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Angrily, I stood leaning against my kitchen cabinet staring furiously at Billy snoring lightly on the couch. He lay on his back, his plump lips just ever so slightly apart, shirtless, laying just in his tight fitting black boxers. One arm was slung loosely above his head.

When I'd got up that morning I was surprised to actually see him still sleeping there. I thought when I'd kicked him out of my bed he would have had a tantrum and left. Shit, he must really need that alibi.

He was such a dick. A beautiful dick.

A knock on the front door pulled my eyes away from Billy. He bolted upright quickly staring around for the offending noise. I padded past him, not looking at him, opening the door without checking.

"Good morning," Chelle chimed, breezing past me followed by a smiling Alex.

Chelle's hair was a newly coloured, a bright green that reminded me of a summers day in the park. I wouldn't bother mentioning her hair, it would be a different colour the next time I'd see her.

I closed the door behind them watching Chelle throw a dirty look Billy's way before breezing into the kitchen. "Shit T, stinks like scum in here."

Quickly, I looked at Billy searching for his reaction- he was too busy slipping his jeans on and heading over to the window which he opened up and lit himself a cigarette still shirtless.

I'd yell at him later.

"Stop Chelle," I scowled.

As Chelle drifted off into the kid's room, Alex opened his backpack up pulling out a clear bag filled with different types of prescription medications. I could see Billy watching us.

"Jake's meds for the month," he said with a smile.

With a sigh I asked the dreaded question. "How much do I owe you?" I asked, whilst rummaging in the drawer for my purse.

"It's on us," Alex said as Billy waltzed over, his silver cross bouncing off his sculpted chest. "Hey man," Alex said politely.

Billy grunted in response, his face buried in my fridge.

I threw his back an annoyed look. "Ignore him," I muttered as Chelle came bursting out holding Ronnie's hand, both of them smiling wildly as they rushed towards Ronnie's new remote control car that was next to the TV.

"You know," Alex said quietly so Billy couldn't hear him. "Billy walking round shirtless is really giving me a complex," he smiled.

I giggled softly before continuing, knowing Alex was trying to distract me. "How much, Alex? I can't expect you to get them every month."

Alex ran a hand roughly through his shaggy hair. "We don't-"

"Yes you do!" I interrupted. "You got them last month and the month before. Please, I'll feel awful if you don't let me pay you back."

Billy began slurping out of the orange juice carton as Chelle walked back over to us, her hand brushing Alex' back.

"You're disgusting," she spat at Billy.

Billy's cold eyes were deadly, he stared at Chelle with hatred, before sniffing and wiping under his nose. "Does it hurt ya neck, havin' ya head rammed so high up ya own fuckin' ass?" he growled back. Chelle's mouth dropped open.

"Oh my god, can we please just all get along?" I interrupted not wanting this to blow into a huge verbal meltdown, not knowing what Billy would do if Chelle went too far. "Alex how much?!" I demanded, focusing my attention back at the quiet one of the room group.

"Three hundred," he muttered, obviously hating the fact that he was going to take the money.

I began looking into my purse seeing a measly twenty bucks in there, as Chelle began scolding Alex in a muffled voice for telling me how much. I'd have to get to a bank, and hope I still had some of my overdraft left.

As I closed my purse, I could see Billy digging in his pocket before pulling a wad of notes out.

"What are you doing?" I asked, as Alex and Chelle continued to bicker in low voices.

I leaned forward touching his forearm lightly.

"Three hundred," he grunted chucking them onto the counter by my friends. Chelle's green orbs looked up and met mine.

"Well, if he's paying, I don't mind taking it," she said beginning to the count the bills, before holding them up to light. I sent her a glare. "What?! I'm just checking they're real!"

Billy stuffed the rest of the wad into his jeans pockets, leaned down placing his lips gently to mine. "Im'a take a shower," he mumbled before walking off, his blue eyes attacking Chelle as he past her. "See ya later, Greenpeace."

"You're a fuc-"she began screaming after him, her finger pointing angrily at his moving back.

Alex grabbed her arm quickly. "Stop it," he reprimanded. "Remember what we talked about," he muttered.

She blew out her chest annoyed, her eyes then focusing in on me. "He's getting real comfortable here isn't he," said spat.

Alex rubbed his head annoyed. "We're going! Come on kids, Uncle Alex and Aunt Chelle are going to take you to the park." And with that Chelle walked out ushering Ronnie out the door calling for Jake and Alex to follow, Alex mouthed an apology to me before Jake skidded out of his room, kissing me goodbye quickly, then racing out the door almost knocking Alex over in the process.


