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Chapter Number:
Pairing: Alucard/Seras Victoria
Rating: T+
POV: [None]


"She lives."

For a moment Sir Integra's breathing stopped indicating she was slightly shocked, but other than that she did not reply, something Alucard found unfitting for her, Seras had after all been the only one she'd had even close to family for thirty long years.

So then, why did she act like the news was of no interest to her?

"She has a daughter.. My daughter."

Integra slowly stubbed out her cigar before turning to her pet vampire with a smirk, resting her head on her hand.

"Two really, It makes sense she was capable of conceiving, She has her Japanese grandmothers to thank for that."

Alucard was dumbstruck, he had not even known Seras had lived, and here his master was stating this fact as if Seras had never left.

"Surprised? That she has been purposely avoiding you for fifteen years does not mean she broke contact with me. The sweet girl was probably afraid she'd give this old lady a heart attack when she staged her death."

"Two?" was his only reply, his mind still stuck on figuring out how a female vampire managed to get pregnant in the first place, vampires were dead, by all means a Draculina's womb should be too, dead and barren.

"Yes... two, it wasn't a fluke. Japanese vampires are the Mary-sues among their kind, they may not have the arsenal of abilities vampires here have but their physical strength is astounding, they are immune to sunlight, highly resistant to silver, capable of reproducing by human means.. And."

She paused for a moment to build some tension.

"They can substitute blood with tomato juice."

Alucard's eyebrow twitched at this statement.

"There's no way in hell I'm going let my wife become a vegan wuss!" he eventually growled out.

"Stop calling her that! She's not your toy, not your slave, and certainly not anything like those whores you call wives!" Integra responded slamming her fist on the table, she was positively furious. Integra knew damn well what the word "Wife" meant to the infamous Dracula, and she would not see anyone turn her former captain into a meaningless bed partner, she deserved more than that.

"Excuse me..."

Seras took this moment to step from her point of observation in the shadows, once again managing to catch Alucard off-guard. She had masked her presence perfectly.

"...But I could not help but overhear."

Her face was an expressionless mask as she stepped up behind Integra, two little girls following her closely. One he knew, her red eyes glaring at him as if he was the cause of all the misery in the world. But the other he had never seen before, Small.. tiny even, her red hair tied in two pigtails by a set of purple ribbons. Emerald eyes staring at him with admiration. A smaller image of what Seras looked like in his "dream" which he now understood had not been a dream at all, Seras had returned that night.

"Thank you, Sir Integra, for defending my honor. But you should not worry yourself about me, I will live my life my way, Alucard no longer has any claim over me."

Not even once during this encounter had she looked Alucard in the eyes, had Seras still been the timid little girl from years ago this would have been a source of entertainment for him. But hate and disgust for his very being were rolling off her in waves. Never had he had any trouble with someone thinking ill of him, but this time it was different. Though he would not admit it, it in a way.. frightened him.

Integra could not hide a smirk at the Draculina's boldness as she spoke, taking a drag of her cigar as she waited for Alucard to respond. To her humor he did not, unable to find words with which to communicate his thoughts.

"Pray tell Seras, what brought you to England? You usually avoid coming here directly." Her voice was questioning rather than demanding, it was a rare sign coming from the Hellsing heir she only offered to the few people she considered equals.

Seras nodded, turning to her youngest daughter and holding out her hand. "Kokoa, Hand me those papers."

The girl instantly obeyed, placing the bundle of official documents in her mother's outstretched palm.

"Thank you." Seras graced her daughter with a slight smile as she took the offered documents, ruffling her hair once before once again turning back to the Hellsing heiress, her face blank and serious.

"By the request of the divine lord Emperor himself, the Hellsing organization is to withdraw their agents from our area of jurisdiction, Japan. We have our own problems well under control and can ill-afford another "red Monday" Further violation of our treaty will result in hostile response."

The Draculina finished reading and made a small bow as she offered the documents to Integra, the Hellsing heiress did not flinch at the tone of the letter, nor did her expression betray any sign of her feeling insulted by the words.

"That will be all." The vampiress finally added after a long pause, turning to leave the way she came.

"So, you think that by turning from your troubles they will go away? And I thought you had grown wiser, yet you still try to avoid your fate. Even now you can feel our mating bond." It was Alucard's turn to speak and for a moment he thought he saw Seras tense, but if she had it was gone just as fast as it had come.

"Mates are not chosen through rape." She replied in a monotone voice, taking the tiny hands of her children as she opened a portal in the shadow in front of her.

"It is not rape if it is consensual." Alucard responded with a smirk as parts of that night slowly returned to him, she had come to his room, she had requested they would share a bed, or coffin, and her scent had told him all he had needed to know, she had been ready.

She cast him a foul look over her shoulder before stepping through the portal. "Perhaps you should have made sure all of me agreed, and not just the part of me you created." She paused a moment before staring ahead again, the portal slowly closing behind her. "But it is too late for that. This is farewell."

For the longest time, Alucard just stared at the wall before him, where only minutes before Seras had made a portal across two large bodies of water and an entire continent, a feat even he had not managed to accomplish, yet that thought was not what kept him busy the most.

"Her personality... It is splintering.." He sighed with a somewhat annoyed tone, placing his palm on the surface of the wall, still feeling traces of her aura. "She does not even know what she wants."

His sighing was soon followed by a tearing sound behind him followed by the scent of burning paper. "Vampire." Integra began as she tipped her ash tray filled with the still partially smoldering remains of the letter into her trash can. "Your mission has changed."

She stared into the eyes of her servant, a grin forming on the latter's face "Infiltrate Japan, Find officer Victoria... And bring her back to Hellsing, without fail." The smirk on the ancient vampire's face would have scared anyone, but not the woman in front of him, who was trying hard to not mirror his expression.

"Are those your orders? My master." He spoke, amusement dripping of his voice.
Integra merely nodded. "I will not watch idly as she is throwing her life away." Integra Chuckled dryly as she eyed the trash can. "Besides... they just challenged us, Hellsing.. And I gladly accept that challenge. What about you, Count?"

"It has been awfully quiet here... This will be interesting... Very, very interesting."

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