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I got this idea like a week ago and I thought the plot bunny would die, but it didn't…this actually started just from wanting to do a story for all the kunoichi's.

Then I got Sakura's story and I worked from there.


The pairings in this story aren't really decided and it's based loosely on Friends. SO the characters may go with several different people before they settle. Please vote for couples you want to see.

Just a prologue of some type

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Tenten stared at the man facing her with distain.

"Fuck you, Mister"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard what I said, I don't need this job! You should consider yourself lucky that I don't kill you."


"Yeah… You probably weren't going to hire me anyways…Having to wear makeup just to talk on the phone…well excuse me."

"Young Lady"

"Screw you"

She got up abruptly, spinning in her heels to stride out the door, holding her head high; she walked past everyone staring at her and got into the elevator. When the elevator door closed, she broke down screaming at the top of her lungs and kicking at thin air, angry with her life. Removing her heels she pulled out some flats from her satchel and wore them instead.

The 20 year old couldn't seem to get a job anywhere, no matter how much now hiring ads she tried or how much interviews she went to; they all didn't like her. Or in this case, they didn't like her appearance and wanted her to change it with the goopy stuff called make-up. Tenten was not going to be something or, someone that wasn't her, so of course she rebuked.

The struggling girl needed to find a job soon, to pay for the many overdue loans she made on her apartment, and the rent that was coming up soon. Otherwise the repo men would come in and take her stuff. Or worse, she would have to call her parents for help, and that just didn't sit well with Tenten. She un-tucked her button up shirt, loosening the two top buttons, and pulled down her skirt. Just as she turned it inside out, the elevator slowed to a stop and dinged.

Tenten looked up in panic as the door opened, with only one of her feet in the now-striped punkish skirt. Meeting eyes with a man, in a business suit staring at her icily, she blushed, he had clear eyes and very long black hair. She swallowed unconsciously, she was so screwed.

Casually entering her studio apartment Hinata threw her purse on the chair by the door and paused for a moment, hearing a sound in the bedroom.

"Honey?" she called, albeit not very loudly since it was Hinata.

The sounds started again; the creaking of her bed springs, rough breathing, and her husband groaning along with an unknown voice moaning.

Hinata took a steady breath, already walking towards her bedroom door even though she didn't remember taking the first steps. When she approached the wooden door, she heard sensual words mumbled from her husband. Pushing the door open, her scream mixed in with the rosettes orgasmic one, she turned and ran, grabbing her purse from the chair and slamming the door behind her. Before she made it to the elevator she heard her name being yelled but ignored it, just determined to make it outside.

This point was proven when she pushed the button to elevator more then enough times, then pulling away to opt for the stairs instead. Running down from the 6th floor, Hinata was already in tears and couldn't see where she was going. Heck, the girl didn't even know where she was going…

That was when her whole world came crashing down, literally…she slipped on the second floor's flight down to the first. Landing on the tiles, her knees and hands broke her fall, and she rolled onto her back, still crying. Her feet were propped up by the first step on the flight up to the actual second floor. Her head was somewhere near the second flight of stair that actually lead to the first floor.

Of course she would be stuck in the middle.

It didn't matter to Hinata though; all that mattered now was her broken heart which she tried to fix with tears. Oh, how she tried to fix it…

Temari stared at herself in the mirror again, flipping her hair casually and turning to look at herself from all angles. Tears sprung to her eyes, she couldn't do this could she? Finally letting it go, Temari started crying…and couldn't stop crying despite telling herself to.

Temari understood why she agreed to it in the first place but she couldn't seem to remind herself of it anymore. Arranged marriages; they were a benefit to all, at least that's what she tried to convince herself. Too bad it stopped working now that she was walking down the aisle in a few seconds.

Gaara entered the room,


"G-Gaara" she stuttered with a hitch in her voice.

He smiled languidly,

"You don't have to do this…sister"

"Gaara?" she questioned, tears still spilling down onto her white, white, wedding gown.

