I have created all of the characters in this chapter there may be a real band later on in the story but I do not own that band I will post in each chapter if I don't own a character. This is purely for fun and I don't make any money from this.

Any resemblance of any characters I claim are not made to resemble people and it is a coincidence if they do.

Love Or Lies

Two main characters but not all of them

Name: Lalani
Age: 16
Hair: Shoulder length and multi colored
Skin tone Can be anything you wish, I don't discriminate against any skin tone.
Sexual Preference: Bi (If you don't like same sex relationships you may not like this story. This is a fair warning).
Past Reputation: Had a lot of friends back at her old school she had to leave behind.
About: Lalani will be moving in with her mother and new stepfather, she will have an entire new life and many things will happen. She is a smart hyper person that loves movies and popcorn, Loves music too.
Caralea (I'm not sure if anyone uses that spelling if it's a real name but if not its said Cara-Lee)
Birthday: 2-21
Hair: Down her back curly black hair.
Skin tone: Same as said above for Lalani
Sexual Preference: Lesbian
Past Reputation: Not many friends, her dads an alcoholic and her mom works all the time.
About: She has lived with her mom and dad all of her life and everything seamed to go wrong for her. Until one day she meets that one special person. Loves animals and drawing. Needs music in her life.