A Memory Best Left Forgotten

By Robbi Dez

Disclaimer: I don't own 9. That awesome claim belongs to Shane Acker.


The Scientist walked back into his work room as he was reading the latest news on the war. "All goes well across our borders as our enemies fall and flee before our steel behemoths…"

"Ah!" The Scientist exclaimed as he noticed PXIII fall from the door of his Wardrobe. He ran over to make sure his two creations were alright.

"XIII! XII! Are you alright?" PXII met the Scientist's eyes and told him

"I f-fell off of t-this cabinet and he s-saved me!" She answered with glee in her voice. She gave XIII an even tighter squeeze than last time and XIII could swear he would have blushed madly if he had blood.

"Um XII, I think you're over compressing my spinal unit…" He choked out.

PXII blinked and apologized, letting him go.

"Well XIII, you seem like quite the hero" the Scientist mused. "I believe your person shall be invaluable to the stitchpunks to come.

XIII looked upon the Scientist with a confused expression, "There are to be more of us then?"

"Oh yes my dear boy, you both have made it possible. Consider yourselves the forerunners of non biological life."

The stitchpunks looked at each other and shrugged, not really sure how to respond to that statement. "Ok" they both answered.

"Right then, I will leave you now and I shall return later." And with that the Scientist left the room.

"T-thanks again XIII" The female stitchpunk said with a smile.

"Think nothing of it." XIII answered with a warm smile. "So what do we do now?"

"I-I d-don't quite know. However… did the S-Scientist implant any k-knowledge of the human emotion of… love? I believe it's c-called."

XIII looked at his friend with a surprised expression. "Love?" XIII Searched his memory banks to see if he could ascertain an answer. "XII, my knowledge defines love as an emotion in which a person feels an exceptionally strong bond to another." XIII studied XII, she had a most puzzled look on her face. "May I ask why you are interested?"

"O-oh well because…" XII closed her shutters and really thought about what she was gonna say. "I-I also believe that love is first b-brought on by attraction a-and I feel that I-I am attracted… to you." She opened her optics and met XIII's with a very nervous expression. "I-I think I l-love you XIII. A-and I can't help b-but hope… t-that you love me too."

"XII…" Although XIII had no idea why, he took her hands in his. "I do not know why… but I think I feel the same way about you. We… love each other." He pointed out as looked at her. They spent a minute looking into each other's optics before they embraced each other.

"XII, XIII" called out the scientist as he entered the room. The two stitchpunks parted immediately and pretended as if nothing had just happened. Although neither was sure exactly why. "Come you two, we have some work to do."

A Week Later…

As the days went by, the Scientist had both stitchpunks perform several tests to check several aspects of their being. Unknown to the Scientist however, PXII and PXIII had been growing ever closer. During the tests, PXIII had tested with a very high IQ and had a very fast thought process. XII unfortunately had poor physical coordination and was slower in her reflexes and thought patterns.

"Poor thing" thought the Scientist. "I don't think her design is going to make the cut…" After the testing had finished on Friday, the two lovers had some alone time to themselves.

"XII I was reading a book from the Scientist's shelf and I came across another human tradition. This one is called, marriage… It is a ritual in which two people take a vow declaring to love and be true to one another until death take them. I was wondering… well, we may not be human but even so." XIII looked into his lover's eyes and confessed, "I love you XII and I want to be with you until the last spark of power leaves my body." And with that XIII kneeled, took out a washer, and placed it upon her slender finger. "Will you marry me PXII?"

PXII was in absolute bliss at this moment. She knew exactly what marriage was and she could not believe her boyfriend, nay, her fiancé had just proposed to her. "O-oh XIII…" She paused as she looked adoringly to her "ring". "Of c-course I will!" She exclaimed as she practically glomped PXIII in her happiness. "I love you."

"And I love you XII." He returned her embrace and they both held each other for some time before XIII spoke. "We have no one to perform the union though…"

"I-I d-don't care… You are my h-husband now." PXII said as she pulled him close to her again.

"I wouldn't have it any other way…" Then the two stitchpunks, exhausted from testing and their excitement began their rest cycle.

That Next Morning


PXIII Woke to a horrible screaming sound in close proximity to him. "What!?" He looked around and saw a sight that tore him apart. He saw his wife and a green aura that he could only assume was her soul leaving her body. Her body went limp in the Scientist's hands. PXIII was beyond yelling, he seemed to be feeling a strong pain in his processor. A horrible emotion he had never felt before was growing hotter inside him as he stared at his lover's dead body in the hands of her creator. A human, man, a demon... He rose to his feet and let the fire inside him overtake what he knew to be himself.

"XIII, Are you feeling alright…"

"BASTARD!!!" he yelled charging at the stupid man. The Scientist was startled and he dropped XII's lifeless form to the workbench. He slowed and ran to XII's side instead.

"What has gotten into you XIII!" The Scientist yelled at the stitchpunk.

"You killed her… You stupid, foolish human!" He said as he caressed XII's hand. "I loved her! And She loved me! How could you… You sick evil demon!" He let XII's hand go and he rose to his feet once again.

"XIII, I'm so sorry but… she was a prototype and her soul fragment needed to be reclaimed so that I may make another one of you. More advanced in many ways than she was."

"So you just threw her away like garbage?! And what, for whatever flaws I might have in design I will one day be scrapped to? You cannot play with our existence like we're mindless robots! You have played God and will pay for your ignorance human!"

The scientist quickly grabbed the Talisman and input the sequence for soul fragment repossession. XIII's optics went wide as the green light encircled him. He could feel the pain of so much trying to rip out of him. He felt like giving in for a moment, but it soon passed. He could NOT let this man win and just simply do as he sees fit like some God. His precious memories of him and XII passed through his barely conscious mind. Their "marriage" their love and that was all the strength he needed to repel the ravaging hands of the talisman. He was let go and the green light receded back into the device. He shakily rose to his feet once again and looked the creator square in the eyes. "No…Not I… "

"H-how can this be?!" The Scientist said in an alarmed manner.

And with that, an enraged PXIII with nothing to neither lose nor gain charged at the Scientist once again. Even though XIII's innards were seething with hatred for man and his ignorance, the stitchpunks' anger was not enough to end the Scientist. The monster and his creator engaged in a small struggle but the Scientist managed to hold down XIII. Even though XIII's manipulators had pierced the Scientist's hand he still managed to grab the X-acto knife he needed. The Scientist slit open the prototype's front and slit a crucial wire. "Demon of a man…" XIII said as his world began to grow dark.

"I'm so sorry XIII…" The Scientist said with tears in his eyes.

"It's not over human…" Prototype XIII said as his optics shut to a close.

The Scientist looked upon the body of his creation. Corrupted and hateful and yet, still his own. "I will not destroy you XIII, but you will sleep as long as man exists." The Scientist installed a fail-safe so that XIII would remain unconscious for the lifespan of the Scientist. For he could foresee he would be one of the last men alive. "Farewell XIII…" The Scientist said as he stitched him back up. He placed him in a box and set it aside. "I think enough conceptual work has been done." The Scientist said to himself. "I shall now make the first of the 9… 1."