Chapter: A white Miracle

Pairing: Killer x Luffy

Summary: Winter and Christmas for Killer, have always been bleak and empty in a solitude way. However, his encounter with an injured boy under the white of the dusting of the snow leads to something complex yet so pure. AU setting.

Warnings: Grammar, lemons, and angst. I tried to keep the OOC-ness as minimal as possible except for Killer. Well, not much we know about that guy anyway, right…?

A/N: By far this probably is the weirdest and unexpected paring so far for this project considering these two had never made a direct contact, yeah? So it wouldn't surprise me if not many of you fancy this chapter. Hmmm. Regardless that fact, Killer is one of my favorite characters in OP (imagine) so I just couldn't help myself. Anyway, I know it's late, but do consider this as my late Christmas and New Year present for you guys.

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Chill and freeze. Those are all winter is about. The coldest season that arrived after autumn scampered from the chill. An uninvited and unwelcomed frosty season that is too soon for Killer's liking.

And thus, he loathed winter with passion.

As the blond walked pass the street shops, his boots made a scrunching noise with every footfall. Everything seemed to be frozen in the icy grasp, captured in frosty stillness. The blanket of white was everywhere, coating every little thing layer after layer—on the fallen leaves, in the lee of the shrubs and crooks of the branches—and shades of blues and purples are deemed to be the focal colors that comes from the sun's reflection on nature's winter.

As a native southerner, Killer never succeeded in adapting himself to a seasonal country where the weather along with the temperature changes in every few months. Back in his hometown, there were only either hot and sunny or rainy. There isn't even a seasonal fashion—everyone can wear parka and shorts throughout the whole year. It was as simple as that, no fuss at all.

But here in New World, every season is a nuisance. It is either too hot in summer to wear a jacket, too cold in autumn and winter to wear sleeve-less and during spring, boxes of tissues would fill his cabinets. After all, he is one of those 30% of adults in the country suffering from a hay fever caused by an allergy to grass pollen. What worse is, Killer never knew about his allergy until he had moved to New World.

A gelid blast of arctic air caught the man unaware. The man shivered, stuffing his hands further into the lower cargo pockets of his olive, corduroy jackets. Although he was wearing his black winter gloves, Killer could still feel the cold air penetrating his flesh. His jacket has insulation in both body and sleeves; it still failed to provide him optimal warmth.

Licking his cracked lips, the blonde quickened his pace as his body craved for a cup of hot coffee, inside a warming solitude of his house.

XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXx

Thick, frosty breath lingered before his face as Luffy strolled down the avenue, while humming an unrecognizable tune. No doubt the boy was in jolly mood despite the cold wind burning his face and blowing frosty pepper up his nose.

The teen simply adores winter. That was all to it.

He loves to see the crumpling snow hangs on everything and covers everything below, almost like a white dove's brooding wing. The world itself appeared similar to a cocoon, helplessly caught by the dusting of snow. The trees, the houses, the buildings, the lamp posts, the lake—everything are frosted like a cake.

Hmm… Cake. Crap, now he's hungry.

The telltales that Christmas was around the corner was too evident—snow was falling on the ground, parents shopped without paused and decorated Christmas tree could be seen inside every shops Luffy had passed by so far. At the playground across the street, children wearing mitten was making snow balls they intended to throw, their eyes sparkled like stars. Even his cousin, Ace would be home for the special holiday and damn, the teen sure missed him a lot.

It was late evening, and yet the teen felt the day had never been brighter with the love and spirit of Christmas permeated throughout the wintery air. He turned around the corner and paused momentarily, frowning at his left foot. For a quite some times, Luffy has been feeling something small and lumpy inside his shoe and it was starting to annoy him. He wasn't sure if it's a pebble or small bug that managed to sneak inside his shoe but whatever it was; Luffy was determined to get rid of it.

Leaning his back against the wall, the teen fiddled the adjustable waist of his black, winter sports parka before bending down to remove his dune beige, pull-off boots. There were no socks or any other material cladding his foot except for the boot because Luffy felt that the procedure of wearing socks itself was too troublesome so he merely skipped it. Once the shoe was off his foot, the raven-haired boy brought it up and peered into the hole only to have his brows to fall into a very deep crease.

There was a peanut inside his boot. A bloody peanut. Just how the hell did the peanut got into there?

With a small shrug, Luffy shook his boot upside down to get rid of the little pest and whilst he was leaning against the flat wall, the boy felt the shaking action started to cause misbalance on his body, so he literally put his bare, left foot on the ground to strengthen his foothold.

Luffy realized that was probably the most stupid idea of the day as soon as he felt the slicing, sharp pang at the sole of his foot.


Out of pure instinct, the boy retracted his foot back up only to see drip after drip of crimson liquid fall down onto the pathway. Wincing in pain, Luffy twisted his leg a bit only to see a dismaying piece of glass had lodged itself deep into the soft part of his foot.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid! Aaarrkkk, it hurts! What's a broken glass doing here?!"

Now that there was no one on that side of the sidewalk except for him, the procedure of seeking for help seemed to be a tricky task especially with his throbbing foot. One tiny attempt at moving proved he wasn't going anywhere unless he got the damn glass out. His teeth made a gritting sound as Luffy flopped down onto the sidewalk and stared at the small puddle of blood gathering underneath his foot. The teen was pretty sure the next thing he was about to do was probably as stupid as the previous one, but in any case, he needed to do something that would enable him to walk. To sit there and have his ass frozen was totally out of question but he couldn't hop his way with a glass stuck in his foot.

And here he thought the Christmas spirit could smack away all the bad lucks. Guess today was an exception.

Fingers slick with his own blood, Luffy gave the glass a tug until it came out. Almost immediately, a pained cry escaped from him and the teen let out a rare curse when more blood started to ooze steadily onto the ground.


Not wanting to leave trail of blood everywhere, well, not that it would be first on this sidewalk, or get some kind of weird infection, Luffy removed his winter parka before pulling off his plain, oxford tan T-shirt and wrapped it tightly around his ravaged foot.

There. At least for now, he could tip toe his way home… or maybe just ask anyone nearby to send him to a clinic.

For a minute or two, Luffy sat there on the icy cold sidewalk and flexed his ankle around as though he was trying to find the best way to limp off his way with a minimal discomfort. But damn, his foot hurt like a total bitch!

To prevent himself from getting a possible frost bite, the raven haired teen clumsily put his parka back on and zip it all the way up. One hand grabbing his boot while the other placed on the ground, Luffy tried to push himself up. Just when he was about to insert some force into his hand, the teen suddenly noticed a human presence right next to him before the very said person said—

"You're in the way, boy."

XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxXXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

"You're in the way, boy." Killer informed monotonously, his eyes fixated on the teen sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. A quick scan and the man could already pick up the possible signs of injuries—the small puddle of blood on the ground, the bloodied piece of glass next to him and the poorly bandaged foot where the blood had begun to seep through on one side. But the sight of blood itself didn't faze him, not one bit. As a matter of fact, there aren't many things in this world that able to shock him.

… Until now.

It was in the middle of fucking winter and yet the teen sprawled before him was wearing… shorts? A stone wash blue denim shorts, out here where the temperature was falling to fifty degree or less? As if wearing shorts in this frosty weather wasn't bewildering enough, the boy didn't even the decency to wear gloves and socks. His winter boots probably was probably the only clothing item that screams winter.

Luffy finally looked up and saw bafflement reflected in the man's eyes. Unlike himself, the blond man before him was clad in a complete winter gear—from his water repellent corduroy jacket, his black knit scarf, his gloves, to his rugged work jeans and finally down to his winter boots. The man's wool blend scarf obscured his face up until the tip of his nose, so Luffy couldn't tell the exact expression he was wearing. One thing for sure, the blond certainly wasn't smiling.

The staring competition prolonged for a minute where the teen's nut brown eyes bore into the man's green one. That is until Killer started to tap his booted foot impatiently, clearly wondering what took the teen so long to move his ass to the side.

"Oh, sorry." Luffy finally remembered the man's earlier request and started to shift his body until he was leaning back against the wall, just enough space for Killer to walk pass him. Although he did mention about asking passerby's help, but seeing that the man looked like he was in a hurry, Luffy quickly buried the idea six feet under the ground. Oh well, he could always ask someone else.

And so, walking pass the teen was what Killer did, keeping it in his mind that Luffy would soon get the help he needed. Another five steps—but it was late in the evening, meaning there would be less and less people walking around. Another three steps—and unfortunately, the boy was at the isolated part of the street. Another step—what if the temperature suddenly dropped down few more degrees and the boy's wound ended up getting a weird infection before he could get any help?

Before he realized it, the blond was already stopped dead on his track. Twisting his neck slightly, he saw Luffy was struggling to get himself up by pushing off the wall with one hand while juggling his boot with the other. But it was fucking winter after all. The ground could be slippery here and there and the teen ended up losing his footing and fall back down on his ass with a small yelp. As he now was busy grumbling and nursing his sore butt, Luffy was oblivious to his surrounding, not noticing that Killer was staring at him openly, clearly in dilemma.

After a while seeing the teen's multiple fail attempts just to stand up, the blond shut his eyes tightly and let out a heavy sigh. He must be crazy to be doing this.

That, or the cold was starting to loosen up few screws in his head.

Spinning on his heels, Killer walked briskly towards the teen and without so much warning, he slipped one of his hand underneath Luffy's knees while the other supporting the small back. In one swift movement, the raven haired boy was already four feet off the ground, carried in bridal style and he couldn't help but to release a startled yelp.

"H-hey! Let me down! What are—"

Killer quickly interrupted the boy. "One more noise and I'll drop you into the frozen lake."

At what he considered as a threat, Luffy bit down his lower lips to stifle down any more complaints or probably he was too mortified at the fact he was being carried in that pose. Killer couldn't help it. Certainly carrying the teen fireman style would be more fitting (unlikely) and probably quicker and easier, but the blond simply wanted to eliminate the possibility of people's wild assumption that he was trying to kidnap Luffy. Well, not that it was any less awkward at the moment, but at least the teen didn't try to struggle or scream bloody murder. Now that would be very amusing.

Both male were taciturn as Killer walked down the avenue. Even the boy didn't raise any typical kidnap-like questions like, 'who are you' or 'where the hell are you taking me', much to his surprised. So it was safe to assume that it was because Luffy was too scared to speak or the throbbing pain in his foot was killing him. Didn't really matter, really. It was better this way.

Although there wasn't any suspicious hiss or murmur around him, the girls across the street were apparently appreciative as they hooted and hollered at them, causing the teen in his arms to hide his face further into the fold of his jacket.

Stupid yaoi fan girls.

The blond ignored the whistling cheers and sped up his pace, completely unaware of Luffy's once-in-a-while fleeting gaze. His mission—to go to the nearest clinic, dumps the boy there and go straight home where his snug and balmy couch is waiting for him.

And that's it. Nothing more, nothing less.

XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

Except that, Killer didn't exactly go the clinic at all and ended up bringing Luffy to his home. One, his apartment was actually closer than the clinic and two, the dusk has begun and if he sends the kid to the clinic, he would wind up walking in the dark which was his least favorite activity especially in this wintry weather.

Oh the predicament…

A small oh-so-not-manly yelp escaped the teen's mouth when he was thrown unceremoniously onto the dark brown sofa, his smaller frame bounced a couple of time on the seat cushions. Luffy pouted at the rough treatment and eyed closely at the blond who began to walk to the bathroom to fetch the medical kit. With a medium sized white box in his left hand while a small basin containing lukewarm water on his left, Killer finally returned back to the living room to his young patient. Free from his jacket, scarf and gloves, the older man now clad in the same jeans as the previous but his jacket was replaced by a navy polo sweater.

Dark and luminous, Luffy's eyes followed the man's every movement; those shining orbs were practically sparkled with curiosity. But his staring was put to a halt when Killer threw a quarter-zip sweater at him, filling his vision entirely. Hands scrambled to remove the top from obscuring his field of sight, Luffy stared down at the dark maroon sweater with a small confused frown.

"Take off your jacket and wear that. I don't want to lower the temperature just because you're wearing parka in my house." Killer mumbled as he placed the basin along with the medical kit on the carpeted floor. For certain it was quite hard to find something that would fit Luffy's lithe frame, but later decided that the maroon sweater was probably the best option he had considering it had shrunk a bit.

"Oh. Okay." Luffy nodded and quickly unzipped his sport parka before removing it only to put the sweater on. Regardless the fact that the sweater was the smallest top existed in the house, it was still somewhat big for the teen's standard. The sleeves went passed his fingertips by two inches and since Luffy didn't bother to zip it, the collar had slid down a bit, showing half of his collarbone. As he smoothed down any apparent wrinkles of his top, the raven haired teen couldn't help but to enjoy the soft, broken-in feel of the sweater on his skin.

To start with the treatment, Killer kneeled down in front of Luffy but just when his fingers grazed the boy's foot, Luffy instinctively wrenched it away and pulled his foot up.