"You don't have to get married…" he clarified

"B-But Gaara…" she started

"Don't worry about us…We can handle it"

"…Gaara…" She started tearing up again, and held her hands to her face

"Now hurry up and go!" he ordered.

Temari nodded, wiping at her face and noticing the black marks her eye liner made on her gloves, and not caring. The now 21 year old woman got up and ran out of her room, but not before hugging her youngest brother.

"Thank you" she whispered

Carrying her dress with her, she ran until she was out of the church and kept running. Then despite what she was wearing, she made her way to the bus stop intent on getting to a certain town about 3 hours away.

She couldn't marry him, no matter how much it benefited her brother.

She couldn't marry him, because she was in love with somebody else…

Ino hated going into her bosses' office, it was usually because she did something wrong and was getting reprimanded on it. Or, it was to run an errand for the old fart, either way Ino never got a promotion or an increase in salary, ever. The blonde girl was probably the hardest worker here, delivering important documents and such.

Okay, so she was the errand girl, so what?

I mean that's better then a secretary. Ino giggled a bit to herself when she remembered the bun-haired brunette exit her bosses' office. From her spot in the waiting room she could hear almost every word the familiar girl yelled. Ino knows she knows her but from where, who knows...?

Ino was finally let into the office and she stood before her boss, and swallowed loudly.


"Yes Sir?"

"Can you guess why you're here?"

"You're going to yell at me again?"

"No, I've had enough of that"

"Really?" she asked, actually curious

"Yupp, in fact starting today you'll have a new job…" He noted


"You're fired. Pack up your stuff and leave"

"What!? WHY!?" she yelled

"You're always getting in trouble, and I always get complaints about your services"

"From who!?" I demand

"Now, now. Relax… you can reclaim your job title as long as you do something for me"

I breathe a sigh of relief.

"What's that?" I ask

He smiles evilly.

"Suck my dick"

Ino gaped.

Then getting a quick hold of herself, she walked sexily over. Slapped him across the face, turned around and walked back out.

"Fuck getting fired, I QUIT! Just wait until your wife hears about this, oh ho ho. Just wait until my lawyer finds out about this!"

With that Ino packed up her stuff and left, thinking about the long conversation she was going to have with her lawyer when she got home. It was too bad that on her way home she met an accident, and this was not a normal accident of course. Ino Yamanaka had hit someone on the road, as in a walking person…

By accident of course.

Biting at her nails she waited for the doctor to get back into her examination room, and looked around at the room's interior. Sakura did everything to keep her mind off the situation at hand, no matter how big it was. Instead she was uselessly trying to name the medical devices in the room, which she got done easily.

The girl was already halfway through her first year at medical school, aiming to complete her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor.

It was then that the doctor herself entered her room with a happy smile, and Sakura relaxed. She probably only had the stomach flu, like she had been trying to convince herself.

"So what is it doc? A stomach flu?" she questioned, almost giddy at being right

The doctor gave her a knowing smile and shook her head.

"Sakura, aren't you an aspiring doctor?" the doctor asked

She nodded, clutching at the medical bed.

"Then surely you must know…" she supplied

Sakura began tearing up "I wanted…I wanted to make sure" she said, swallowing.

The doctor sighed

"Sakura, you are indeed, pregnant." The doctor stated with a worried frown

Sakura bit her lip and put a hand over her belly.

"Unfortunately, you've matured too much for an abort-"

"NO, I don't want an abortion!"

The doctor smiled.

"Then I suppose some decisions need to be made, regarding the baby's father."

Everything stopped for Sakura at that moment.

"Oh my god, I don't even know who the father is!" she wailed.


So yeah, this whole thing started on the idea that Sakura was pregnant and she had no idea who the father was. This is set in an alternate universe I have no idea what their town is called and if you have any suggestions don't hesitate to tell me. But it probably won't be called Konoha or anything Japanese.

Oh and...

The man Temari ran away from and Hinata's husband aren't actually Naruto characters unless you want them to be. Regarding the certain rosette Hinata's husband was sleeping with...it isn't Sakura. But it sure as hell is one of the characters.

Anyways R & R. :)