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Garak looked up at the stars from his hiding place in the alleyway, the grayness of Cardassian design was created to blend with the race itself. Therefore he could hide easily and not be seen.

It had been two weeks since he had returned to his home world with Major Kira, to help Damar fight off the Dominion. At one time coming back to his home world would've thrilled him. But he had grown to love Deep Space Nine. But one person made had made it so worthwhile.

A federation doctor by the name of Julian Bashir, his eyes were dark and intoxicating, his dark hair looked so soft to touch, not that Garak had actually tried. But he had dreamed of that. And of the doctor's slim body. Everything about Julian Bashir was perfect.

Being attracted to both men and women was nothing new to him, but Julian made him feel so many things. He swore when he got back to DS9 he would tell Julian his feelings. Garak quickly left his hiding place and went back to the cellar which had become his hiding place. Mila was waiting for him, "Don't ever scare me like that again!"

"I won't." He replied.

Garak saw his blue eyes in a mirror and saw how much he longed for Julian.

He lay down on his cot, "Good night Julian, hope your dreams are sweet." He knew his would be.