Killer gave a disproval frown. "If you don't want me to take a look at it, I'm fine with that. But don't blame me if your foot got infected and chopped off."

There was a brief alarmed look adorning his face before Luffy swiftly put his leg down and gave the blond a sheepish grin. "Eheh, sorry…"

The older man didn't give as much of a reply and began to peel of the makeshift bandage. The bloodied T-shirt was later discarded into an empty basin and the strong metallic scent of the blood made Killer felt a little bit nauseous. Shaking his head to pull his mind together, the blond began by soaking the clean towel with the lukewarm water he'd brought with him. By now, the bleeding has stopped and the man proceeded to where he wiped around the cut with the towel to clean away the dried blood and dirt. Then he poured some hydrogen peroxide into the cotton swab and stared at the bottle briefly. This would definitely hurt but it was necessary to avoid an infection.

And the way Luffy shot himself off the couch with a yelp just proved his point. Oh yeah, that hurt like a bitch alright.

Once the teen had calmed down, Killer then applied some Neosporin, making sure to cover the cut completely.

"Are you always this trusting?" The blond suddenly asked as he dabbed more of the antibiotic cream to the cut.

Thrown off by the abruptness of the question, Luffy corked his head to the side in an almost comical manner. "What?"

"You didn't ask questions when I suddenly dragged you here." The blond replied while he tightly pressed the bandage on, careful not to get the sticky part on the cut. "… I can be a kidnaper for all you know. You won't live long if you keep following strangers around."

All of sudden, Luffy burst into fits and as expected, Killer only stared at the teen, unfazed.

"Shishishishishishi! It's okay, I won't get kidnapped. Gramps trains me a lot so I'm pretty strong myself."

"And besides…" The teen continued and Killer finally looked up. It was then that Luffy finally noticed that the blonds' eyes weren't entirely green. More like a sea-green. Yeah, that should be it since he could see the clear and luminous blue-green color with a darker blur rim around the outer part of the man's iris, almost like a gulf in summer.

"I know you're a good guy." Despite his foot was throbbing fiercely, Luffy still managed to crack a grin.

Impassive as usual, Killer continued to fix his eyes on the teen, searching for the sincerity behind those warm and inviting orbs. There were many occasions which had left the blond speechless and this was probably one of those.

Before those muted orbs could suck any part of the blond, Killer quickly averted his eyes away and towards the newly bandaged foot, analyzing his handiwork. It wouldn't need any stitches so this should be enough, for now.

Killer finally stood up, bringing the basins and the kit with him and murmured, "Call someone to pick you up."

"Luffy." The teen muttered.

The golden brows furrowed together. "What?"

"Stop calling me 'you'. My name's Luffy." He repeated, his voice was all demanding.

Not one to be intimidated, the blond returned Luffy's glare with one of his infamous pokerfaced look before turning around and headed towards the bathroom.

"Wha—hey!" Annoyed that he was literally ignored, Luffy was tempted to chase after blond but the throbbing pain in his foot disagreed with that decision. Instead, the boy huffed and fished out his cellphone from his forgotten parka. His first instinct was to call for Ace, but then he recalled that his cousin won't be returning from college until tomorrow. And as for his friends… Well, they're probably busy with Christmas shopping right now, so they weren't his most excellent option.

One more person left in his list and that would be his father, Monkey D. Dragon.

Shrugging, Luffy quickly dialed his father's number, but to his dismay, his call for help was met with no success when he was sent straight to the voicemail. That could only mean one thing—Dragon would be working late tonight. Could things possibly get any more complicated for him?

In the bathroom, the amount of time used by Killer to wash the basin and place the kit back accordingly was extraordinarily long since his mind was loitering somewhere else.

So what's with the kid? Almost everything about him was so… random. There's no consistency in the teen's behavior and it confused him. One minute the boy was being bashful like a highschool girl and the next minute he was being cheerful and then he even gotten slightly angry, demanding even. And judging by the how Luffy carries himself, he's probably the type of kid that gets along with anyone, welcoming both boys and girls into his beatific orbit.

A total polar opposite of him. When he was at Luffy's age, he had already built his own fortress, his own personalities—distant, unfriendly and composed. He still invites some people into his circle, but not much, in fact, he could count them with the fingers in his hands. One person who most likely could stand his unsociable demeanor is his housemate, Kidd. The guy that has known him forever, probably since babyhood, but sometimes, even Kidd got upset with him.

Apprehensive was escalating inside him as Killer shook his hands to remove the excess water. Then he walked to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. Perhaps some introduction of caffeine into his system could by any chance clear the fog in his head. That is, after he kicks the boy out from his house.

Except that, he didn't think he could get rid of the boy any time sooner because as he waited for the coffee to brew, he headed back to the living room only to find an image of a scowling Luffy who's having an intense glaring competition with his phone as though the inanimate object was his sworn enemy. Maybe it was at the moment.

The blond approached the sofa slowly, taking his time to speak so it wouldn't startle the boy. "Voicemail?"

"Yeah. Dad must be working late again tonight." Luffy said, not bothering hiding his dismay.

At that, Killer too couldn't hide his distress. Yes, he was unfriendly to the core, but he wasn't much of a bastard enough to kick the boy out in this frosty weather. Of all time in his life, just why oh why the kid's daddy wasn't available when it was convenient to his time schedule. Not to mention that Kidd too, won't be home tonight or else he would have asked the redhead to send Luffy home. Shit, this was crisis.

"But he will return home tonight, right..?" Killer drawled, hope was laced in his voice.

Luffy looked up from his phone. "Who? Dad? Yeah, when he's working late, he usually comes home at ten."

Right, ten… Which means, three hours from now.

Biting the inside of his cheek, the man closed his eyes, silently cursing under his breath. Damn, Luck is like Faith's bastard retarded sister. She just couldn't get any god damn thing right.

Once the man opened his eyes after reciting god knows how much mantras, he was once again the composed, aloof guy. "You can stay here for a while a guess. But tell you dad to pick you up when he's done working."

Just for a few second, Killer's could have sworn the boy's eyes lit up, no pun intended, like a Christmas tree.

"Really? Thanks. I'll send him a text."

The blond watched Luffy's nimble fingers tapping the phone's screen erratically before he turned around and went back to the kitchen. This should be fine. All he needed to do is to keep himself occupied for the next three agonizing hours and hopefully Luffy wouldn't push any of his red buttons.

That's correct. Buttons as in plural.

