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The Game: Chapter One

Dr. Spencer Reid is a genius by any standards. He can read quicker than most people, recall that reading on a dime, and can recite facts and statistics on almost any subject under the sun. Unfortunately, Dr. Spencer Reid had never once, in all his reading, touched on the subject of appropriate attire for an NFL game, or anything dealing with the game at all. He feels a jersey would make him feel like a fraud. On the same token, though, he also feels that his normal corduroys and sweater vests aren't exactly acceptable either. Finally, after much consideration and even more changes of clothes, Reid ends up in a black button-down dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and a pair of jeans.

Jennifer Jareau doesn't know why she's nervous. She's going to a football game with a man that doesn't expect anything from her. He is arguably the sweetest, most genuine man she knows, and she knows he also doesn't care about what she's wearing, but she can't help but obsess about it. She decides on jeans, sneakers, and a light cashmere sweater in a pale blue that is soft and hugs her body. She leaves her hair down because she knows Spence likes it, and that brings a smile to her puts on minimal make-up, again knowing that Spence doesn't need any impressing.

A few minutes after JJ is ready, a knock on her door alerts her to the fact that Spence is at her home to pick her up for the game. She grabs her purse and when she opens the door, she finds Spence dressed not in his normal attire, but looking more casual than she's ever seen him. She smiles a genuine smile, and forgets all her misgivings about this date. Somewhere, deep down, she knows she has wanted this for a while.

"Spence! You look great!" JJ tries to not sound surprised about this. She puts her arm through his and leads him to the car. She blushes a little when he rushes around the passenger side to open the door for her. It looks like he's going to be pulling out all the normal date manners.

"You look wonderful as well, JJ. I'm sorry I didn't say anything before." He looks slightly ashamed of himself, and she can't help but put a reassuring hand on his arm, which seems to make him a little nervous.

"It doesn't matter when you say it, Spence. It just means a lot that you did say it. So thank you." Her smile does wonders to minimize his nerves, as it always does.

The ride to the stadium is fairly long, but the conversation doesn't lull for long because they always seem to find something to talk about and yet, not once do they turn to their work or any cases. They talk about music, what Reid can expect at the game, and even a little bit about family and growing up. They both find the absolute ease in which they move from light conversation to serious topics to casual flirting effortless. It almost surprises JJ at how well Reid can flirt when he's not around the other team members and, most especially, Morgan. Nothing should really surprise her when it comes to Dr. Spencer Reid, though.

The game itself is fairly uneventful. Spencer pretends to understand and enjoy it, but the truth is he more likes watching JJ react to the excitement. He loves seeing how she gets nervous when the other team is in possession of the ball and how she celebrates when the Redskins score. Once, she gets so happy that she jumps and hugs Reid to express her joy. In turn, this simple hug elates Spencer very much, and makes the drunken behavior of their neighbors not quite as unbearable.

As they're leaving, though, the drunken behavior becomes more than just annoying and turns personal. A man, clearly very inebriated, stumbles past the young couple and almost paws JJ.

"What's a pretty thing like you doing with such a nerdy boy when you could have a real man like me?" JJ bristles at the insult to Reid.

"I am with this amazing man who, by the way, is more of a man than you could ever be because I enjoy real company and a person that can do more than grope at me." At this insult to his manliness, the brute becomes angry.

"You little slut! You think that you can just insult me and get away with it?" At this point, he makes a grab for JJ's arms which Reid stops with a well-placed punch to the jaw.

"To call this woman anything other than the wonderful, beautiful, perfect person that she is shows just how idiotic you are. I don't need to have a high IQ to see that you are a worthless man who cannot feel good about himself unless he is insulting others." Reid grabs JJ's hand and pulls her gently towards the exit, not giving a single glance backwards.

When they arrive in the parking lot, JJ slows Reid to a stop. She looks up at him with tears gathering in her gorgeous blue eyes and he immediately feels chagrinned at his hasty and violent reaction. He stumbles over words for the first time since he picked her up trying to apologize to her, but she stops him.

"Spence, I'm not crying because I'm upset. I'm crying because I can't believe you stood up for me like that! It was amazing, and I really, really appreciate it." To show what she's saying is the truth, she places a light kiss on his cheek, which immediately flushes red.

"What do you say to coming over to my place and ordering in a pizza, maybe watch a movie?" The idea of leaving him now seems undesirable to say the least.

Though the shock is evident on his face, Spencer agrees to stay over for a while. They order food, and then end up on the couch watching 'Wizard of Oz', which is one of JJ's favorite movies.

"Oh, Spence, I hate the flying monkeys!" Though they've maintained a small distance between them for most of the movie, when the Wicked Witch of the West sends her winged minions to do her bidding, JJ hides her face in Spencer's chest. Though their close proximity doesn't bother him in the least, he does laugh at her a little.

"You see vicious, depraved crimes on a daily basis and a monkey with wings has you cowering in my arms?" She gives him a small glare, and he back peddles. "Not, of course that I'm making fun of you or even complaining. I do have to admit that I enjoy our current viewing positions much more than the previous ones." She arches her eyebrow at him.

"So Dr. Reid likes having a woman in his arms. What about one in his lap?" Before Reid even has time to react, she has slid over to be seated firmly on him. Much to her shock, he doesn't struggle or even shift. Instead, he pulls her close and plants a powerful, yet chaste kiss on her lips.

"Dr. Reid enjoys it very much, as long as it's this particular woman." She blushes profusely, but at the same time can't help being quite pleased.

Though things don't progress much farther than the pair kissing passionately on JJ's couch, they both feel themselves connecting in a very real way with each other. Neither wants the night to end. It seems too unreal that they would enjoy a date with the other so much that they can't stop thinking about the next time they'll see each other, but it's happening.

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