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"For the last time; I'M USING IT!"

"No you're not!

"Yes i am!"

Brittany and Alvin kept fighting over the last swing and everyone was sick and tired of it.

"Brittany, you can have the one i'm on?"
Eleanor half asked her older sister.

"No thank you, Ellie. I wouldn't want to bother you."
Brittany said still glaring at Alvin.

"Actually, you're bothering us by NOT taking her offer.
Anyway, this is ridiculous, can't you guys just take turns?"
Simon asked while pushing Jeanette on a swing.

"NO!" They both yelled in unison.

"I was afraid they'd say that." Simon said sighing.

"Oh FINE! You can have it. I'm going to go skateboard or something."
Alvin sighed and walked off.

Brittnay smirked and sat on the swing.

"Happy now?" Eleanor asked rolling her eyes.

Alvin started skating around the park on his favorite skateboard.
He rode around the park at least four times now- He was bored.

Alvin was staring at the sky, he wasn't even paying attention to anything around him.

"OW!" A girl yelled when the red clad chipmunk ran into her.

"I'm so sorry!" Alvin said while helping the girl up.

"It's okay..." She said while wiping herself off.

Alvin checked her out when she was dusting herself off;
She had blonde hair that went a little past her shoulders. She wore a sky blue tee-shirt with ruffled sleeves that had magenta colored hearts on it.
She wore a magenta ruffled skirt and sky blue boots that stooped before her knees.
And she had dark brown eyes.

"I'm Alvin." Alvin turned his hat backwards trying to look cool; He failed.

"I'm Bailey." The girl batted her eyes at the chipmunk.

"Hello Bailey," Alvin wrapped an arm around her.
"You look familier." He said and she took a step away from him.

"Really? I don't think we have..." She said suspiciously.

"We have; in my dreams." Alvin answered taking her hand and kissing it,
making Bailey giggle.

"Hey Alvin!"

Alvin heard his name being called. 'Dang it Simon'
He thought to himself.

"Hey Alvin! Dave's here, we gotta go."
Simon said yelling to Alvin.

"Coming!" Alvin yelled back annoyed.

Bailey looked at him sadly.
Alvin noticed this and smirked.

"Don't worry, we'll meet again." He said trying to sound dreamy. Once again, he failed. (A/N- XD)

"Okay." She wrote her phone number on his hand and skipped away.

Alvin smiled and tried to catch up with Simon.

------------------------------------The next day--------------------------------

"Hey Britt." Alvin said while leaning on the lockers next to Brittany's.

"Hey Alvin." Brittany rolled her eyes while getting her backpack and umbrella.

"Want me to walk you home?" Alvin asked while looking out the window and saw it was raining really hard.

Brittany sighed. "I'll be fine Alvin."

A loud clap of thunder was heard and Brittany jumped a little.

"Please Brittany?" Alvin asked seriously.

Brittany smiled. "What? So you can protect me from the rain?" Brittany smirked and rolled her eyes playfully.

Alvin laughed slightly and escourted her on the way out of the school.

Alvin held Brittany's umbrella above them and they started walking to Brittany's house.

On their way there they heard the loud thunder claps, and rain falling from the trees. It was kind of like a song...

Brittany started shivering slightly, 'I can't believe i forgot my jacket'
Brittnay mentally scolded herself.

Alvin noticed that she was cold, so he took off his jacket and placed it on Brittany.

Brittany blushed and smiled at him. and before she could thank him they were interupted by a visitor...

"Hey Alvin!" A blonde girl yelled at Alvin and waved.

"Hey Bailey!" Alvin waved and ran to his friend leaving Brittany standing there in the rain.

Brittany glared at both of them.

"So Alvin, what are you doing here?" Bailey asked batting her eyes.

"Oh, i was just walking a friend of mine home."
Alvin said then looked back at Brittany who looked totally P-O'ed.

"Yep. But now he's with you." Brittany swiped her umbrella from Alvin.
"You two have fun!" Brittany smiled a big fake smile and put Alvin's jacket on the muddy ground.
"Toodles!" Brittany waved and walked home.

Alvin blinked in confusion. "What was all that about?"