Chapter 4 – At the Airport

Kiko's mother take Kiko to the airport the next day. It is around 8 A.M and it is a shiny day. When Kiko and her mother arrives at the airport. The car stop for a while. Kiko gets out from the car,takes her luggage and her mother says something.

"Honey,please take care and please send us a letter if you have time. Remember that okay? Now,see you soon and I will transfer money every month to you. Alright? Take care!" Kiko's mother say and she drove the car.

After that, Kiko walks to the boarding room and waiting for the flight. She see her pin that was given by Karin yesterday. Sure it is hard for Kiko to leave her hometown,leave her precious friends,leave her family,but she feel that she has to run her life no matter what happens with a happiness and a smile.

With a glass of hot chocolate and a novel,Kiko wears her glasses that was given as her birthday present from hr parents when she was 8 years old. There are a lot of people waiting in the boarding room.

"Wow,that sure are many people going to Nagasaki." Said Kiko. After that, Kiko texted Karin and Luna.

Karin and Luna, now I'll go to Nagasaki in a minute. Take care guys. Miss you.

From : Kiko

Kiko hope that her friends will reply her quicky as possible. She wait for 8 minutes, but there have been no reply. Kiko's father bought her a lot of food and her mother sends money every month. It's not that Kiko needs another things that would make other people sad, but she really misses her friends,best friends. People start to gather around, buy necessary goods,solving the passports problems and so on.

Suddenly, two minutes later. . .

Sorry for surprising you and sorry for replying you late,but take care there. Hopeyou have a safe trip, and I will send you a lot of clothes that you dreams of when you get the way, Luna sends you a big luggage for you. It's an expensive one. Remember, we'll never forget you no matter what happens,but please smile! From : Karin and Luna

Kiko starts to cry as she proud to her best friends,whenever she needs them. Then, she wear off her purple scarf. She likes to wear scarf eventhough it is during summer. Suddenly, 20 minutes later, the air employee announce the flight.


"Here I go. Bye, Tokyo. Thank you so much for everything."