Movement 3: The Final Act

"The Ripper is coming after me?" Aki said as she sat at her vanity mirror in her dressing room brushing her long black hair. "Why?"

"We know that Jack goes after human women with long BLACK hair. That's not a common trait here." Jamie said to the image of his mother. This was hard for Jamie. He wanted nothing more than to hug his mom and tell her he was sorry he couldn't protect her. But this time was going to be different.


"So at the time of the murder you where in the mens room." Feral said to Jacob. "Can anyone verify that?"

"The Kat who I was blowing." Jacob said with a blush on his face. "He...sort of seduced me when I was washing my hands. I followed him into the large stall as he was kinda muscular..." He was beet red by the time he was finished. "I'm a bit on the submissive side..."

"You do know public sex is illegal. Right?" Feral asked the young human who blushed more if possible.

"Yes Commander." Jacob said.

"I'll let that slide though as it was a first time offense." Feral said. Having had a gloryhole blowjob before.

"thank you Commander." Jacob said, his chin on his chest in embarrassment.

"Now what about you?" Feral asked Quincy.

"I...was checking the software to see if there was a way to get the kids out of this safely." Quincy said hesitantly.

The entire sophomore class was watching the event at Chucks house.

"i didn't know his mom died." A classmate said. "So he lives with his dad?"

"Yeah, at the salvage yard." Chuck said as they watched Jamie and Peterson and Sherry talk to a human woman. "So, this is the mother you miss so much huh pet?" HE asked the giant screen.

"What happened to her?" Another feline asked. The she-kat had watery eyes from Jamie's expression.

"She was killed when he was 3." Caleb said. "I remember because Uncle was the leading officer on the case. It was labeled a cold case.."


Jamie and co had just followed a long red haired man onto the train. HE was odd. He glared at Aki as she boarded.

"Hold it!" Jamie shouted. The crowd on the train stared at the hybrid. The train started moving. "Everyone, I know who Jack the Ripper is." He proclaimed. The crowd whispered to each other. "You are Jack the Ripper." HE pointed at the red haired man they followed. The man scowled at the teenagers.

"You stalked women before cornering them, then killing them." Jamie started. "Long, black haired women. Such as Aki." HE motioned to Aki who was nearby, who was scared looking at the man. "But there's a reason for that, she's your mother isn't she?" Jamie asked.


The Audience was impressed with the teens deductions. Then they gasped at what he said.

"How the hell does he figure that?" Adam asked.

Chuck's house

"He's figured it out?" Caleb asked in confusion.


"Your wanting revenge. She abandoned you when you where born to the orphanage and you where denied a happy life." Jamie said as orphanage's weren't the best places in this time period. "So you came up with a plan, confuse police to believe these are indiscrimenant killings when in reality you where killing women who reminded you of her. You had known about your mother for years but despised her so that you wanted her dead."

Jack smirked. He brought out a knife. "Impressive kid, I'll give you that." He said in a gruff voice. "But the fun's not over yet." He reached into one of his pockets and Sherry and Peterson ran toward him.

"You guys don't!" Jamie shouted. Jack threw down a smoke bomb and it went off and Sherry and Peterson where engulfed in smoke. Jamie rushed toward it as the other passengers vanished.

So its like a boss battle. Jamie figured. The smoke cleared. Peterson was coughing up blood. No! He thought.

"He took her." He told Jamie. "Up on the roof." His image faded away. His egg went into the floor.


"Jamie." Chuck said as he watched his boyfriend open the window of a moving train on a bridge. "If you die in there I'll bring you back and kill you myself."

With Feral

"He's a descendant of the real Jack the Ripper, aren't you Quincy?" Aoko asked as she had figured out who killed Dr. Kurota. "You snuck up behind your adoptive fathar and killed him in cold blood."

Quincy kneeled on the floor. "He insulted me AND my ancestor." Quincy said. "I'd been insulted by him ever since he discovered my lineage. The final push was when he stole Noah's Ark from me. I just, couldn't take it anymore." He started crying. "i wanted him to suffer!" He balled up his fists.

"You created this system?!" Dr. Hackle asked in shock.

"Of course! I'd been designing it for years before that bastard took everything in one key stroke!" Quincy shouted.

"You stupid little boy." Dr. Kurota said to his adoptive son. "I can't believe I even cared for you you murderous little insect. You think you'll get credit for creating Noah's Ark?" He held the thumb drive with all Quincy's data in it. "Don't worry, you'll get what's coming to you soon. I promise your filthy veins that."

Quincy snapped, the next thing he knew he was standing over Dr. Kurota's corpse as the kat typed out the dying message...

Feral cuffed Quincy, the case solved.


Jamie was on the moving train. He saw Sherry tied up on her wrists and ankles. She had a line to Jack.

"Let her go now Jack!" He demanded. The wind whistling around them

"i don't think so kid." Jack said, licking his lips and grabbing Sherry by the throat.


Adam wasa afraid for his daughter. "Please Jamie, bring my daughter back to me."

"Come on Jamie." Chance urged his brilliant son. .

Jake and Chance's parents where watching with bated breath. The final battle between Jamie and Jack the Ripper was underway.


Jack cut Sherry's throat lightly as Jamie stepped closerl. "Any closer and bloods gonna be sprayed." Jack said.

Sherry looked at Jamie, then the water below the ten foot drop...She ran from Jack to the side of the train.

"No Sherry!" Jamie cried as his cousin jumped off.

I'm sorry I couldn't be with you till the end Jamie. She thought as her image dissappeared with a few tears dripping from her eyes.

Her egg went into the floor.

Without warning Jack lunged at Jamie. Grabbing his throat. "Your still not covered in blood yet are you?" HE asked, licking his lips and twirling the knife in his hand. "Time to die a beautiful death."

Jamie kneed him in the crotch. The males in the audience and the ones at Chucks house including Chuck himself wince.

Jamie rolled out from under Jack. The wind whipping his hair. He glared at Jack as the murderer stood, his knife in his hand. "Fiesty, I like that." He licked his lips again.

"No thanks, I already have a boyfriend." Jamie said, running at Jack with his arms behind him. He threw a punch at Jack. Jack tried to stab. Jamie roundhouse kicked Jack off his feet. Jack rolled off the side of the train but grabbed onto the edge. Jamie walked up to him. HE glared coldly at Jack who was struggling. He stomped on Jack's hands, breaking his fingers. First the right hand. Jack screamed. Jamie stomped the left hand. Jack let go. He fell into the river below.

Its not over yet! Jamie thought as the train jerked. I have to survive the train ride! He saw the tracks where broken on the cobblestone street. HE ran with his arms behind him to the wine cart. He hopped inside. The train started to crash. He blacked out...

A few minutes later...

Jamie woke up in the archway room.

"Congratulations Jamie Furlong." Noah's Ark said to the hybrid. "You've won the game." Jamie woke up in the real world. His dome opened and he got out. The audience applauded. The other domes came up out of the floor as well. The teens ran to their worried parents. Jamie's group surrounded him.

"That was awesome!" Niels said.

"But you where killed." Jamie said in a confused voice.

"Noah's Ark made us all watch the game." Janice said. "you where incredible Furlong!"

They all congratulated him and suddenly the software began shutting down.

"What's going on?" Petarson asked as the domes lights died.

"Noah's Ark is destroying itself." Jamie said. Eying the window up above the arena. The giant machine was shutting itself down as well. Chance gave his son a thumbs up from the window.

Jamie gave his dad a thumbs up in return.

The End

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