it is."

The statue let him pass.

Knocking on the door, Harry heard a voice he didn't recognize tell him to enter.

"Hello sir. I am Harry Potter. Would you mind telling me what year I am in?" Harry grinned. He knew this man from pictures. This was Professor Dippet.

"Hello my boy. The year is 1942 but may ask who you are?" Harry sighed. Life was never easy was it?

"I am Harry Potter. I am from the year 1997. I attend Hogwarts in the future and was just brought here by this ring." Harry showed the man the ring.

Dippet went to touch the ring but Harry felt the magic swell as it repelled Dippet's hand away.

"Well, that is very strong. Can you try removing it?" Harry did as told and the ring came off easily. He thought he would go back but he was still there. "Well great, that didn't work!" Harry ran a hand through his unruly hair.

"Well, until we can figure out how to send you back, why don't you stay here? We can set you up at the leaky cauldron until you find a new place to stay and then we can get you ready for your 6th year." Harry smiled.

"I may be able to do some good. I would like to do that." Harry then remembered something. "I have no money?" Dippet smiled at him.

"You would be surprised at what the goblins know." Harry smiled and flooed to Gringotts.

"Hello Mr. Potter." Harry turned shocked and saw Darknail, his account manager. "How do you know it is me?" The Goblin smiled. "We have our ways. Now let me show you how we fixed the problem with your money. We duplicated what you had and put it under a different name. Your new name is Harry James Raven. Generic I know but it works."

Now I need you to sign some papers that let us know that this is your knew Alias and I would like to run a blood test to see if you get any more money." Harry agreed and was led to a counter where he signed the documents and slit his palm and pressed it to a parchment that would tell him his lineage.

"This will only show those that have already been born."

The parchment shone black before returning to normal.

Harry James Potter now Raven is Heir to,

House of Merlin

House of Le'fey

House of Ravenclaw

House Gryffindor

House of Potter

Harry stared in shock at the paper. "I am related to the founders, Merlin and Morgana Le'fey as well?" Darknail nodded.

"Well, I might as well put the proxy money back. You are almost the richest Wizard in the world. Now you cannot touch the Potter Money but the rest has never been claimed so it is yours." Harry nodded.

"Well let's go get your money." After two short trips, Harry had enough money to buy what he needed for school and some to start looking for a house.

"If you have any recommendations for houses let me know." Darknail smiled. "One of Rowena's properties is in town. It is a 2 story cottage. All you would have to do is buy furniture." Harry grinned and accepted the deed.

Harry flooed to the cottage and sighed when he saw all the dust and what not. He cast magic to clean everything and was happy to see that the home was in good condition. He walked outside and surveyed the house.

The house had a large garden that needed weeding and a small lake behind it. The house was just outside of the town and bordered the forest. The color scheme was done in blues, greens and purples which made a lovely combination with the outside being done in blue with the inside being done in a light purple and the bedrooms being different shades of greens blues and purples.

There were 5 bedrooms, a kitchen, three bathes, a living room and a dining room. Harry was happy with the house.

"Time to go shopping!" Harry went to the floo and went to Diagon Alley. He found a nice furniture shop and stepped in.

"Hello, sir, is there anything I can do to help you?" a nice saleswoman asked. "Yes, I am in need of furniture. I just bought a new house and it has no furniture."

An hour later Harry had bought everything needed to furnish the entire house. It would all be shipped to the house and set up by the time he got home.

Next on his list was clothes that actually fit.

Harry had box upon box of leather pants, silk shirts and tight sexy shirts, boots and robes sent to the house as well.

"Now all I need is an owl and a familiar." Harry ended up at a rather shady looking shop but they sold both owls and familiars so it would have to do.

"Hello, I need an owl and a familiar of some kind." Harry asked the man at the counter. The man just grunted and pointed to the owls then to the rest of the shop.

Harry had to stop from laughing. 'I guess he speaks troll.' Harry thought as he browsed through the owls. He stopped at a large white owl. It looked exactly like Hedwig. "You are very pretty. I think I will take you." Harry picked up the silver cage and placed it on the counter before looking around the shop.

At the back of the store there was a ton of tanks containing snakes.

Harry looked through the tanks before spotting a large black and silver snake with emerald eyes.

"Hello would you like to come withhhh me?" Harry hissed to the snake. The snake lifted her head slowly. "You sssspeak boy? That isss interesssting?" it hissed back.

"Yesss, ssso will you come?" The snake seemed to think for a minute before answering.

"Yesss. My name isss Siska." Harry smiled and pulled the snake from her tank. She was about 4 feet long and was thin and sleek. Siska wrapped around his arm with her head around his neck. He walked to the counter but was told to stop by the man at the counter.

"You can take them for free just keep that snake away from me! She is a killer and she will kill you two!"

Harry looked at the snake. "I killed my lasssst Masssster. He wasss very cruel to me." Harry smiled at the snake and took the cage of the owl that he named Silkia. He would send a letter to the headmaster when he got home.

Two weeks later…

Harry smiled when the letter arrived.

Harry read the note happily and went out to by what he needed.

