Title: The Competition

Pairings : Kidd x Law x Luffy

Genre: Humor/parody

Rating: T in this chapter.

Warning: A little OC and of course…lemon!!!!! XOXOXO

Summary: It is an all out battle royal between Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kidd to prove whose the better one. But how is Straw Hat Luffy involved in their battle? Kidd x Law x Luffy. Threesome!! R & R please.


The Competition 1/2

It all started with a simple drinking challenge between two most unlikely supernovas and it went into an all out battle royal. For normal people point of view, it was the end of the world. A-POC-O-LYPSE. It can also be described as a cross between a Godzilla and Chimera, throwing back chairs and glasses like a caveman, plus, several loud curses can be heard, mainly consisting of 'piece of shit' and 'overconfident bastard'.

"I am way better and stronger than you, Trafalgar!"

Law couldn't help but snorted.

"Yeah, right. For someone who got his ass saved from being deep fried by a cloned Shichibukai, you gothic freak."

"What did you call me?! You are just jealous 'cos I got style!"

"Whatever you say, Eustass." Law just snickered.

Out of the corner, the other crewmates from both parties just sighed and continued with their drinks, not bothering to stop their captain. Any attempts will be considered as plain suicide, instead of bravery.

"Do you think we should stop them?" The white bear asked, uneasy with the racket caused by the Captain of Heart Pirates.

"Better leave them. Considering what happened last time we jumped in between their fight. We barely make it out alive and I spent two freaking hours searching for my lost arm your captain detached." Killer muttered to himself, while his ears still caught up with Kid's ranting and ravings.

"Well, at least I'm more experienced…. In bed." A smirk visibly displayed on Kidd's face.

"Why Eustass Captain Kidd, I never took you as a womanizer before." The brunette arched an eyebrow.

"So tell me Mr. Kidd, which type is your favorite? Blond? Red head? Big breast? Or do you prefer to swing the other way around?" Law started drawing closer towards the other captain.

Kidd glared daggers at the man. "That's none of your fucking business."

"But I want to make it mine. Tell you what Eustass. There is one WAY to settle this." The sword holder said in low volume, almost close to whispering.

"Leave me out of whatever you are planning. My instinct is telling me to get the fuck away from you." The red haired male growled under his breath.

"C'mon, don't be such a spoilsport Eustass." Law continued, "This is how its going work. According to my network of information, the Straw Hat crews are also stationed here on this island which means…. our cute Luffy-chan is also nearby." Law practically sang.

Kidd narrowed his eyes dangerously at Law. "Once again my instinct is telling me you are up to no good. And a sick pervert too."

"For once you said something intelligent, Eustass."

"Shut the fuck up."

"I'm ignoring that. Na, lets have threesome, Eustass. You, me and Straw Hat." The captain smirked.

"The hell did you just say?" Kidd looked like a bomb just exploded next to his brain.

Law sighed dramatically. "You must be really slow today. It's a matter of fact that strawhat is always full with fighting spirit and he's definitely not a submissive type. Sooooo….. What I'm trying to say here, whoever can make him submit win." He grinned mischievously.

"NO FREAKING WAY!!" He all but screamed. Law could have sworn Kidd's voice reached all the way to the next island.

"Awww…something wrong with my idea?"

"Well, yeah, since you can't understand. I WILL NOT DO THIS! And stop acting like a shameless pervert!" Kidd yelled indignantly.

"Then, you won't mind if I had him all to myself then?"

"Tch. Whatever." The red haired male snorted and turned away.

"Or you can take part and maybe, I'll admit you are better than me and even stop bothering you, Eustass."

Kidd chewed his lower lip in thought. Turning back, he crossed his arms and glared towards the brunette. Free from this perverted bastard? So tempting…


Kidd hesitated. "Uhm…Even if I agreed, Straw Hat wouldn't. No way. This is stupid. Shit, I sounded like a criminal."

"That's because you are a criminal. Three hundred and fifteen million bounties remember?" Law mused.

Captain Kidd's eye twitched erratically. Finally, after a furious huff, Kidd took a step closer towards the other captain. He almost made a solemn vow to die. God, how he loath that shit eating grin! And why the fuck am I still standing here again?

"Fine! How are we going to DO this again?" The hot tempered captain asked suspiciously.

"Well, you go get the strawhat and I'll wait you at my ship."

"Oo fuck no!! Why it all has to be me?! I'm barely hanging onto this ridiculous idea! What am I, some servant?!"

"One, this is my idea. Two, to annoy you. Three, because I told to." Regrettably, Law had some good points. Except for the third one.

"Gah!! Fine! But we are doing this at my ship! I'm not setting my foot on yours!"

"Your ship it is." Law winked.

"Pervert." Kidd grunted and walked out the door dejectedly. Before he left, he stuck his head back inside the bar.

"And for you guys, you are not allowed to go back to the ship until tomorrow morning. Just...go rent some hotel room or wherever it is. Don't even think about peeping if you don't want me to feed you to the sea monster. And Killer, I mean it!" The captain then left the bar, leaving his now gaping crewmates. Killer on the hand would have spit his drink across the room if he didn't have his mask on.

It was silent, and then…..

"Eeeeeehhhhhhh?!!!!! Whaaaaattttttt?!!!!