I stared at the TV screen, the silent tension killing me. I sat curled on my side flicking through channels, forcing my eyes to stare ahead, not wanting to look at Billy, and knowing if I looked at him I'd bite. He sat at the bottom of the couch, a towel wrapped around his waist, chain smoking. His eyes cutting.

"Don't you have somewhere to be?" I finally burst.

He turned his head slowly, blowing smoke into my direction. "Where the fuck do ya want me to be?" he snarled.

I sat up quickly swinging my legs over the end of the sofa so that I could stand. "Anywhere? You don't normally stay until this time, you're normally gone before I even fucking wake!"

Billy stood up quickly, his jaw set hard, his eyes like lightening.

"Or are you just making sure that I tell the cops you were here with me?" I pushed at his solid chest, once, he didn't move, twice, he didn't move, third time he angrily grabbed the top of my arms holding me still. "What you going to do Billy? There's nothing you can do to me that you haven't done before."

His head tilted to side, making him look like a maniac.

My heart pounded in my chest, my hands beginning to shake. My words had been so vicious, though I felt like a scared little girl.

All of a sudden Billy let me go, pushing me back slightly making me stumble. He turned around suddenly heading into the bedroom, coming back seconds later, pulling his jeans up as he walked. Before I registered what was happening he dig his strong hand into his pocket before launching the wad of notes at me. They fell to my feet in a green mess.

"That's why I needed ya fuckin' word," he yelled pointing at the cash. "I was jacking a fuckin' gas station last night."

My mouth opened wide in shock. I had wanted to know desperately why he needed my promise that I'd say he was with me. But now, I wasn't quite sure that I wanted to know.

"You haven't changed at all," I said quietly, my eyes watery. I stood still, my arms hanging to my sides, whilst Billy's eyes cut through me. He was breathing heavy.

He took a quick step forward and I unintentionally took a step back. For the briefest of seconds hurt flashed across, quickly turning back to hard cold steel.

"Ya know nothing," he yelled. "I jacked that fuckin' station to get cash for ya fuckin' rent." My eyes widened. "Don't fuckin' think I didn't see the warnings for ya rent, and for ya fuckin' cell, for ya electric and gas! I did that," he pointed at the cash again. "For ya!"

I was speechless. I'd tried my best to hide my financial problems from everyone, especially Billy. I didn't know what to say.

He stood staring at me with a cold hard glare; he was waiting for me to kick him out or apologise.

I didn't know what to do.

Like a gift from god someone, a guardian angel probably, knocked my front door loudly. I smiled internally, thanking god for the distraction as I opened the door. It was not the gift from god I had wanted. It was a nightmare actually.

I shuffled forward closing the door behind me.

"Steve, you can't be here," I said in a panic. Fuck, it felt like my throat was closing.

Steve stood opposite me, sea green eyes looking down at me intently, and his strong hands holding a massive bouquet of lilies.

"Seriously, you need to leave," I said quickly.

His mouth opened in protest as the door opened quickly behind me; my heart stopped.

"The fuck?!" Billy snapped.

Steve's eyes widened as took in the shirtless Billy standing behind me. His arm dropped, the flowers falling to his side, his other fist clenching involuntarily. He licked his thin lower lip in an act I knew he did when he was trying to keep his temper in check.

I turned my head quickly, seeing Billy standing tall, his eyes as piercing as ice, his jaw locked in anger, and his hallow cheeks sucked in as he controlled his breathing. He stood at his full six foot two, still an inch or two smaller than Steve. I was stood between two angry very big men, it felt like I was trapped in between two volcanos unaware of which would blow first.

"Who's this?" Steve asked annoyed, his eyes skimming from Billy's hard scared face down his neck following his gang tattoo's down his arms, his eyes then locking on the RJ on Billy's solid chest.

I turned, putting my small hand on Billy's chest. "Go inside, Billy," I said firmly.

"What, wait," Steve said, his face a mix of shock and disgust. He took a small step back as his arms began waving about as he spoke annoyed. "What the fuck is that bastard doing here?!" He demanded, recognising the name I had told him about time and time again.

"Ya better watch ya fuckin' mouth ya little prick," Billy snarled, about to take a step forward but being instantly blocked by my body. I held a firm stance not wanting Billy or Steve to get within each other's reach.

Steve took a step forward, gaining the pace he had lost earlier. "I'm here to talk to Trish."

"No," Billy growled instantly. "Ya don't get to talk to Trish anymore, she belongs to me!" His eyes were alight with insanity.

What the actual fuck?

I turned to look at Billy. "Are you out of your mind?" I shouted before turning back to a fuming Steve.

