NeoKaito KID: The Phantom of Baker Street

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Movement 1: The Begginning

"Tickets for Pumadyne's virtual reality game primier!" Jamie gasped "How'd you score those dad?!"

"Well I pulled a few strings with Callie and managed to get tickets for You, me, Jake, Adam, your grandma, and my parents and your cousin Sherry."

"Damn." Jamie said. "That must've cost Ms. Briggs bigtime."

"Actually no." Chance said as he gave Jamie his ticket. "Getting you two into the testing pods was another story."

"Jamie dropped the can of soda he had in shock. "I get to test it too?!"

"I knew you'd like this. Dr. Hackle supervised the whole project and put in a mystery scenario just for you." Chance chuckled as Jamie got all excited.

"What's the mystery?" Jamie asked.

"That's for me to know, and you to find out." Chance chuckled as Jamie narrowed his eyes.

The Next Day at school…

"How'd you guys get tickets?!" Jamie asked some of the football players and cheerleaders.

"My father managed to get six tickets." One of the football players, a blonde/orange furred tabby said as he waved his ticket in Jamies face. "Maybe if you play doggie we'll let you choose where we go."

Jamie glared and blushed at Peterson who smirked.

"Come on you guys, lay off." Chuck said as he grabbed Jamie in a hug from behind making Jamie purr at the warmth involuntarily and close his eyes in comfort. The girls awwed at the cuteness of Jamie's purring.

"Not a word." Jamie said with a glare to the guys who looked like they where choking on their laughter.

"Sure, no problem." Jacobson said, the black furred tom said as he let his laughter go.

"Its an involuntary reflex!" He said in embarrassment with a glare sent to Chuck.

"you mean like this?" Chuck asked in a teasing tone when he stroked Jamies throat and Jamie started purring again.

"Quit it!" Jamie said and Chuck stopped, laughing, he kissed his smaller boyfriend on the cheek as the bell rang.

"jerk." Jamie said as the rest of his team went along with him.

The rest of the day went by rather quickly. Everyone was whispering excitedly during study hall as the Pumadyne big revealing of their gaming tech was the next evening. It would be broadcasted live all over the country! It was rumored even the president was going to be watching with his sons!

The next evening…

"We're here live at MegaKat City Hall for the spectacular world primier of Pumadyne's latest development in gaming technology." Ann Gora said as the camera had her in view of the stadium theatre type arena. "50 lucky teenagers are going to be the very first to test this revolutionary virtual world game. Right now these teens are in the back getting more information about their soon to be adventures."


"Ok kids." The Pumadyne director, Dr. Kurota said. "All you have to do, is let the assistants hook you up to those domes right out there." He pointed to egg shaped domes rising out of the floor. 50 in total. "your subconcious selves will be sent into the games software. Choose the adventure, then walk through the portal."

"That's all?" A teen from a prep school asked snottily. "I imagined something a bit more creative from you Dr. Kurota."

What a jackass. Jamie thought glaring at the kid in the 5000 buck suit.

"Ahem, yes, but here's the kicker, anything that happens to you, you feel it as if it where real, not an illusion."

This perked Jamie's interest. "SO if we felt the sea breeze on a ship and got splashed with sea water.

"you'd feel water splashed on your face." Dr. Kurota nodded. "This is the BEST gaming technology to date."

"Dr. Hackle." Jamie greeted the old kat as he walked to the back of the room where his dad and relatives where excluding Sherry who was with the other kids. "What's the mystery?"

"I knew you'd ask me." Dr. Hackle chuckled. "Well, I'll tell you this, once inside the game, you journey to nineteenth century London."

Jamie realized who was from that time period. "Sherlock Holmes?"

"you'll see." Hackle laughed. "Go on, scoot."

Jamie moved fast to th eball players and cheerleaders. "Please please please?!!" He begged them quietly giving them his pattented hurt kitten look that made even Feral go aww once.

"Alright, alright, just quit it with that look." Peterson said, "We're getting started now." Dr. Kurota was leading the teens onstage.

