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General PoV

Harry grinned as he and Tom walked into their first Potions class of the year. Tom, who didn't usually work with others, became Harry's lab partner much to the rest of the student body's displeasure.

The pair worked well together and quite efficiently as well. They were done well before the rest of the class and worked on getting to know each other. Curiously, the more Harry knew about Tom, the worse the headache he was acquiring got.

By the end of the first class, Tom was brewing a pain potion for him which he gladly sucked down. Sadly it did not help in the least.

"Man, you would think that someone rigged your head to hurt when you speak to me."

That one comment linked one of the pieces together for him.

"That's it! I know what this is and it is you! Well not exactly but you are right about it!!!" Harry jumped up during lunch and turned to Abraxas.

"Do you know how to tell if there is a magical block on someone?" Harry asked. When Abraxas nodded he cheered.

"You have to come to Tom's room tonight. I will need both of your help but first I need to look into something." They agreed and Harry left the Great Hall to go talk to the one that he knew would help.

"Ring, I know the first piece. Someone has tampered with my memories but who?" the ring unraveled and the snakes nodded that he was right.

"You must think, who would want you to hate Tom?" Harry grinned.

"Albus Dumbledore."

Harry was waiting for Abraxas and Tom when Siska slithered up to him.

"Siska, you are not an ordinary snake are you?" Harry hissed. Something told him that she knew more than she was letting on.

"You would be right my little one. I am not an ordinary snake, I am here to help you find the truth but I am under no laws not to tell you what you wish to know."

"Tom is not your enemy but Dumbledore is. You must figure out everything about this that you can and find out what really happened the night your parents died. Once you know that then you will go home to tell Tom that you know the truth."

"That is all I will tell you because you will be happier to know the rest when you find out for yourself."

Harry nodded and she coiled up on his lap.

A few minutes later, Tom and Abraxas came in.

"So, you think that there is a block on your mind that makes your scar and head hurt if you speak civilly to Tom?" Abraxas asked.

"Yeah I think so but I need to get rid of it because it is going to become very important that my head not try to explode when I speak to him."

Tom looked curious but did not ask what Harry meant by that.

"So do you know who did it?" Abraxas asked.

Harry nodded. "I do but I cannot tell you." They nodded and Abraxas got to work on the spell.

Harry closed his eyes and soon felt the burn in his scar that meant someone was accessing his mind. He felt it the instant the block was hit. The burn grew till he couldn't take it silently and he screamed out.

He felt someone hug him and latched on to that person. He knew it was Tom because he could hear him speaking in parseltongue.

As suddenly as the pain hit it was gone. Harry hesitantly opened his eyes carefully. Instead of seeing Abraxas and Tom he was seeing that night at Godric's Hollow.


"Tom, I don't know what to do, Albus says you are going to kill him but we know you won't do that!" Harry smiled, that was his mother but why was she talking to Tom…and Tom was holding a baby version of himself!

"Albus is losing it. He is trying to claim that I am evil but many are not listening and still joining me. Many Gray Wizards as well, thanks to you and James." Tom smiled at Lily.

"You are so gentle with him and he never cries when you hold him. You know, his birthday is next week, would you like to come?" Lily asked.

Tom smiled and nodded that he would when James came in.

"Why don't you go put him down to sleep? If I even try he screams at me like he knows that I have never done this before." Tom laughed.

"Well it's not like I have either but he just seems to like me more." Harry had to laugh, hearing his enemy and his father bickering about who had better parenting skills.

The scene change to the small party.

Tom was laughing and playing with Little Harry and his mother taking pictures of them while his father read a book about quidditch out loud to them.

It was that night that they had the cake and gifts with dinner. Harry was trying to figure out when the attack would happen. It was when Lily was putting him to bed with Tom that they heard the door bust open.

Harry ran down stairs in time to see his father hit the ground, wrapped in a green light. 'Dad!' Harry screamed but none could hear him.

He looked up and saw the one thing he had prayed he would be wrong about. Standing there was Albus Dumbledore, his wand still out stretched.