For the next three minus plus dozens of mantra recital, Killer rummaged through the kitchen's cabinets in hope to search for anything drinkable other than beers, rums and coffee. If he wasn't mistaken, there should be some chocolate drink left by Kidd's boyfriend, Law, who always comes by and walked around the house like he owns the damn place. A small sigh of relief escaped his lips when he finally located the tin of chocolate mint powder on the second shelf of the kitchen's lower cabinet.

Suddenly, the blond thumped his forehead against the cabinet door and sighed again. What the hell is he doing, trying to impress the kid?

Despite his raging inner turmoil, Killer appeared five minutes later with two mugs in his hands.

"Here." The man handed Luffy the mug of steaming hot chocolate before he took a sit on the sofa as well.

In return, the teen offered an appreciative grin. "Thanks!"

Through the corner of his sea-green eyes, the blond watched as Luffy blew the surface of his drink before sipping on his sweet concoction. The face the teen made after his very first sip was similar to when Law had the same drink himself. Delighted and content like a cucumber.

Only that, Luffy wasn't exactly smiling like Law always did. That creepy surgeon-in training smirks and leers all the time like he was plotting to take over the nation.

Taking small sips on his black coffee, Killer grabbed the remote control and switched on the television. Deep inside he knew there won't be anything interesting at this time around but he needed it as a distraction from using the teen as a subject of his observation. And after flipping the channels countless times, the blond finally settled on a crime investigation series, with a hope that a cup of coffee and a television were enough to kill the three hours waiting time.

Clearly, he was the most brainless homo-sapiens to ever hope that because in mere half an hour, both their mug were completely drained and even the show had ended five minutes ago.

Now what?

Next to him, Luffy was beginning to get fidgety with every passing second. From time to time, the teen would shift and scoot as if he was on a mission to find the most comfortable sitting position that wouldn't aggravate his injured foot much but later settled it by hugging his feet close to his chest.

OK. Awk. Ward.

Then suddenly Luffy turned to him. "Do you have any games?"


"Can I watch cartoon?" The teen inquired more.


Even without looking, Killer knew Luffy was pouting or something akin to it, if the grumbling sound was any indication.

"I take it back. You are mean and I don't like you."

Luffy got nothing for his complaints. No reaction, just this bland look from Killer and more raised eye-brows as if the blond had expected that reaction. Just when the teen figured he would receive at least a facial respond from the man, Killer's eyes moved back to watch the T.V, almost dismissing him.

Slouching more into the couch, the teen decided to let his eyes to venture around which by any means, was only limited within the living room area. But the more he accessed, the more he probed, the more Luffy discovered how amiss the layout was. On any other occasion, one would've view the apartment as a normal, classic type that suits a single guy such as Killer, but considering that Christmas was drawing near, everything about the house was perplexing, in Luffy's point of view. It was too mute, plain and boring.

The living room suddenly had gone, metaphorical speaking, deathly silent even though the television was still on with the blond turned to face him.

Oh shit. Did he say that out loud? Oh well, what's done is done.

The younger boldly met Killer's stare. "Your house is boring. There's no happy color, or—or—" Luffy paused momentarily to express more of his food of thought. "You don't even have a Christmas tree. How are you going to celebrate Christmas without a tree?"

"I don't celebrate Christmas." The blond refused to explain further. None of the boy's business even if he chooses to stay hidden in a cave during this wintry weather. He can be a judgmental brat for all he cared.

And damn if his answer didn't traumatize Luffy because the boy had a hard time to comprehend what he had declared just now. Was it that unusual?

"Why?" By now, the teen had untangled his feet and turned his body so he could get a better access to Killer. "What 'bout your family?"

"What about them?" Killer returned. It was actually quiet unsettling to talk to someone whose eyes focused completely on his own.

"Well," Luffy began as he leaned against the armrest. "Aren't you gonna celebrate with your family?"

Aaa… That's right. The big F word. Family. The term itself sounded so foreign even to his ears given that it has never been carved in his personal encyclopedia nor he cared whether they exists or not. Provided the little fact that he was left and later raised in an orphanage since he was only five years old, the information regarding his real family or the definition of the word 'family' was too vague. So by the time he entered middle school, Killer had given up and forsaken the idea of wanting to understand that big F word.

Killer snapped from his reverie when he felt the couch gave beside him. Only then he realized that Luffy was no longer leaning against the armrest, but had inched closer and staring at his… no, the boy couldn't be staring at his mouth, is he?

"I just don't like Christmas. That's all." Panic began to well up in Killer when he saw the action and the look in Luffy's eyes. Those luminous eyes that glazed with disbelief along with other emotions that Killer wasn't familiar with. And he certainly didn't like the idea of being watched. Not one bit.

"You're lying." There's wasn't even a slightest hint of humor in Luffy's voice. "I don't believe that you're not celebrating Christmas just because you don't like it."

As if compelled, their eyes locked again. He tried hard to keep impassive but the man had a feeling Luffy, more than himself knew how close he really was to losing his composure.

"Maybe you don't want to celebrate because there's no one—"

"That's none of your business." Killer cut the teen harshly. What the hell is the boy trying to go on about? "I can even die alone if I want to and there's nothing you can do about it." That sentence affected Luffy a great deal since the teen twitched a little when he heard it.

"What the hell is wrong with you, brat?"

Luffy glared at him as though Killer was supposed to know the answer.

Before Killer could fully comprehend why, his vision was blurred and then all he could feel was a pair of lips on his own. He felt hands clutching the front of his sweater and a tongue trying to sneak in between his lips. Within the next five seconds, the blond tried to make sense of what was happening, but began to feel hot instead when Luffy pressed closer to him, the muscles rubbing sensually against his and Killer couldn't help but groan. A pair of hands slid beneath the hem of his top and it was at that point the man finally snapped, putting both of his hands on Luffy's chest and pushing the boy back firmly.

Taken by surprise, the younger flopped back backward into the couch and looked up at Killer, stunned into silence. His face etched with a confusion of emotion—the blond saw fear, desperation, perhaps a little needy—and his breaths came out in a tiny gasp.

"What… What the fuck?" Killer half-panted, half snarling at the panting, red faced Luffy. He could feel the anger starting in a place deep inside, gathering steam, pouring through his veins, filling every part of him, leaving his body tingling at the intensity. Oh yeah, little did Luffy know, he had just pushed one of the man's red buttons.

The blonds' eyes turned greener in a way Luffy had never seen. "You're messing with the wrong adult here."


Luffy's next word died in his mouth when Killer cut him with a searing kiss. Not a childish peck or good morning kind of kiss. This was a deep, full action tongue, mature-audience kind of kiss that was too much to be handled by someone as inexperience as Luffy.