Harry saw a lot of people that would be the grandparents of the children he went to school with but made no comments about it.

September 1st

Harry went to the platform with his snake on his shoulder. It was easy to find a place to sit since Siska scared people away effectively.

Just as the train started to move, the door to his compartment flung open.

"So they were right. There is a new kid with a snake on the train?!" Harry stared in shock. Tom Riddle was standing in front of him!

"Hello, I am Tom Riddle, a prefect and a slytherin 6 year." He held out his hand to Harry. Harry smiled at him and extended his hand. He forgot that it was the same hand that Siska was on. Siska thought that this stranger could be a danger to Harry and went to snap.

"Sssssisssska, no he speaks as well." Siska blinked at the man.

"You sssspeak?" She asked, raising up to look the man in the eye.

"Yesssss I do Sssssisssska. I am Tom." Siska nodded approvingly and slithered down to Harry's lap before coiling up and going to sleep.

Harry shook Tom's still out stretched hand and introduced himself.

"I am Harry Raven. I am new from America so I don't know what house I will be in but I am a six year as well." Tom smiled at Harry. "May I sit here?" Harry agreed and they sat together peacefully for the rest of the trip.

When they got to the platform Harry was sent with the first years. "Tom, can you take Siska? I don't want anyone to hurt her on the way to the sorting." Tom smiled and took Siska who draped herself over his neck.

Tom stroked the lovely black and silver snake. "I will take care of her. I hope you are in Slytherin because I think we would make good friends."

Harry blushed and nodded before stepping onto the boat that would take him to the school.

Harry waited as the sorting started until his name was called.

"Raven, Harry." Harry smiled and stepped up.

"Oh, I know you. I see that I had wanted to put you in Slytherin but you wanted Gryffindor. Do you still want that…well no mater, I am putting you where I think you can do some good."

Harry smiled, he knew what the hat would do.


Harry stood and walked over to the table. His grin grew when he watched Tom push the kid next to him off the bench to make room for Harry. Harry took the seat and laughed when Siska gave Tom a snaky kiss on the cheek before draping over both of their shoulders.

Dippet did his speech. "Welcome students. I know all of you are wondering why a 6 th year is being sorted. The reason is that he is from America but sadly lost his parents and has come to live in the house that was left him in the inheritance. Please try to make him feel at home. Do you have anything to say Mr. Raven?"

Harry stood.

"Yes actually. You can all call me Harry and I am very happy to be attending here. Now the one thing I noticed is that this school is slightly divided. I just wanted everyone to know that I could care less and that no matter who you are, if you piss me off I will kill you and I feel no remorse for that fact. As for the questions I know all you little gossiping idiots want to know, my parents were murdered."

Harry ignored everyone's gasps and retook his seat. He turned to Tom but was surprised that he was smiling at him. Tom leaned over and whispered in his ear just as the feast started.

"You are a lot like me. I feel that we will definitely be good, good friends." Harry blushed again and nodded before he started to eat.

When the feast was over Dippet came over.

"Tom, you have a spare bed in your room so why don't you let Harry bunk with you?" Tom grinned and nodded. Harry was mortified by the blush that seemed to be permanent on his face.

"That would be lovely." Tom said and helped Harry to stand.

They headed to the prefects dorms. When they reached Tom's room he stopped them. "I am sorry to say that I am also an orphan and have no money. Sorry to disappoint." He sounded bitter and Harry just smiled.

"I know how you feel. I didn't even know I was a wizard until I turned 11. I was a servant in my relative's home at the time and they despised all things magical." Harry smiled and Tom opened the portrait for him to enter.

"It is better than the cupboard under the stairs that's for sure." Tom looked at him then with shock on his face.

"How badly were you really abused?" He asked carefully. Harry sighed.

"Not too bad at first. I was left there when I was one so there is not much you can do to a baby that young. It was when I was around seven that it got bad."

Harry sighed and pulled Tom into one of the bedrooms. It was decorated so it was probably Tom's. Harry sat him on the bed and started to remove his own clothes. When he was standing on front of Tom in nothing but his boxers, he pulled his wand.

Harry cast a spell that highlighted all the scars on his body.

Tom was shocked but understood. He had many of the same marks. He stood and ran his hands over each scar.

"Belts, whips, cigarettes, knives, how did you live with this for 11 years." Harry sighed.

"11 years was just when I was brought to school. I was sent back every summer." Tom smiled slightly.

"My orphanage sucks as well. I get beat for things that I didn't even do." Harry grinned then.

"Well I just inherited a house with 5 bedrooms and I am all alone. If we really do become such good friends, move in with me. It sucks to be alone." Tom nodded and they spent the rest of the night chatting till they fell asleep together in Tom's bed.

Harry couldn't help but think that this was all so familiar but it was just so right to be able to forget that this man later killed his parents didn't even apply at the moment.

Harry and Tom slept peacefully for the first time in many years.

What neither of them noticed was that the ring on Harry's finger was glowing a lovely green. The ring knew exactly what it was doing. It was the boys that didn't yet know the real future.

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