Disclaimer: I own nothing in this story Integra Seras and Alucard belong to their Rightful owners, even the way I format my story is a direct copy of Moonlight and Mischief's "Life sentence" If you haven't read that one yet you're missing out.

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Pairing: Alucard/Seras Victoria
Rating: T+ for implied rape (A recurring theme.. I know.. I have my reasons)
POV: [None]




Magma eyes stared down into her blues.

Red eyes bright alight, shining with lust and desire. Blue eyes filled with pain and disgust.

Both were coated in sweat, although by any means, considering their states neither of them should be sweating, both were completely spent, breathing heavily even though they knew they did not actually need to breathe. Right then neither of them cared. Too lost in the moment to do so, albeit both for different reasons.

"You did well, Seras Victoria, I would never have thought a virgin like you to be so good in bed." The large male eventually spoke as the last of his muscles relaxed and he released his grip on the girl's shoulders. Inhaling deeply of her scent, mixed with the smell of sex, of blood, of lost virginity.

His reward made him gasp in delight and grip the sides of his coffin with such force his fingers dug themselves into the black wood as she bit down on his throat and and drank greedily of his blood.

Initially he had been very pleased of her doing so, but his pleasure was short lived as a moment later he was sent flying backwards by a power he could not fathom.

Red tears stained her cheeks as she stood there. To his amazement fully dressed in an outfit he had never seen before. How had she, an infant in terms of vampire un-life managed to learn a trick that took him, the no life king over a century to figure out?

"Seras, come to me." He told her, feeling proud of his fledgling and wanting to 'reward' her with another round of carnal pleasure. While right now it was more than clear that she was disgusted by what they had done, he would keep using the power he could exert though their master/servant bond for as long as it was necessary.. In time she would grow to like, and crave the feeling.

Why was she not reacting to his summons? His word alone should have had her fling herself into his arms but she was not moving an inch.

"I hate you, rapist bastard, I regret not having taken your blood that night in Badrick when you offered it to me. However..." She gave him a weak smile, a trail of his blood dripping from her mouth making him realize the reason she bit him..

She had taken her freedom.

"I am happy to say you're no longer my master, Alucard." She sighed and looked away stepping backwards into the shadows, only speaking one more time as she disappeared with a last vengeful glare.

"I hate you."

He'd been betrayed again.



"Don't come complaining to me, vampire. I darned well know what happened, Victoria has already informed me of her leaving the organization and I'm not going to order you to bring her back, I respect her decision and if anything I should be sealing you away for what you did to her."

Sir Integra, the lady knight that currently ruled the Hellsing organization icily spoke without saving him as much as a glance.
"My master, you know just as well as I do that Seras is not going to survive on her own she is only a little girl."

"She is a full grown woman, she can take care of herself! She may not look like it but that is because some darned vampire was so keen on turning her into his un-aging plaything." If looks could kill Alucard would have been vaporized on the spot by the glare Integra cast him.

"Also, when did you start caring about her? Or calling her by her name for that matter?" She continued, lighting herself a cigar and taking a tug on it.

"This changes nothing, even if what you said were true I know for a fact Victoria would sooner die than become your concubine."

All throughout the conversation Alucard just sat and listened. Feeling his anger at Seras' departure slowly being directed to himself. He could no longer deny the truth.

He was the one who had betrayed her.



As the time passed, he gave up hoping for her return. He could not sense her anymore.. There was no telling if she were even still alive. In the beginning Missions would still temporarily divert his attention, but with every passing day the emptiness grew and soon even bloodshed could not relieve him any more.

Eventually he secluded himself from the rest of the world, locking himself in his room only coming out for missions, with great reluctance. Never walking, as that would mean coming near her former room.



It had been exactly fifteen years since that incident, and every day his thoughts about her grew darker.

Where before he himself had said Vampires did not dream he now had them on a daily basis, they started hopeful, In one of them Seras would return to him looking just like the day she left.. Except that her hair was longer and a strange shade of red, they would once more partake in the original sin and her touch would feel as real as it had that night.. But eventually it was still a dream. Soon the dreams changed..

He would dream up images about finding her mangled body, silver bayonets sticking out of every inch of her flesh, or about noticing his Casull 454 missing only to find her in the hallway, pointing the gun at herself, smiling at him before using the massive weapon to take her own life.

There was not a day when he did not wake up shouting her name, and he loathed her for it. He hated the thought any woman would be able to do such a thing to him.

Then came that fateful night on a mission in Germany. He had been surprised to find most of his targets destroyed upon arrival, but soon he caught her scent upon the wind and the years of her absence no longer mattered as he quickly found himself rushing into the direction from which her smell came.

Only to come to a sudden halt at the sight he had most feared to see. All the enemies were defeated, sure, but that in no way compared to seeing his former fledgling's Harkonnen laying within a pile of her own dust.