Too confused to react or participate in the kiss, the younger laid there and let it happened. Let the blond part his lips with his tongue, let him slid it deep into his mouth, let the agile appendage to be swept over the roof, his inside of his check and the underside of his tongue, let him suck all the oxygen out of his lungs while Luffy laid there shaking and unsure.

A desperate whine and a tug on of his top told Killer he had gone too far. The blond pulled away and Luffy cough and gasped, the lack of air had caused the dizziness to fog his mind, he barely notice the hands tugging at his sweater, button and zipper of his shorts. By the time his head was in much more clearer state, the upper part of his body was already bare. And so was Killer's. Their bodies almost touching, only an inch apart and Luffy could sense the warmth radiated from the older man's bodies, could see the goosebump on the collarbone in front of him.

"Wha-ngghh…" Luffy shuddered when felt lips a whisper away from his neck. Not a kiss, not yet, but the hint of contact. Soon enough, warmth spread all over his neck, his collarbone and the spot behind his ears that made the teen gasped and writhed, only then Luffy realized it was the blonds' mouth and tongue that were currently working on him.

This has to stop. Of course Killer knew that. His initial plan was only to scare the brat a bit, but when he heard the way the boy gasped wantonly and arched off the couch as he kissed patches of golden skin that was exposed, the blond felt like he was hit by some kind of evil freeze beam that stopped him from thinking rationally. It didn't stop him from moving though, from grinding against the body underneath him. Nipples meeting, skin touching skin, crotched brushing against each other, the blond kept telling himself it was the cold that made his nipples harden.

As they ground together half naked, Luffy came to a conclusion that Killer was either blessed by nature or spent hours in gym. Or maybe a person who does heavy physical labor—his toned muscles, zero fat, an easy grace of movement with broad shoulders tapering to lean hips and long muscular legs—Each touch was electric and nervous bubbling in Luffy's stomach, like a volcanic magma with each passing second did nothing but risen his temperature by few degrees. The teen knew right then he was in deep shit situation. But beneath his anxiety, another emotion stood out, stronger even. Anticipation—the raw, undiluted air of expectancy. Knowing that was going to happen and even he didn't know what or even if it confused the hell out of him, odds were he was going to enjoy it anyway.

And boy did Luffy gasped when Killer brushed his fingers against along the base of his cock, perhaps shocked at being touched by another guy at the most intimate place no less. Killer wrapped his fingers around the teen's cock and slid his fist loosely up and down and he felt the flesh responded—thicker and firmer with every passing stroke.

If this going any further, it would definitely lead to a certain direction, Killer was well aware of that fact. But it appeared that his conscience wasn't a being prioritized since he had opted to back to grinding motion where he could feel the boy's cock snaked up to his belly button. Each time Luffy's cock slid up the blonds' hard stomach, his foreskin would roll back, exposing the glistening head. Then as it slid back down, the skin would slide up to cover the tip. Since it was Killer who did all the grinding, he kept the pace up and continued for several minutes.

"Mmm… tummy… h-hot—" Luffy's breathing starting to get a little labored and Killer could tell the boy was on his way. This was when he ground the teen harder into the couch and as the blond look down, he saw a thread of pre-cum drop glistening from Luffy's cock to pool on his belly. Two sets of frantic dance later, the raven haired boy finally stiffened. A stream of pearlescent cream jetted forth from Luffy's pulsing shaft as the blond continued to grind against him until both of their torsos coated with the teen's warm seed. And still, Killer slid up and down and only after Luffy's hoarse cry became short tiny gasps that he finally stopped moving.

Using his elbows, Killer pushed himself up and sat on his heels, his green eyes gazed intently at the heaving body under him, the boy's pecs were mostly painted with the cooling cum. On his end, a mist of sweat has appeared on the man's chest, giving him somehow a healthy glow. His breaths too were quicker and getting shallower, almost in harmony with Luffy's. He had lost to temptation, to lust, to irrationality and Killer immediately knew that when he felt a wet spot in his boxer, spreading out from the head of his cock, which had been fully erect.

Caught up with his own aching need, everything else forgotten and the blond dimly aware of his hands tugging at Luffy's shorts and underwear at the same time. He swept his fingers across the teen's pectoral to collect the cum before rubbing his coated digits together to warm the cooling liquid.

Luffy flinch he was introduced with the finger, the first digit was pressed against the opening before it slid in. It wasn't unbearable, but it was uncomfortable at the same time.

"Wh-what are you doing…?" The teens' knew what Killer was doing and his intention, but he just needed to make sure. To confirm to what extends this is going but judging by the look and the feel of it, Luffy pretty much had a rough idea what's going to happen next.

Instead of answering Luffy, the blond leaned down and gave kitty licks just below the boy's jaw, his finger began to slid in and out of that tight warm place, as deep as possible before slowly withdrawing. The second finger joined in along with the first one, both digits now dancing together inside the tight passage, to loosen it for what to come.

The blond gave a final long swept of his rough tongue across Luffy's sweaty neck before removing his fingers completely. As he wrapped the boy's legs around his waist, his thick golden hair was fisted and his head was tugged up by the younger.

This close, Luffy could see those sea-green eyes were no longer translucent as they used to be. They were now half lidded, murky, and glazed with lust and it caused chill to travel along the boy's spine, down to the bone marrow. It was that feeling that urged the teen to lock his heels behind Killer's back as if to kill any trace of hesitancy dwelling inside the man.

Of course, it was the teen that held the lightest shading of panic at the moment the second he saw Killer's equipment—long, uncut, pink against his blond pubic hair and tanned skin, and throbbing with culmination of his desire.

It was during this crucial moment that Luffy could help but to wonder (nervously) how the hell 'THAT' thing is going to fit into his not-so-big hole…

"If you want me to stop," The blond said for the first time since their make-out session, his lips whisper away from Luffy's. "All you have to do is punch me."

Although, I don't think I could ever stop wanting you.

Luffy jutted his neck and tugged the blonds' lower lips with his teeth. His arms circled around Killer's neck as the teen shook his head furiously, his voice was all strangled and desperate. "Don't stop."

Eyes closed momentarily, Killer took several steady breaths. He reached one hand to hold and guide his dick and the other to grab the boy's thigh. "Ready?"

The man's voice was soft and warm this time, and though the teen felt like he was on the verge of a very sharp precipice, Luffy nodded, a strange an uninvited part of him was actually excited about this new, upcoming pleasure.

Weight and pressure like Luffy had never felt before pushed against his backside, and then just as suddenly, the teen felt the discomfort of having something large squeeze through a very small hole, and groaned at the sensation of being filled.

