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Chapter 1:

The night was cool, but not too cool. There was a light breeze, making my black cape wave lightly in it. I stared at the house in front of me. There was still a light and the window was opened. It was one of his last warnings before he left and it usually worked. 'Leave the window open,' he'd warn and most people did. Those who didn't, well, we dealt with them and he ended up getting what he wanted. Damiano always got what he wanted, on way or another.

I judged the distance from the rooftop I was standing on to the window I needed to get to. I let out a breath of irritation. It was too far to jump, meaning I would have to climb down and walk over and I'd have to do it without being seen. Being seen was not a good thing and we were pretty much signing our own death warrant if we let ourselves be seen. I peeked over the edge to make sure no one was around. I probably didn't have to worry about being seen since it was very late, but I couldn't take any chances. The streets were barren. I started climbing down the building.

Once my feet touched the ground, I pulled my cape around me and walked towards the house of my target, constantly watching over my shoulder to make sure no one was around. I silently thanked him for living on a street where no one had decided to take a midnight stroll. I came to the wall right under the window, grateful that the window wasn't too high off the ground. I gripped the window and pulled myself up. I quietly climbed through the window. My target didn't notice. I was incredibly stealthy and quiet. That's probably why he favored me so much. They never saw me coming.

"Have you made your decision?" I asked in my emotionless, stone cold voice. My target-a man-jumped and turned around, obviously startled.

"Um…uh," he obviously didn't. Most of them didn't, most of them had a problem choosing between their lives and someone controlling their lives. The choice would be easy if it were posed to me, I'd rather have a life controlled by a sadistic, power hungry maniac then have no life at all. I raised my eyebrows expectantly, though I know this man couldn't see it. I had my hood up. I'd prefer it if they didn't see what I looked like and I know that he didn't want his assassins' faces all over the place.

The man in front of me gulped before speaking up.

"Yes, I have my answer," he said, nervousness, uncertainty and fright clear in his voice and eyes.


"No, my answer is no." I sighed. I was hoping I didn't have to do this today.

"Are you sure about that?" I asked, stepping closer and pulling out my dagger. He gulped, sensing the mistake he had just made and stepping back.

"Y-yes," he stuttered. I sighed again.

"I didn't want to do this, but I don't have a choice." I said, walking towards him, dagger ready. He backed against the wall.

"W-wait, I-I've changed my mind," he said hurriedly.

"No mind changing," I said.

"P-please," he begged, a look of desperation and pleading on his face, something that would've made some people stop and think about what they were doing but I didn't hesitate in advancing on him. Rarely did I feel anything but fear-and even then I didn't let it show-and I was past thinking.

"No mind changing," I repeated before putting my hand over his mouth and thrusting the dagger forward.

I leaned over the candle and blew it out. The deed had been done, now I had to get out of here before anyone came around. I walked to the window and poked my head out, looking down at the street. It was still deserted. I sighed in relief before climbing out the window. Once my feet touched the ground, I pulled my cape tightly around myself before taking off, the bloody dagger hidden within the cape. He preferred it when we brought back the daggers bloody, just as proof of what we'd done.

I zipped through the streets of Venice, heading to the place I lived with the two other assassins and him, careful not to be spotted. I came into a run down part of the city, hardly anyone came here so I slowed down. I looked around my surroundings. It looked abandoned, but I suppose that's why he chose it. I came to a stop in a familiar, old, run down building. I looked around before knocking on the door in a certain way. It was something we had come up with so we would know that it was one of us and not someone else. I always wondered why he was so worried about someone coming and destroying his little operation. We kept ourselves secret and most of those who did know about us and what we were doing were eliminated.

The door opened and I came face to face with Gina. She was almost more sadistic and demented then Damiano and her aim was impeccable. She never missed and she was also excellent at reading people. If you got into a fight with her, you were almost guaranteed to lose.

"Welcome back, Gisella," she said. Her voice was the kind that sent shivers down your spine whenever you heard it. "We were beginning to worry," she continued in a mocking tone. I pushed past her. I didn't feel like dealing with her and her sick ways of entertainment, mockery and other people's pain. She was always trying to get a rise out of me, but it never worked.

The small, sorry excuse for a house was as unimpressive on the inside as it was on the inside. It had a main room, where a table sat and a small kitchen with two bedrooms, one that we assassins shared and one for Damiano. There was also a closet that he locked us in whenever we disrespected him. I hated that closet. It was dark and reminded me just how alone I was so I was always on my best behavior so I didn't have to be locked in there.

I walked up to the table where Damiano and Adolfo-the other assassin besides me and Gina-sat.

"It's done," I said, pulling out the dagger and setting it on the table. "He said no." Damiano looked at me then reached out and grabbed the dagger, examining it. I stood patiently. He looked back at me, smiling.

"Very good, Gisella," he said. "You always get the job done." Adolfo snorted but I paid him no mind. It was no big secret that Adolfo hated me, it was because of the fact that Damiano favored me over him but Adolfo was loud in his assassinations. He'd draw to much attention to himself and then we'd all be in trouble. He was also very brutal, killing people in the most brutal ways he could possibly think of.

"May I be leave now?" I asked in a polite tone. We always had to ask him permission to leave. He liked the feeling of being in control. He waved his hand at me as he continued looking over the dagger. I turned towards the door to the bedroom I shared with the other two and walked in. There were three small beds, and they weren't comfortable at all. I unclasped my cape and threw it on my bed as I walked by it. I had claimed the bed closest to the window. I enjoyed the moonlight, the only thing that kept this room lighted at night. I walked over to the window and looked at the moon, which was shining brightly.

"Well, congratulations, little Gisella, you've managed to impress Damiano yet again," Gina said as she walked in. Little Gisella was a nickname she had for me since I was the youngest of us three, Adolfo being the oldest and Gina being in the middle. I wouldn't deny that I hated the nickname but I wouldn't let it show. "Still refusing to show any emotion?" She asked, sitting on her bed which was in the middle. I ignored her. I heard her huff. "Fine," she said. I continued ignoring her, staring out the window.

I stared out the window for a few minutes longer when fatigue finally started taking over me and I decided to go to bed. I was also hoping that by going to bed, Gina would leave me be, since she hadn't stopped taunting me since she entered this room and it was really bothering me. I walked to my bed and crawled under the thin, starchy blanket that we were supplied with. I closed my eyes, blocking out the sounds of Gina's voice. I knew I was going to dream about what I did this night, it was inevitable. It happened every time I did these things but I never let them bother me, I erased them from my memory. I couldn't remember most of my targets, I couldn't even remember my family, nor did I want to.

My mind slowly drained of the thoughts buzzing around as I fell asleep.

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