Chapter 1 – Sudden Decision

The summer holiday is about to begin. Everyone in Myuda high school must be really excited to hear about it,especially Kiko. She is really looking forward to shop with her close friends,Karin and Luna and also spending time together later in grade 10 after the long holiday.

One day,on the last day of school,the girls gather together as always and talking about stuffs.

"! Today is the last day of school. Can you believe it?" said Kiko with an excited tone.

"Absolutely,especially when it comes to summer,it's good to spend sometime in the beach. Don't you think?" answer Karin asking Luna's opinion,while Luna is busy with her make-up.

"Can you pause the conversation? I'm trying to get the perfect face-looking. Anyway, I'm really sorry that I can't join you guys during the holiday. My family and I will go on a trip to my uncle's house in Hong Kong myself for the entire holiday." Answer Luna

"Oh,that's bad ,well—"

Then,while talking to her friends,Kiko's father arrived and pick her up.

"See you guys around!"Kiko said. "Absolutely,have a nice holiday and good afternoon!" Karin and Luna shouting together.

While in the car

"Thank you Dad for picking me up today. What happen with mom? Isn't that you have to be at the office by now?" Kiko asked her father curiously.

"Your welcome,your mom is busy with the school fee and your school in Nagasaki. Luckily,my boss let me to take an early —" Kiko's father explaining

"What? in Nagasaki? You must be jocking and I really am happy in here,with my friends and stuffs." Kiko cut his father conversation directly before he finish.

"I'm sorry,Kiko. We just want the best from you and you have to go to Japan,because if you're still in Tokyo,well it's expensive."

"Well, I really like in Tokyo but I really understand Dad,I'll go, b-but when?"

"Tomorrow..." Kiko's father answer with a sigh.

" Tomorrow?!"

Good Afternoon guys! I'm really glad that I can be active again in I hope the story able to make you happy and fill your boring day with the good ones. Enjoy! ^^(Haruko Askikaga)