Okay, this is my first fan-fiction, dedicated to the forgotten protagonist of Avatar the Game, Able-Ryder of the Na'vi Tipani set two years before the movie.

I've begun this after the ending of the Na'vi campaign

I do not own Avatar or the Game- James Cameron does.

This is set in 3rd person and contains use of the Na'vi language

Reviews would be great

Ryder looked down from atop the mesa of Ta'antasi, his great club slung across his right shoulder. "More humans are coming." Those were the last words that came out of his mouth. Tan Jala had already left to inform Tsahìk Sänume of Ryder's victory in defeating the Tawtute Falco and his Dragon gunship which was dangerously armed with an Emulator; hoping to activate the Well of Souls and rid the Na'vi race forever of Eywa and control the planet. Ryder sighed, at least unlike on Earth he hadn't brought the whole place down with him as he had feared.

He strode wearily to his awaiting Toruk, his Great Leonoptyrx and connected his queue through its neural interface. Toruk shuddered and calmed, looking at Ryder through its four sulphur coloured eyes. Ryder could feel its powerful breath, its giant wing muscles aching to feel wind beneath its wings, its talons scraping at the earth. Ryder smiled and ran his hand along its bright blue crest. Toruk was agitated, he believed the Dragon gunship was a rival predator and wanted to rip it limb from limb. Ryder sat atop Toruk, who roaring stretched its wings and flew towards Kelutral Tipani As Na'vi whooped below on rocky outcroppings over smoking hulks of downed AMP suits Ryder felt confused, once again. He had done all that Sänume had asked of him, found the Well of Souls, defeated Falco and saved the Na'vi from the RDA for the moment. He felt like he now had no more purpose,

"Was there still need for the First Voice now that all Na'vi could speak with Eywa" Ryder wondered.

Ryder frowned as sunlight bathed Toruk and himself as they sailed above the dense canopy of trees below them. He wanted to feel complete, to belong, Nì'awve Mokri-The First Voice. Ryder hoped that amounted more than being a Sig Spec, a job.

"So many questions trust in self."

Sänume's voice now filled his mind as Ryder looked to the horizon to see the gas giant Polyphemus, blue-purple dominating the sky as it turned vermillion, laced with floating rocks linked together with snaking vines accompanied by faint outlines of other huge Hometrees, occupied or not.

"Beautiful" Ryder thought, unlike the slums of southern California on Earth. He remembered the consequences his actions had taken on the Marianas Trench which through his deciphering of coded communications between Eco-Terrorists for the RDA: who had wanted to keep their mining interests alive, a huge tsunami had flooded much of the Pacific Coast.

Instead, this time of being faced with waves of guilt and the loss of so many innocents Ryder arrived at the Tipani HomeTree to cheers of applause as Na'vi warriors, women and children all rushed to meet him and his descending Toruk.

Ryder puffed with pride, he finally realised the truth in Sänume's words, all her attempts to reach out to his sense of right or wrong, to protect. He scanned all the smiling and cheering faces, some with war wounds, others with laughing children held aloft. These were his people now, the Tipani, he had saved them, his actions had led up to this. Ryder dismounted from his Toruk a loud cheer erupting from his mouth, his frame erect holding his club aloft. He was forever one of the people, his tail flicking out behind him.

Louder cheers grew from the crowd of happy, victorious faces. They had not fought for superiority or right over resources, they had fought for their preservation and the right for Eywa to remain for Pandora. Warriors clapped Ryder on the back as he walked through a dirt trail nestled between undergrowth, giant looms, and campfires and finally to the Great Turok totem, flanked by ever lit fires which created clouds of smoke that rested in the alcoves below the great 20,000 year old Home Tree.

Ryder grinned as he was joined by Tan Jala who had just arrived after organising all the Ta'antasi warriors their flight home.

Tan Jala motioned to his forehead,"I see you AbleRyder."

Ryder smiled, "Oel Ngati Kameie Tan Jala"

Tan Jala bowed his head,

"You are learning AbleRyder, come the Tsahìk wishes to speak with you."

Ryder braced himself, Sänume was kind yet firm, he had hoped that she would be proud of him and direct him further. Ryder walked into the loft and saw familiar faces all conversing around the surrounding fires and looms and saw Amanti, Marali, Beyda'amo and stopped as they saw Ryder approach, their faces stern but concealing suppressed glee.

Tsahìk Sänume stood in her covered area motioning for Ryder to approach. Ryder came forward and bowed his head low. Sänume raised his head and smiled

"AbleRyder you have saved our people and brought Eywa to understand the danger, for this we are all grateful."

Ryder nodded, "Thank you Tsahìk Sänume, what do we do now?"

Sänume stiffened, her face grave, "More Humans are arriving, all wishing harm on Eywa and us. The war is not over, we must prepare."

Ryder frowned, his jaw set in grim determination, "What must I do?"

Sänume stood tall, her eyes proud,

"You must scatter the forces already shaken by the death of Falco. You must speak with Tan Jala in the morning."

Ryder nodded and slowly walked towards the others, his tail drooped in acceptance that even though they had taught the Humans a lesson, they would be back; the war would not be over.

Beyda'amo smiled as he approached Ryder with Marali at his side,

"AbleRyder you have showed the Humans a glimpse of the fury to come, for tomorrow we attack the grunts at Kxania Taw."

Ryder was surrounded by the likes of Hukato, Unipey and Raltaw, all cheering his name.

Amanti nodded and pressed her palm on Ryder's shoulder

"You have shown to the Humans that we say no, that they should not take from Eywa, Ireiyo AbleRyder."

Ryder grinned as he saw the bioluminescent markings of all the Na'vi glow bright as the sky grew dark. He later excused himself from their company and jumped from branch to branch further upwards to his hammock, lowering himself into it, he curled up and fell asleep.