A Memory Best Left Forgotten

By Robbi Derrick

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own 9 or any of its character or plot. They belong to Shane Acker. This fan fiction and my own plot belong to me.

Bam! The door burst open as two soldiers made way for the Chancellor. "Good doctor! I have been made aware of the great progress of the B.R.A.I.N. These gentlemen and I are here to put this machine in operation. Thank you for all your hard work." The Chancellor said with a malicious grin upon his face.

"Wait, what do you speak of Chancellor? I was not made aware of such a plan of action."

"The information was on a need-to-know basis and, quite frankly, you didn't need to know." The Chancellor gave a slight chuckle. "Men, take this machine to the factory and begin installation into the Fabrication unit. Mass production must begin as soon as possible."

The Scientist's eyes went wide at the revelation of the chancellor's plan. "Wait no! The machine is not ready for mass production chancellor! We don't know what kind of effect the stress would have on the fragile A.I.!"

"Doctor… Move away or we will force you to." Threatened the Chancellor, his true colors being made aware to the scientist for the first time.

"No! No you mustn't!" Exclaimed the Poor scientist as he was forced away by the chancellor's guards. The brain sensed something was not normal and tried to reach for his creator. However the scientist was beyond its grasp. Then the guards turned to the machine and began to move it out of the room.

"Assessment: Situation not normal. Two unknown humans… Possible threat to B.R.A.I.N. Course of Action… Deter possible threat." Thought the machine before it grabbed one guard and threw him down. More guard's came as the machine tried to fight them of itself.

"Guard's shut down the B.R.A.I.N.!" yelled the Chancellor over the commotion.

"No! A forced shut down might damage it!"

"Get him out of here!" Roared the chancellor at the guard still holding the scientist.

The scientist was forced out of the lab and the last thing he saw was the brain being swarmed by soldiers as it went under.

A few weeks later…

The scientist sat at his desk with the newspaper before him. "The age of the machine is here" read across the front page in bold letters. The scientist's creation was installed into a mechanical monstrosity that the Chancellor had named, "The Fabrication Machine." During the past few weeks a series of troublesome events had befallen the scientist. The chancellor's soldiers had searched the scientist's lab and confiscated most of his paperwork and blueprints. Then later they had interrogated him on the machine's unwillingness to be taken away from the lab. As if he had something to do with it! And now the Chancellor has created the monstrosity to manufacture mechanical sentries of so called "peace." The Chancellor had used him for his genius. While the automated sentries did keep the peace they also made work hard for the policemen. However the scientist's greatest concern was the stress being put upon the machine. It was hanging by a thread yet the chancellor had turned a deaf ear to his reasoning. The scientist only hoped he was mistaken and the machine could take it.

A few nights later:

It was dark… but it was not night? The scientist looked towards the sky and saw the once blue sky shrouded in gray and black clouds.

"What on Earth is going on?" thought the scientist. As if in answer to his unspoken question, the image in front of him dissolved away and he found himself in a world of noise. The scientist could hear gun fire and explosions around him. He saw men and women running both away and towards the epicenter of the battle. BAM! An explosion to the scientist's left got his attention and he saw an iron behemoth break through the ruins a building in front of him. "Oh my God in heaven…" The iron Cyclops seemed to gaze through the scientist with its soulless eye. The beast fired its chain gun and the bullets passed through the scientist to hit a man behind him. "God no!" yelled the Scientist. Men, women, and even children were being slain all around the Scientist, executed by remorseless monsters created of iron and steel. The Scientist collapsed to his knees and looked up at the fire red sky, there he saw the Fabrication machine. "So that's it, this entity born of man is the cause of these atrocities? What can I do!?" The scientist put his down again and was surprised by what he saw. Amidst all the death and destruction, he saw a little… he did not know what it was really, only that it looked like a little doll. Unlike the behemoths around him, this creation was anything but soulless. He could see the doll's face bearing an expression of concern for the sorrowful scientist. "Who are you?" the scientist attempted to communicate with the creature. However the doll merely smiled and turned to leave. Before he could even see the doll's back, the scene around him flashed white and…

"Ah!" The Scientist yelled as she shot up in bed. He was sweating and breathing heavily. "What a horrible nightmare… or was it? What if… what if I just had a vision?" The way things were going, the reality he just saw could easily become reality. "I must warn the chancellor… The stress on the machine is simply too great to ignore."

One week later:

The Scientist had gone to the office to warn the chancellor of the possible outcome of stressing the machine. But it had reached deaf ears once again. Due to the outrageous nature of the Scientist's theory, he was officially removed from the project. And a day later, tensions with a neighboring nation snapped and war was declared on it. "Darn fool Chancellor… He will only lead us to destruction," Thought the scientist as he headed home.

_________Author's Note______

Hey Guy's! This is the Prologue to my 9 fanfic and it will be AU cuz not as many Stitchpunks die. The next chapter WILL include the stitchies. I'm sorry I didn't add them in here but this was getting kinda long as it is ^^'