Title: Spontaneous Me
Rating: Mature
Chapter One: Sweet Dreams

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z/GT. All this genius belongs to the respective owners and creators of these characters used. I only use them for a bit of fun.

Summary: Pan is coming home for her best friend's wedding. Biggest problem: she knows her boyfriend and her ex are certainly not going to get along, especially when Pan is the maid of honor and her ex is the best man.


Chapter One: Sweet Dreams

He was supposed to be at her apartment at seven thirty, sharp. Tardiness was simply unacceptable. It was an unwritten rule that he had been faithful to. Well, at least recently he had been faithful to it.

The current time? Seven twenty-two.

She really loved it when he was early…

She welcomed him into her apartment with a friendly hug, one that lasted perhaps two seconds too long, but she always loved the end result that always came after such a gesture. In less than a minute, she felt her small body being pressed against the coolness of the wall near the front door of her apartment while his warm, strong body pressed tightly to hers. Her eyes immediately fluttered shut once she felt the contact. Her body loved the warmth that his body always offered her.

She gasped as she felt his smooth, soft lips press against the sensitive spot behind her ear, sending cool shivers up her spine as a warm sensation pooled in the pit of her stomach. She could feel his lips curve into a smile against her neck as he heard her reaction. She knew that he always enjoyed watching her fall under his spell.

"We have a few minutes…" she whispered, arching her body towards his, needing and aching to be as close to him as possible.

"Perfect." She saw the smirk playing upon his lips. The most perfect smirk imaginable. And it always drove her insane while making her weak in the knees.

She felt his skilled lips on hers immediately; she replied with just as much fervor. His kiss was fierce, full of passion, need and desire. It was nearly enough to drive her over the edge, but not quite everything she craved at the moment. She wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing her body closer to his; she soon felt his hands gently gripping her hips, pressing her further into him.

She couldn't help the moan that escaped her lips, and in that same moment she felt his tongue dive into her mouth, immediately meeting hers. Her hand slid up the back of his neck and into his thick hair, slightly tugging on his purple locks. He groaned into her mouth and she felt herself grow hotter.

Being the mind-reader that he always seemed to be in situations like this, he quickly reached around her, his hands gripping her bottom and pulling her towards him. Catching his hint, she immediately wrapped her legs around his trim waist while she felt her breasts press against his hard, sculpted chest. He pressed her back against the wall while holding her rear, ultimately supporting her.

And he never broke the kiss.

By this time, her head was swimming. She was so lost in his heated kiss. This was definitely her greatest weakness. His lips were ultimate perfection; there was definitely no other word known to man that could be used to describe them.

She didn't know how much longer she'd last under his spell. But she knew she needed more.

The kiss immediately became more intense. Things became a lot hotter and she became a lot wetter. Knowing that there was no turning back from this point, she couldn't resist the urge to rub herself against him, to feel how much he needed her, to show him how much she needed to feel him.

He quickly drove his hips into hers, groaning at her actions.

"Pan, I can't take much more." His voice sounded strained. She leaned her forehead against his and attempted to catch her breath. She then nodded, completely agreeing with him; she was in the same state he was in. She needed some sort of release.

He placed a sweet kiss on her lips, much softer than before, as he carried her towards the couch nearby. She silently thanked God that the couch was only three strides away. He gently placed her small body on the couch, immediately covering hers with his own while settling between her thighs.

She devoured his mouth with her own, her fingers raking up his back. She arched her body towards his, needing to feel every inch of him against every inch of her. He allowed his hands full range of her body as his fingers ghosted over her. She didn't know how, but it seemed like his hands were everywhere all at once.

She was becoming over-heated. She needed a release. Now.

She moaned once she felt his hand graze the swell of her breast. Upon hearing her reaction, he quickly cupped her left breast in his large hand, caressing and massaging through the thin material of her little black dress. In her own response, her legs instantly wrapped around his waist again, her hips crashing into his as she rubbed herself against the obvious bulge in his pants.

He groaned once more, leaving her swollen lips only to leave a trail of hot, wet, open-mouth kisses along her cheek to her neck to her collar bone... His kisses continued to her right breast. He didn't remove the material of the dress from her chest, but he did nuzzle his nose against the soft flesh that rested beneath the material, perking her nipple in an instant. Through the material of the dress, he slowly traced his tongue around her nipple, soon allowing his mouth to cover it.

Earning another moan out of her, he continued his ministrations while using his hand to descend on her body, passing her belly-button slowly. Lifting the material of her dress above her hips, his hand soon discovered her soaked panties which immediately led him to her hot, wet sex.

He felt her tiny fingers running through his hair, urging him on. He knew she was ready for him. He found himself painfully aware of the fact that he was ready himself, but he didn't want to proceed just yet. He wanted to know just how badly she wanted him. He needed to hear her say it. To beg it, even.

Quickly removing her panties, he ran a finger up her slick sex, circling her clit once while watching her expression turn to one of intense pleasure.

She was panting loudly and her heart seemed like it was about to burst.

Screw the foreplay. She wanted him to forcefully grab her hips and drive into her like there was no tomorrow.

She wanted him to take her, now. Fast, hard, and raw.

He circled her clit once more; feeling her body clench beneath him made him twitch inside his pants.

"Are you ready, Pan?" His voice was husky.

"Yes!" She half-moaned, half-demanded. She was more than ready. She needed this badly.

"You have to wake up first, silly girl." His voice became distorted while her vision began to darken. Everything became a blur of purple while she quickly began losing the image of his perfect face.

"Wha-" She became confused as her vision turned black.

"Pan, you have to wake up." It wasn't his voice anymore. The disappointment was unbearable. "We're going to be late."

She slowly opened her eyes, only to curse at the brightness that surrounded her. "Ah!"

"Do you want to be late to the airport?" A man's voice played in her ears.

"What are you talking about?" Things were slowly coming back to her. Unfortunately.

"Your best friend is getting married, remember?"

Pan cursed once more. She wasn't sure if it was because her pleasant dream was interrupted or if she wasn't ready for reality to come crashing down on her this early in the morning. Speaking of which… "What time is it?"

"Seven twenty-two."

How ironic… She rolled her eyes as everything finally came into focus for her. "What time is the flight?"


And for the third time that morning, Pan Son cursed while she scowled at the black-haired man in front of her.


Author's Note: I know, it was way short. :( This chapter was pretty much a prologue. I promise longer chapters in the near future! Feedback is greatly appreciated. :)