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Warning: ONE VERY MINOR SPOILER (Danzo's last name)

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Grabbed by the forearm, Tenten was wrenched from the elevator then dragged through the employee's cubicles' halls, carrying her skirt instead of wearing her skirt. The brunette's pink cheeks were the same color as her frilly panties, and the whistles along with the number of employees looking out of their cubicles didn't help.

Irritated and flushed the girl was pulled into an office aligning the walls and dropped by the man who had been hauling her everywhere.

"Explain your self, young lady" he ordered

"Excuse me? Aren't you the one who just yanked me out of the elevator and walked me over here…scantily clad, I add!" she announced

"Well sorry for not being used to a girl undressing in the elevator" he noted, sarcastic

"I suppose I can forgive you" she responds, just as sarcastic.

"Look young lady, you're lucky I was the one who found you instead of Danzo" he gibes

"I just came from there, young man" she imitates.

The man, who indeed looked no older then her, finally took in her appearance and she took this time to hop into her skirt.

"I had no idea you were in that type of business" he commented, surprised.

"What type of business?" she asked, meeting eyes with his clear ones again.

"…the type where you sell your body" he explained

"What?!" she questions

When he didn't respond she remembered where she just was and jumped to a conclusion, one that happened to hit the mark dead on. The conclusion being; Danzo was looking for a woman to take care of his…needs, and Neji thought she was her.

"Ewww no, I am not in that type of business…I'm looking for a job!" she explained

"You're looking for a job?" he asks

"Yes, I'm looking for a job smart ass" she grated

"Haven't you read the Suna Exclusive, Miss Tenten, I believe?" he questioned

"How the hell do you know my name?" she probes

Immediately, the tall stranger picked up a magazine and threw it at her. She caught it easily and blinked at him,

"It's marked with a sticky note" he clarified

Quickly her nimble fingers opened it to a page that had articles on both sides and in big font; "The Un-hire-able". Brown eyes scanned the page and she gasped as she found her name.

"…THERE'S A STORY ABOUT ME IN THIS ARTICLE" She shouted, peeved at the fact it was there.

"An article that's 2 months old" he states

"An article that's 2 months…2 MONTHS!?" she repeats, freezing.

It all made sense now, the fact that she couldn't get a job wasn't because she was a bad worker or anything. It wasn't even because karma was getting back at her for anything bad she did in the past. It was because there was an article in a really famous magazine about her very first interview with that very same magazine. Let's just say the interview didn't go very well, with a catastrophe of things happening including her almost burning down the building. Regardless, someone by the name of Kankuro was going to die in the next week…

She threw the magazine back at him and was surprised when it hit him in the face, she didn't know she could aim so well.

"…Young lady"

"My name's Tenten Ten-ten, it's not that hard!" she enlightens

"Neji Hyuuga" he introduces

The girl froze,

"As in, 'The Hyuuga's'?" she asks

With a curt nod, she feels her eyes go wide then she shrugs and sighs.

"I'm never going to get a job" she notes

Neji opened his mouth but Tenten was surprised that instead of his smooth voice a girlish scream ensued. She blinked

"That wasn't me" he noted, heading towards the door

He paused then turned back to wait for Tenten, she completely ignored him and exited the office, making her way to the elevator, where the scream came from. Before she could fully take in the scene, a stoic faced pale man turned away from it and blocked her view. All she saw was a flash of red…

"Sai…?" Neji questioned

Tenten hadn't noticed he caught up.

"She's still here, guess you are somewhat useful, pretty boy" Sai commented.

Tenten just quirked her brow, aware that he was talking about her but having no idea what he was talking about. With the twitch of Sai's hand, two men apprehended Tenten and she faught at them both, question etched on her face.

"What the-"

"Just wait till the police get here, guys" Sai commented

"What the hell are you doing?" Neji asks, trying to help her.

"Neji, Danzo just got murdered" Sai states, emotionless.

Tenten and Neji froze, staring at Sai.

"Sasuke says he saw both Ino, and a brunette leave Danzo's office. It has come to my attention that this brunette is the one and the same. Do you disagree?" Sai explains.

"…she told me herself she just came from Danzo's office" Neji comments,

Tenten shoots him a wide eyed look, and he frowns.


It was too late, the police officers had come from the stairwell, Tenten could guess where the body was.

"This is her" Sai identifies.

The girl was handcuffed roughly and started getting dragged off by a man; a gray-haired, glasses wearing weirdo, who had his hair up in a ponytail and gloves on.

"You are under arrest for the murder of Danzo Shimura, you have the right to remain silent, if you choose to refuse that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney present during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney…" he droned,

Tenten stopped listening to him, in fact the world stood still for the girl; she was getting arrested…for murder.

The man looked at his partner, a long-white haired man, with weird maroon-ish circle tattoos on his forehead, right above the eyebrows. Two swatches of hair that lined his face were bonded by wrappers of the same color, these moved as he nodded his head.

They started dragging her off more efficiently, both of them working together, but she didn't fight back. Still not believing the situation she was in at all…


Fate decided to kick Tenten's ass today, she decided, looking at the guy in front of her.

"For the last time, I went into my job interview. Danzo and I started talking the usual questions. Why I chose the career, what sort of educational background do I have etc. Then he told me to get the job I would have to be more appealing, physically. I basically told him to stuff his opinion up his ass." she explained, sighing.

The man stared at her from across the table, a tan, burly, man with a bandana on his bald head. His name was Ibiki or something…

"She has motive" he supplies

Then there was the other one, a long –haired freak who kind of looked like a snake; name was Orochimaru....

"Now, don't be too hasty, there's no evidence"

It was too bad the creep was her lawyer.

"Evidence!? An eye-witness seen her leave the room" Ibiki declares

"Along with another person, besides he wasn't even killed in his room" Orochimaru snorted

After a moment of silence, Ibiki bursts, slamming his hands down on the table.

"You killed him didn't you!?"

"No!" she refused

"He pissed you off so much by telling you to wear make-up that you snapped, right!" he accused again

"I didn't!" she denies once more.

"You took a knife and you slit his throat!"

"I…his throat got slit?"

"Don't act innocent with me!"

"Fuck you, I'm not!"

"Enough, the truth is you don't have anything on my client but motive and a witness. We all know that everyone in that building had a motive to kill Danzo Shimura!" Orochimaru notes.

"Put her in the holding cell" he notes to a guard.

"They can keep you, but not for long" supplies her lawyer

Tenten frowns, she's sleeping in a cell tonight.


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