"Hurt?" Killer's hot breath made a warming and cooling sensation against the side of Luffy's neck.

In return, Luffy nodded and barely able to keep his eyes open. "A bit…" The teen grunted.

"Don't hold your breath." Fuck, the kid was tight and he barely penetrated him. "Try to match my breathing."

Biting his lips, the raven nodded again. Every time Killer took a deep breath, Luffy copied him, and ever so slowly, the pain eventually subdued. "I'm 'kay now…"

Killer pushed in again, a few more inches slid in. It was too slow and agonizing, so the teen pushed back against the cock penetrating him until his ass met the man's groin in which Luffy immediately regretted it when the pain was back and concentrated on his backside down to his hips. It almost felt like he as ripped a new asshole although the statement wasn't that far from the reality.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck! Why did you do that?" The man hissed, torn between the delicious feeling of Luffy's flesh molding around his throbbing shaft and the pained look on the boy's face, those previous unshed tears now starting to spill from his eyes.

"Hah… Hah…" Blurred eyes, Luffy felt every inch of his body was numb except for the searing pain assaulting his lower half. In fact, the pain he experiencing at the moment was much greater than the ache on his ravaged foot.

They stayed that way, still, panting, for a long moment. Then, gently, slowly, Killer pulled back and inch, two, then forward again to press firmly against Luffy's buttocks. The sign of discomfort was still there, but at least the blond knew it wasn't a searing one and it was that sign he was waiting for. He began thrust into the teen, slowly and imperceptible manner at first but with each passing minute, Killer increased the momentum until he was pushing the entire length of his cock into the raven and pulling it almost all the way back out. The boy's buttery heat seemed to pulse as he scrapped the walls raw.

On Luffy's side, the teen too was trying to match the blonds' rhythm; his own shaft was now snugly sandwiched between their bodies, creating a luscious friction as Killer thrust into him continually. Each time the cock slid against his inner wall, Luffy would still gasp at the foreign feeling, but at the same time, it didn't feel as bad as before.

It was difficult for Killer to angle his thrust because of Luffy's arms locked around his neck, keeping him in place and the fact that he didn't want to aggravate the boy's injured more than necessary. So he settled it by propping his body with one elbow while his other hand went to grab Luffy's thigh, hard enough to make the teen groaned. It was hard for both of them, but Killer knew they would enjoy greater pleasure with little patience. Their foreheads were pressed together and their eyes glued to each other as they kept up with the frenzy tempo.

"Ngh—ngh—ngh…" At the moment, Luffy's world was reduced to the cock deep moving inside him, he was almost certain it swelled and lengthened inside and then with another push, Killer finally hit the spot that made stars burst behind his eyelids.

Between thrusting and nipping the exposed throat, Killer noticed the change in Luffy's vocalization and that time he knew he'd hit the boy's sweet spot. He brushed it again and rewarded with another throaty moan as the teen bucked against him. Each one of the blonds' senses seemed to heighten by now—he could hear the sound of everything from their tumultuous cries to the occasional dripping of the raven's pre-cum onto his abdomen, he could feel the Luffy's blunt nails scrapping his sweaty back before tightening the hold of his neck again and the pressure and release as he thrust into Luffy, he could taste the spit and the sweat as he leaned down and tongue the teen and most of all, he could see how delirious Luffy was at the moment.

Lost in the haze of desire the blond was leading him through, Luffy was once again reduced to a moaning, rocking mess of cock, reveling in that sweet, delicious sensation in his ass as Killer continued to pummel him. He had danced this tango enough times to know he was close to cumming, so very close the teen could almost taste the sweet release, almost catch it, and when he thought he's surely go mad for the waiting of it, ropes after ropes of cum sprayed fiercely from the tip, each one of them leaving streaks on his abdomen.

"Nngghhhhhaahhh…!" Luffy screamed, shuddered and bucked as the orgasm tore through him, leaving him with the physical sensation of falling as heat erupted within him.

Drifting, Luffy dimly heard Killer's growl of completion and the sensation of teeth latching onto his neck as liquid heat filled him. As he continued the back and forth motions of his hips, the cord in the blonds' neck stood out and all down his arms the sinew strained at the skin that barely hid them. The familiar stream of warm male essence drenched the raven's sensitive prostate and even after several warm blasts, the remaining cum flowed and ran up the teen's passage, coating everything inside.

"Shit… shit." The blonds' deep bellow echoed in the air. So male, Luffy thought.

Killer knew everything had ended when he felt his thigh muscles fluttered and his frantic bucking froze and for the next few minutes the room gotten so silent that the blond could hear the muscles deep inside his pelvis still contracting. As his convulsion died down, the man became aware of his surroundings. He braced his hands on either side of Luffy's head, holding his full weight off the smaller frame underneath him. Dropping his forehead to meet Luffy's, Killer took few deep breaths to completely regain his senses while his counterpart stared back at him, deep nut brown eyes sparkled with the reflection of contentment.

In the ensuing stillness, he dimly became aware of Luffy's actions of breathing against his bare neck, tasting him, careful, light fluttering kisses, barely there sweeps of tongue. Half surprise, the blond went rigid, their bodies cooling and their heartbeats slowing as he tried to figure out the rules of this never ending thing and which one he wished desperately to break.

"I thought you don't like me." Killer said, wanting to wound.

"Yeah, I know," A long paused. "But that's 'kay. You don't like me either." The boy said with a grin as he nuzzled his face against the crook of Killer's neck.

XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

Killer woke up with a start at the slamming door of his apartment. First light was just starting to break and the room was filled with shades of purple and blue—the reflection of the sun on the morning winter. Not long after the noise, there was a sound of heavy footfalls approaching him and the blond didn't need to crack open his eye to know his housemate had just returned home.

"The hell are you doing sleeping on the couch?" With a small frown, Kidd peered at the sprawling, half naked form of his housemate. "I thought you hate cold. Weird…"

As the redhead mumbled the last word, he paced across the living room and went straight to the kitchen, leaving Killer with his own morning grogginess.

After an agonizing minute, Killer finally blinked, and blinked again, wondering at what point in the night his eyelids had been replaced with sandpaper. Then he looked around the room. It was some surprise that he noted that he was in the couch. It was with some alarm that he noted he was half naked in the couch. What—what the hell happened?

The horror of what had happened dropped on Killer like a brick.

The blonds' mind was racing. In the two minutes he's been awake, here's what he had recalled—that he brought back and injured Luffy, patched him up, quarrelling with him and then had sex with the kid and now that he's woken up, the mentioned teen was nowhere to be seen.