"I didn't know you were anyone's property, sweetheart," Steve said calmly, looking Billy deeply in the eye as every word slipped out of his mouth. "If I'd known that I would've claimed you years ago, when you couldn't wait to get in my bed." Billy sniffed loudly. "Would have taken you and those kids down to Florida."

"You don't fuckin' talk about them," Billy yelled pointing at Steve.

Steve continued as if Billy hadn't spoken. "Back when they called me Daddy," I knew that was it.

Billy pushed me to the side roughly, I fell violently into the wall knocking my head on the corner; I curled over in pain holding my head oblivious to the chaos around me.

The hallway was filled with grunts and thuds, and I turned my head to see Billy push Steve forward before swinging for him, his ring clad fist connecting with Steve's strong jaw.

Steve stumbled back holding his jaw before advancing on his opponent throwing himself at Billy, he punched once at Billy, his fist grazing Billy's cheek before pushing him against the wall, his forearm pushing against Billy's throat. Billy pushed against Steve's chest, with one arm, the other clawing at Steve's strong muscular arm. After what seemed like minutes Billy threw a strong kick into Steve's stomach, before throwing his head forward and head-butting Steve knocking him backwards where he stumbled holding his bleeding nose. Billy charged at him, smashing his back against my neighbour's wall before the both crumpled to a heap on the floor.

I staggered to my feet, still holding my head. "Stop it," I screamed as a neighbour opened there door and quickly closed it when they realised what was happening.

Billy crawled on top of Steve, smashing his fists into Steve's face. With enormous strength Steve pushed Billy off him, rolling onto him, this time it was his turn to fling his fists into Billy's face.

"Get off him," I yelled as I stumbled forward, my arms wrapping around Steve's neck, yanking at the taught muscles as his arms swung. I could see blood trickling from Billy's lower lip down into his unshaven chin. Steve stopped swinging to yank at my arms and throw me off him- I landed in a heap with a thud.

"Don't fuckin' touch her," Billy growled, using Steve's distraction to throw himself forward, grabbing Steve's cropped haired head and smashing it against the railing of the stairs, before his fists began crashing once again into Steve's face.

As I struggled to pull myself up I heard a voice from the stairwell. "What the fuck?"


My eyes turned to the voice to see Chelle and Alex standing open mouthed, both holding the twin's is little hands as they stared terrified at what was happening.

"Billy stop," I screamed throwing myself onto Billy, almost falling on Steve's face as I tried to push Billy's solid body off him. Billy just curled his fists around me, only managing to reach Steve's sturdy shoulders because I was in front. "Alex help!" I yelled.

Instantly Alex leaped forward leaving Jake standing there, almost shaking. He wrapped his arms around Billy's shoulder and heaved back; with the pressure of me pushing and Alex pulling we managed the throw Billy back, Alex falling with the effort. Without a second to spare Billy went to get up again, but I placed my hand on his cheek, my eyes pleading with him.

"Billy please," I begged. His eyes were like knives as he stared straight through me to straight to Steve who was beginning to sit up slowly. "Please, look," I pushed at his sallow cheek, at first it was like concrete before it melted against my hand and turned toward the twins small faces.

Ronnie's lip quivered. "Daddy," she said followed by a small sob. His jaw was still tight as his icy gaze flicked from Billy to a struggling Steve back to Ronnie.

I helped Billy to his feet as Steve stood, holding his ribs. I turned to Steve whose nose was bleeding as well as a small gash above his eye; "Please leave," I begged him, my big brown eyes pleading with his olive orbs. He nodded solemnly taking a small step forward, I could feel Billy attempt to take another aggressive step forward, but feeling my back and bum slam into his stomach he stopped. I grabbed his bloody hand and held it tight within my own.

Steve walked slowly passed us; Billy spat a mouthful of spit mixed with blood down at Steve's feet. Steve stopped at the act of disrespect and I was terrified it would all kick off again, before he began moving forward again. He nodded in acknowledgment to Steve and Chelle, who both looked worriedly between him and Billy.

"Hey Steve," Jake smiled up at him, his shaggy hair sticking up everywhere. Jake held his hand out to Steve, waiting for the high five that they had always shared. I couldn't believe Jake remembered him, it had been months and months since we'd seen him. I guess I still saw the twins as babies.

"Hey kid," Steve mumbled slapping his hand gently then he ruffled Ronnie's hair for the slightest of seconds before moving down the staircase. I thought I felt Billy move again when he touched the twins but my pressure stopped him again.

We all stood in silence, even the twins for what felt like forever. Billy's hand gave mine a quick squeeze as his other strong hand rested on my hip.

What could I say? "So," I stepped forward plastering a fake smile on my face. "How was the park?" What else could I say?

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