He had been devastated.



Blood splattered across the wall of the ancient Dojo as the monster stalked the passageways, his form nothing but a blob of solid shadow with eyes and a cheshire cat grin, the black gooey substance bubbled like boiling tar, killing all he came across, be they Ghouls, Vampires, demons, or plain humans. It did not matter... He ignored the burning pain of the Hellsing seals on his gloves as his eyes darted around viciously looking for more prey.

Ever since the death of his mate, the last of Alucard's sanity had left him and all that remained was his anger, hate, pain, and his intent to destroy.

Another bullet whizzed past him and he did not even have to turn around, lashing out a shadowy tendril he grabbed the poor fool and slammed him into a wall, shattering both the wall and every bone in the body of his victim who gurgled out a last cry of pain.

He was in Japan for the simple reason that if his master limited his hunting grounds to England alone she would not be able to keep control over his bloodlust as it were now. It was consuming him.

He reached out with his third eye and smirked. There, in the room before him he felt the signals of many low level vampires, and two powerful auras among them that could only be true no life kings. They seemed to be fighting among themselves for the lesser auras were growing fewer in number at a fast rate.

Without a second thought he broke the doors and swept his shadow tendrils out to where he felt one of the powerful vampire auras. Successfully catching a young draculina by the leg, cackling maniacally as he swept her into the air. The lesser vampires only cowered in the corners, watching the fight between the true rulers of the night

"Ökasama!" The little girl screamed the moment she was pulled up and the other woman's eyes snapped his way. For a moment he just observed the two. From the similarity in auras and the fact the women looked so much alike he could guess that the one he was holding was the other draculina's daughter. Both had the same burning ruby eyes and long wavy silver hair, and both were stunningly beautiful.

"Such a pretty picture." He growled with a smirk.

He could not even see the mother vampire move as she dashed into the younger girl's direction and effortlessly freed her from his grasp. Nor had he expected the younger girl to retaliate as she did the moment she was freed.

"Bastard, Know your place!" She yelled as she knocked him through three sets of walls with a single forward kick.

As soon as he hit the fourth wall his "human" shape returned and the mother vampire was upon him, her nails lengthening into talons poised for his heart.

"Don't you dare touch my daughter!" Her eyes snapped open wide ".....Alucard...." The last part came out as a gasp and she released him. slowly standing up. "Leave here now and you will be spared... My daughter and I have no qualms with the Hellsing institute, or humans in general." She spoke before turning away

It was only now that he was in his normal form we was able to fully see the woman's face. Though it looked hardened there was still an almost childlike innocence, and those eyes..

"Seras?" The woman froze for a moment and sighed.

"I don't know anyone by that name... Now leave... Before I change my mind and kill you."

"You can't fool me, Police girl." He spoke with a smirk. Feeling his old cocky self return.

That did it. He'd used that name once too many.

"You bastard! I'm the mother of your daughters, and you will treat me as such, I have a name, It's Seras Victoria! The next time you call me Police girl, or... God forbid it, KITTEN I shall tear your spine out and beat you with it!" She yelled as she strangled him, momentarily forgetting he was already dead and thus did not need to breathe.

For a moment he was stunned, his only coherent thought leading him to look at the little girl standing behind her mother who seemed equally shocked. His shock was soon replaced by relief as he realized that meant that in all those years she had not been with anyone else.

"I have a daughter?" He asked, unable to feign disinterest.

"Yes." Seras Finally admitted as she made to get up again but was stopped by Alucard's arms circling her waist.

"So I got you.."

"Yes you got me with child."

Upon hearing her confession he pressed her closer to his body, needing the contact.

"If you really had hated me you could have had it removed.. You know that."

"I know." Came her answer

"Why didn't you?" He asked almost hopefully.. Maybe it even was.

"I could not kill an innocent child.... I'm so glad I had her.. She brightened up my life, gave me a reason to live."

She sounded distant as she said this, and Alucard decided he did not at all like it.

"Besides." She continued. "Part of me still loves you."

Alucard watched as Seras' hair returned to it's original length and blonde color.

"But that part of me has to die." She spoke without any emotion as her left arm turned into a pair of shadowy wings and she took hold of her daughter before launching them through the dojo's roof, leaving Alucard behind with the few surviving thrash vampires that still had not dared to move.

Oops I did it again, I started a multi chapter fanfic. And once again I'm not too happy with it.. I'm currently contemplating what to do with their daughter. My mind is divided between making her an OC, or taking an example from one of Metropolis kid's fanfics and use Akashiya Moka from the Series Rosario+Vampire (Just type "Inner moka" in google image search and you see the girl I described.. It's her, just younger.) What do you think? .. End of useless Author note.