Burying his head into his palm, Killer wondered how he had managed to fall so far so fast. How could he let his personal hunger took control over him disregarding the fact that Luffy, not only still a kid, but innocent to the boot. And he had taken advantage on him.

The cushion became the victim of his rage as the blond punched it, muttering a single, "Fuck."

XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxxXxXXx

Christmas Eve finally came up and as for this year, the dinner feast was being held in Luffy's house and joined in by Ace's family together with their grandfather who rarely makes an appearance within the household. Even the teen's godfather, Shanks came to perk up the feast although it was well known that the rum was the main reason he was there in the first place. No doubt with that. The dinner had been going for an hour and didn't look like it would be ending anytime soon since everyone was pretty much in a high Christmas spirit.

Except for Luffy.

Because usually at times like this, his Christmas enthusiasm would be off chart but right now, the mood level had somehow dampened down by god knew why. False self-assurance. Deep down, he already identified the trigger for his mood to fall few levels.

"Luffy…" Ace's mother who is also his aunt, Portgas D. Rouge turned to the boy sitting next to her. It was too unlikely for the said boy to act slightly distant usually during family gathering so she couldn't help but to feel concerned. "Are you not feeling well? Do you want me to cook something else…?"

At once, the said teen perked up and swiveled his head to the side only to take in Rouge's worried expression. "Huh? What?"

Rouge kept her voice low so the others wouldn't hear their conversation. "You haven't been eating much tonight." She emphasized her point by pointing on the praline candied yams on Luffy's plate.

From his aunt, Luffy focused his attention back to his plate. Only then he realized that he had been poking his yams for quiet some times without actually eating them.

"I'm fine!" He quickly chirped and tried to conceal the nervousness in his voice by shoving a forkful of the yam into his mouth. After making a harsh swallow, the boy finally added, "I was just thinking what kind of presents I'd get for this year Christmas."

"Oh," After seeing the familiar grin was back on her nephew's face, Rouge felt a small twinge of relieve. Like her son, the freckles on her face appeared to be dancing every time she smiles. "I'm glad then."

In order not to raise any more suspicion, Luffy went back to dig his food after his aunt turned to join the conversation among the adults. But the more he ate, the more felt something was amiss. No matter how much he shoved the food into his mouth, it still didn't feel that fulfilling like it usually does when it comes to Rouge's art of cooking. Everything tasted so bland and unsatisfying as though his palate was taking holiday vacation at the moment.

It was driving him crazy. No, it was the blond man who was driving him crazy. Crazy enough for him to walk passed the man's apartment building everytime he finished his class in hope to accidentally bump into him. He knew where the blond lives, which number his unit is, but whenever his hand was about to knock his door, Luffy bailed out and ended up hating himself. Despite his immense urge of wanting to see the older man again, the teen uncovered that his resolve wasn't as immense as his urge and it only frustrating him more.

And he didn't even know the man's name.

The invisible bubbles above Luffy's head popped when something poked into his ribs. He blinked and turned to his perpetrator, namely Ace, who's holding a curious gaze.

"Seriously, Luffy. What's wrong with you?" Ace said lowly so he wouldn't attract any attention from the adults.

"Silly Ace. Nothing's wrong with me." Not meeting his cousin's eyes, Luffy muttered while tearing the tortilla of his mushroom tacos into small bit pieces.

"Yeah, right…" Ace rolled his eyes before leaning closer. "Is there somewhere else you need to be?"

Without thinking, the teen's finger twitched and Luffy bit his lower lips.

Hah! Bingo! The freckled youth cheered. Damn to hell if he's called Mr. Know It All for no reason. And damn to hell if Luffy think he could fool him. Almost his entire eyes were obscured by his long bangs, but Ace knew his cousin was clearly in dilemma.

"You know Luffy…" After taking a large gulp of his citrus soda, the older teen put the glass back onto the table with a small 'thunk'. "It's okay if you want to skip this dinner. Just because I'm back, doesn't mean you MUST be here with me."

Oh, he gave up. There was no way he could fool Ace after all.

"But you came back all the way from college." Luffy muttered, guilt was interlacing with his voice. "And we haven't seen each other for months."

Snorting, the freckled teen stole the mushroom from Luffy's plate only to pop it into his mouth. "Don't be stupid. We can see each other all the time. In fact, I can even come home every weekend. The only reason why I didn't want to is because…" Ace pointed his fork towards their laughing grandfather. "… That old man."

Luffy's mouth made an 'o' shape of understanding before the cousins sniggered together. A moment or two passed for the laughing to cease down and it was then that Ace finally decided to speak again.

"I think you really should go."

Even so, the teen couldn't help but to throw a nervous look. "But what about gramps?"

Another amused snort came from the college student. "Pfft. Don't worry about him. I'll handle that stupid old goat."

Two minutes went by without any reply from Luffy. Two minutes of calculative thinking. Then, finally the teen turned to Ace, this time his eyes were burning with determination.

"Really? What are you gonna do?"

"Hnn, I'll just think of something to shut the old man up." The older replied cheekily before winking at the teen. "But in return, you have to tell me everything about this guy later."

Just for quick seconds, Luffy felt something hot was creeping up to his cheeks and the heat spread over his both ears and down to his neck. How did Ace even know he was a guy?

To see his younger cousin to blush like a high school girl certainly wasn't your everyday basis, so it took every ounce of his will not to cackle at Luffy's bashful state. The only thin wall that inhibited him from doing so was the fact that they were surrounded by their parents along with their pain in the ass grandfather.

"Go." Ace commanded, still holding back laughter.

Luffy nodded. But instead of running for the door like Ace had imagined, the teen moved towards the kitchen's cabinet, took out few food containers and returned back to the table. In swift movement, he began transferring a portion of each dishes spread on table into the containers and boy, Luffy was sure moving fast like a bullet train.

At the beginning, none of the adults really took noticed what the teen was doing but after a while, it was his father who realized it first.

"Luffy, what are you doing?" Dragon inquired, his eyes followed closely his son's agile hands stuffing the food into the container before the boy closed them all up and began stacking them inside a carrier bag. Hell, Luffy even snatched two of the eggnogs and placed them carefully on top, much to his father's puzzlement.

Even worse, the teen seized the unopened bottle of 25 years old dark rum from the table.

With his hands both juggling the carrier bag and the bottle, Luffy made a quick bow in front of everyone who were still having a flabbergasted look plastered on the face, all except for Ace.

"I have to go somewhere! Bye! Merry Christmas!"