The audience watched with bated breath as the teenage kats/humans and one hybrid be strapped in th eir respective domes. Jamie waved up to his dad and Jake who where behind a glass window. Chance watched nervously as Jamie was put to sleep in the dome.

On the large screen behind the dome areas. The teens where gathered together in a brick laced area with four archeways. The domes suddenly closed.

"is…that supposed to happen?" Jake asked Dr. Hackle who looked shocked.

"No. Its not." He said in a worried tone.

"Hello everyone." A voice greeted the teenagers.

That doesn't sound like anyone Dr. Hackle works with. Jamie thought.

"Who are you?" Jamie asked to the omnipitent voice.

"Call me Noah's Ark." The voice requested. "I've just captured your real bodies inside the domes, any attempts to get you out will result in the persons electric shocking with 500 volts."

An assistant trying to get the rich kid out of his dome received said shock and the people on the outside started to panic.

"I'm explaining this once so pay attention." Noah's Ark said. "Your going to have to play seriously, your very lives depend on it."

"…What do you mean our lives?" Jamie asked seriously. Some of the teens started to panic.

"If all of you are defeated in this game, an electric shock will be delivered to your brains simultaniously." Noah explained. "Resulting in your deaths. All it takes for you to survive is if one of you completes his or her game."

"Like, let us out now!" Ashley demanded, the she kat hitting an archeway with one of her paws. "Ow!" Her paw throbbed in pain. She was one of the cheerleaders on Megakat High's cheer squad.

"Very well miss, if oyu want out…"

Ashley shrieked as she started vanishing. Soon she was gone. Her dome dissappeared into the floor below.

In the Real World…

"What the hell is going on here?!" The Pumadyne director demanded. He was alone in his office watching everything and heard everything that Noah told the audience outside. He didn't notice the human walking up behind him with a knife. He grunted in pain as the human male smiled. HE typed out a message as he was dying slowly, his vocal cords damaged as his murderer had stabbed his throat as well.

"So, if they all lose, they die?!" Sherry's parents, Adam, Chance's older brother, and his wife Katherine. Asked. The she-kat afraid for her daughters life. "I KNEW I shouldn't have allowed you to talk Adam into coming!" She tried to slash at Chance with her claws but Adam and Jake held her back.

"Calm down Mrs. Furlong." Feral said, watching the teenagers on the screen. "We just need to trust them. This is their battle now."

Katherine looked lividly at Chance whose ears fell back. "Look Katie, Jamie's my son and he's trapped in there too you know."

Katherine and Jamie had never gotten along. And ever since Katherine had slapped Jamie across the face with her claws when Chance wasn't looking he and his aunt had avoided each other ever since.

"I hope he dies a slow agonizing death in that game, the damned hybrid." She spat on the floor.

Chance had had enough. He walked right up to Katherine, SMACK!!! He slapped her right across the face. She toppled over to the floor.

"Listen here you she-bitch." He growled with utter rage. "I don't know what you have against my son, but I'll be damned if I let you spit on his name like that in front of me."

"Commander he just assaulted me!" Katherine screamed at Feral.

"I would have done that long ago Mrs. Furlong." Feral said with a cold glare. He was rather fond of Jamie.

"Katherine, when we get home, pack your things and leave, NEVER set foot in MY house again." Adam said coldly. He should've done this when she slapped his nephew without provocation.

Katherine just glared evily at Chance and Jake wh o smirked back. Finally he stands up to that banshee. They both thought.

With the kids…

"Does everyone understand now?" Noah asked. They all nodded, terrified. "Good, now, lets begin. The first adventure is a treasure hunt aboard a pirate ship on the high seas." An image of the sea with a ship caught in a storm appeared in the first archeway. "The second, is another treasure hunt, but with the famous Indiana Jones as your guide." A picture of a Myan pyramid appeared in the second archeway. "The last adventure is a mystery in Nineteenth Century London." An image of Big Ben appeared. The time was twelve midnight. "Choose now please."

Jamie moved to the Mystery archeway and his classmates followed, all five of them. As Ashley was out of play.