"Sorry James, but I need your child so that I can kill that bastard Tom and take control of the world!" Harry was silently crying as he watched Albus climb the steps. He followed slowly after him.

When Albus came to his room, he went ahead so that he would be able to see everything. He watched his mother push him into Tom's arms and start yelling at Albus not to take her baby. He saw Tom start to move to the window to escape but his mother was enveloped in the sickly green of the Avada Kadavra before Albus turned on him.

"Tom, hand over the child and I won't kill you yet." Albus demanded. Tom just sneered.

"Never, Harry is coming with me, I can give him the love he deserves and more!" Tom yelled back and kept moving away.

Albus sighed and raised his wand, throwing the killing curse straight at Tom's chest.

Tom stared in shock. The curse was aimed at Harry as well! Tom turned away from Albus so that the curse hit him in the back.

Tom's last gift to Harry was: The words, "I will see you again, my little lover." And the ring Harry currently wore on his hand.

Harry came back to reality with tears streaming down his face. Harry saw Tom looking at him worriedly and smiled at him.

"Where am I?" Harry asked.

"My room. Harry, what happened to you? You blacked out and now your crying." Harry smiled at Tom and raised up till he was sitting. Harry reached over to Tom and hugged him.

"It wasn't you, it wasn't you!" Harry cried as he clung to Tom. Tom hugged him back and rubbed circles into his skin till he calmed down.

"What do you mean Harry?" he asked once Harry stopped crying. Harry looked at him for a minute but sighed in acceptance.

"Okay I will tell you. Sit down though and stay away from anything that you can throw."

Tom did as told and sat on the bed next to Harry. Siska came in and hissed soothingly to Harry before wrapping herself around Tom, pinning his arms to his side. "Well I don't think I could throw something even if I wanted to so talk."

Harry smiled and nodded.

"I am from the future."

Tom was going to cut him off but Harry held up his hand for silence.

"In the future of 1997 you have died once. In my time you became evil and tried to destroy the world until a prophecy was made saying that I could destroy you. Supposedly you came to kill me but your curse rebounded on you and destroyed your body but you had created horcrux's that saved you."

"What happened just now was that I learned that Albus Dumbledore is the one that really killed my parents. Obviously in the future, you know all that I have told you and it leads up to what happens but you did not kill my parents. You were really there to celebrate my birthday. You died to save me and the last thing you did was tell me these words: "I will see you again my Little Lover." You also gave me this ring."

Harry held out his had that had the ring on it. Tom was shocked.

"I guess I will believe you because that is my mother's ring. I have the same around my neck."

Harry pulled the ring from around Tom's neck and smiled when he saw it was the same ring. His smile grew when his ring melded with the original.

Siska released Tom who took the ring off its chain and placed it on Harry's left ring finger.

"Little Lover huh? If I knew that in the future then we must be lovers now." Harry grinned.

"Your ring told me I had a year to figure out everything and this is only the first step. Now I have to prove that Dumbledore is evil and how to defeat him. Also, I already like you, have since I met you on the train."

Even Harry was shocked by what he said but his thought process stopped dead when Tom leaned over and kissed him.

Harry was only still for a millisecond before he leaned into the kiss. Tom lowered him to the mattress and licked Harry's lips before nipping slightly to encourage him to open up which Harry was all too willing to do.

Harry moaned at the taste that flooded his mouth when Tom thrust his tongue in to his mouth. Tom smirked, damn Harry tasted divine and damn was he sensitive. Before they could get any further though, they heard someone clear their throat and they jumped apart.

"You could at least remember to lock up before you two snog." Abraxas said. "I just wanted to tell you that I cover for you at the prefect meeting. Also, Harry that was a serious block I had to break through. I will tell you more tomorrow so goodnight."

He left the pair alone.

"So tomorrow we will solve this mystery." The two went back to kissing until they fell asleep in Tom's bed once again.

Siska watched the two.

"My lord, I will keep him safe. Your Heir's love shall not die while I still live" She hissed as she coiled next to the sleeping boys.

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