"If you're not going to contribute, I'll just have to take the answers from your head." Sylar stalked closer to Claire, who was at the time immobilized on the small couch.

"You gonna slice my head open again?" Claire questioned, looking down her nose at the tall dark figure now poised at her knees.

"I've evolved way beyond that. Our friend Lydia gave me a much more precise instrument," Sylar knelt over Claire's still body, perching himself above her by the back of the couch, not yet touching her. "She could read someone." Closer. "Just by touching them. See into the very depths of their soul. Course her methods were a little hyper-erotic but…oh, what the hell?" Sylar stroked her face and she let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. "It is college, isn't it?" Bringing her disgusted face to his, he began kissing her.

Claire was panting, being manipulated into being held back.

It was moments like this that Sylar completely loved his abilities because his ritually sadistic side could just take what it wanted. But was it not his powers that were holding him from being human? From obtaining happiness and living forever alone?

The two sides of Sylar were waging a war for his future. The human side wanted to release Claire, beg for her forgiveness and attempt at having some sort of relationship—whether it be love-hate or just acquaintances—so that he wouldn't have to be alone. He could have Claire. The monster side of him wanted to fuck her senseless so that she realized that he was all she really had. Everything that she knew was going to die and eventually return to the Earth. He didn't want her to hate him anymore.

The human side started losing.

Sylar closed the gap between their bodies and slowly shifted his weight on top of her. Her sounds of struggle were intermingled with what sounded like moans, but he couldn't be sure—he kept his telekinetic control over her. For now.

With one hand wrapped behind her neck, the other snuck in between the couch and her body. His large hand fit snugly on her hip, pulling her into his own lean hips.

That definitely was a moan from her.

A primal growl from the monster emerged from a deep place within his chest. Paying close attention to his ministrations on her lips, he felt them becoming more pliable, more accepting. She was kissing back like the college co-ed she was supposed to be. Maybe she was putting aside the idea that he was crazed and realizing that she hadn't been kissed this well in a while. His kisses were deep and unforgiving, craving to taste her.

Sylar pulled away momentarily to find Claire's face flushed, breath panting, and lips swollen. She looked like she had already been fucked—he knew now that he wanted to be the one that made her look like this. Dropping his one control against her, he moved in again to kiss her.

Sylar held his breath as he realized she wasn't going to fight it, nor looked disgusted as she first had. If he only had Parkman's power to read her mind at the moment he would love to know whether she wanted him.

Tilting up her own chin, on her own accord, Claire slid her lips across his. She brought her own tongue out to play with his and he hungrily devoured it. With her own body under her own control now, she was slowly grinding against Sylar's hip snuggly fit between her own.

The fucking little minx! How could she have seriously wanted him now, or ever? Sylar thought to himself as he consumed her warm, willing mouth. Tongues sliding against each other, Sylar was receiving delicious messages of what Claire wanted—all thanks to Lydia's newly acquired ability.

Groaning at what she was transmitting, he saw them entangled in her dorm room, struggling to dispose of as many articles of clothing on the small twin bed.

Her mewling through her kisses weren't helping what he was feeling either.

Yes, he wanted to fuck her then and there—make passer-bys question the noises coming from the room they were currently occupying. Yes, he wanted to taste her skin, her pussy—to fuck that gorgeous mouth that always sneered at him. Yes, he wanted to be able to do this at any time for the next few hundred years with merely a mutual glance between them.

Sylar's human side was winning over. Truly doubting himself and thinking that he may lose this, lose Claire to an indeterminate future without any human connection, he pulled away from Claire's bruised lips.

She looked like he had already fucked her. Dear God, what was he thinking.

"Thanks for that…" he simply replied and got off of her, holding her down with his power.

Somehow knowing that he would get this chance again, he relished in the fact that he was the one who caused this reaction in her—that his powers weren't necessary to have her writhing beneath him.