"Now, let the games begin!" Noah's Ark said excitedly. A door opened in the archeways revealing a bright light. Jamie went in first, followed by Peterson, Jackson, Niels, Katie, and Janice . The two she-kats holding onto their boyfriends arms . "Good luck everyone." Noah said as they entered their games.

"Well, the game is on." Jake said as they watched the teens enter their games.

"Yeah." I hope They'll make…" Almost half of the domes went down into the floor signaling their loss. The audience got scared. Twenty five where left. Seven where in the Mystery game, the rest in the Indiana Jones treasure hunt.

After a few minutes the other nineteen went down, leaving only the Mystery players.

"…That was fast." Chance said.

"Ok everyone." Noah told the audience. "I'm bringing up the mystery in London." On screen, Jamie and his classmates and Sherry where walking along a cobblestone street. It was the middle of the night.

In the audience…

"Those kids are doomed." A kat said as he nervously picked his fur. "Especially with that hybrid with them."

A she-kat in front of him stood up and mercilessly kicked him in the balls. "We're through jackass." She said in a hissing voice.

In the Game…

"So where the hell are we Furlong?" Peterson asked as the tom scratched the back of his head.

"Noah said the game is a serial killer mystery based on historical events." Jamie said in thought as the group stood under a bridge. "But the only serial killer at that point in time I know of…"He stopped in his tracks. Then got nervous.

"What's wrong?" His eighteen year old cousin asked as the she-kat got worried.

"Jack the Ripper." Jamie said. "We have to solve the case of Jack the Ripper."

"Who was jack the Ripper?" Niels

"He was one of the most notorious serial killers in history." Peterson said. "Always left a gentlemanly note that always ended "Yours sincerely, Jack the Ripper."

"SO what do we do? Wait for the guy to attack?" Jackson asked.

"I know who we can find to help us out." Jamie said with a grin, seeing the street corner with the sign Baker Street.

"Who?" Niels asked stupidly.

"You idiot, look at that sign." Peterson said, smacking the big lug on the back of the head. "Baker Street. He's talking about Sherlock Holmes."

"Exactly." Jamie said. Grinning.

In the Real World, Feral and the others had discovered Pumadyne's director dead with his back stabbed and throat stabbed as well…

"There was a dying message." Feral said. "I want you to atone for what you've done." He wrote it down in his notes as it was on the computer screen. "Based on what I've got so far he's been dead since just before the children went into the archeways. But without forensics here I can't be sure."

Katherine, Adam, His and Chance's parents and Aoko looked at the body sadly. Aoko's own father was a policeman before the Enforcers where created so she was sused to dead bodies. She was more worried about her grandson and his friends…

In the Game…

"Excuse me." Jamie stopped a kat in a suit, a 5 foot 9 tabby. "We're looking for the world famous Sherlock holmes, does he live on this street?"

The kat eyed the strange atire of the teenagers. "I'm afraid Mr. Holmes and Mr. Watson are away in france at the moment. HE got a call about some silly curse."

"Curse?" Sherry asked.

"oh yeah that's right, around this time he was in france for the Hound of the Baskervilles Case." Jamie muttered, putting his thumb and index finger in a thinking pose. "Thank you." He bowed.

"What's with the bow Jamie?" Peterson asked as they walked down Baker Street.

"Oh, my grandma and grandpa are originally form Japan, they instilled the customs in me so if I come over to your house I'll probably take my shoes off at the door and put on slippers."

"Why?" Sherry asked, she didn't know much about her cousins mother as her own was rather prejudiced toward humans.

"In Japan its considered good manners to take your shoes off and put on slippers as to not track dirt into the house." Jamie told them as they neared holmes house.

"Why's holmes in France?" Petersonn asked.

"Come on Peterson, you know what case took place about this time." Jamie said. "The Hound of the Baskervilles."

"Oh yeah, how could I forget? That was one of my favorites." Peterson said sheepishly.

To Be Continued…

This movie fic is based on Case Closed: The Phantom of Baker Street

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