Less than two seconds after his speech, Luffy was already sprinting for the door, hot on his heels. Even with the thought that his grandfather might launched after him, the teen still managed to grab his coat from the rack before finally exited the house with a loud slam of the door.

"Wha—" Finally woken up from his shocked, Monkey D. Garp stood up and was ready to chase after his grandson. "Luffy! How dare he leave the house during family meeting—"

"GRAMPS, LOOK OUT!" Ace's shrieked at their grandfather.

Too late. Before Garp could as much twitch a muscle, a stainless steel pot was flying over to his direction and hit him straight into his unprepared head with a loud 'thunk'.

"Oh sorry. I thought just now I saw a cockroach on the wall. My bad." The college student said nonchalantly without any sign of remorse even after seeing Garp's laying face flat on the floor.

"Ace! What did you to your grandfather?!" Rouge gasped and quickly rushed towards Garp. Her husband, Roger just smirked behind his glass while Dragon continued to scoop some of the fruits and cucumber salad into his plate as if they already fathomed the reason behind their sons' little drama.

Satisfaction was blooming inside Ace and he had to bit his lips from smirking. "Did he faint? Oh well…" Shrugging, Ace sat down and took a large bite of a kidney pie like nothing was wrong. "So Shanks… You were saying about taking me and Luffy to fishing next week, didn't—Shanks? Oi Shanks, are you listening to me?"

Not only the said person didn't acknowledge him, Shanks' eyes continued to zero on the same exact spot where the rum was last seen.

"Rum…" Shanks mumbled. There was a hint of grief in his voice.

Ace arched an eyebrow. "What?"

"He took the rum…" This time, the man was in the verge of tear.

Ever so slowly, Ace held back his chewing and exchanged a stupefied look with both Dragon and his father.

And finally, the red-haired man started to moan in despair.

"Why ruuummmmm?!"

XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxx

"Are you sure you don't wanna go?" Kidd asked for the umpteenth time of the day. As predicted, the only come back he received from his blond housemate was another mumble and… his back.

"Yeah…" Without as much as making an eye contact with the redhead, Killer continued to wash whatever dishes left in the sink. He did it with a snail-like pace so he wouldn't have to face Kidd and show the man how… miserable he was at the moment.

Seeing that the Killer refused to acknowledge him, Kidd took the initiative of walking closer and leaned his side against the counter top next to the sink so he could have a full look of blond.

"Everyone's gonna be there you know. Drake, Hawkins… Even that asshole Apoo."


Kidd sighed, frustration started to get into him. God, this blond is a hard brick to crack! "Look, what I'm trying to say is that you need to go out more. Just go somewhere, meet people."

Still waiting for his friend's respond, Kidd stood there and continued to watch as Killer finally turned off the tap water but still refused to comment any further.

"You donn't want to have a good time on Christmas, or Thanksgiving, hell you don't even care about your own birthday!"

It's not he doesn't care, but it was more like fear. The blond feared that no one else would remember or care. Alright, so he had an abandonment issue. The pain of somehow being rejected was too much for him to bear and he didn't even want think about experiencing it again. Once, it's just plain confusing. Twice, it's just plain painful. Thrice…

Please, no more…

Since Killer wasn't the one who's doing the talking, the redhead felt like he was just going to bitch some more while he was at it. "Nothing wrong connecting with people. Not everyone is a complete asshole like—"

One look from Killer and that was enough for Kidd to have the rest of his words to die in his throat. Only that, the blond wasn't exactly looking, he was glaring.

"You know what?! Fine!" Kidd snapped, feeling the anger started to creep inside him. All he did was trying to help and yet the blondie had the nerve to treat him like he was the one who damaged his life. "Sulk and mope in that great cocoon of yours forever and see if I care!"

With a huff, the redhead briskly walked away and left the apartment, slamming the front door behind him while he did so.

Two minute after the front door being slammed shut; Killer finally moved from his spot and leaned his back against the fridge. Through the window connecting to the outside world, he could see the snow was coming down in whispers white. No flowers to please, no bees to hum, no birds to sing. To those who keep their heart to their own, the winter is the spring.

Sliding down to the floor, the man brought his knees up to his chest and buried his head in his palms. At this point, he looked more like a confused child rather than an adult. The memory of that night was too overwhelming, just thinking about it tightened his stomach.

Now, not only he's being dismissive more than ever, but he's spent days hiding from you know who—too scared that he might bump into the kid while walking around the neighborhood. He took a different route to work and only stepped outside the apartment only if it's gravely important which in his case, everything else except for work was less crucial. But just when he thought that would calm the tremor of emotion inside him, the restlessness eventually got worse. He got so restless he drove everyone crazy, especially his housemate. Like he couldn't even bear to be inside his own skin.

Another thing that Killer had learned over the years was that the more he tried not to think of something, the more he thought about it. If that's not the case, than why in the world would he woke up at three in the morning recalling every little aspect of the Luffy—his smile that warms every corner of his soul, the innocence that lies behind those muted eyes, the immaturity that drove him crazy—the boy was far from perfect, they both are, but the vibration of his surrounding energy reflected the essence of who Luffy really is.

It doesn't take to be a genius to know that he was already loosing. To whom or what, the blond wasn't entirely sure. One thing for certain, he… Damn he never thought he would say this, but he did long for the boy… To see him again, to cradle him again.

But why he didn't want their path to cross again?

Because you knew the boy is obviously scared to death of you.

Killer has never been so helpless in his life.

A knock at the front door called him away from internal havoc. Killer frowned. What is it now? Did Kidd forget his keys and need to fetch something?

Six relentless knocks later, the blond finally stood up and strode to the door, legs heavy as boulders. With a simple flick of his wrist, the door was opened and there stood Luffy in all his glory. Killer chocked on whatever welcoming words that was meant for the visitor and swallowed his tongue as though there was a fucking peanut butter on it. The boy was, well, he was a sloppy to begin with, but at the moment he was looking more disheveled than the last time Killer saw him—lump of snow was covering some part of his hair, his jacket wasn't properly zipped up and his boots… Why the hell is he wearing a mismatched boots?

Less than a minute had passed since he'd opened the door, yet the blond felt like he might burst into smattering. Thinking about the boy for countless nights had led to a freakish insanity. That night, everything they had shared was impossible to forget and Killer realized how many times had he imagined this moment, to see the boy on his doorstep.

Yet, now that they were finally inches apart, all they managed were to look at each other with in shocked expectation while trying to formulate words, any words. Luckily, Luffy had mastered enough vocabularies to find his voice.

"Look, I brought eggnogs!" Just great.

To say that Killer was confused with the sudden outburst was too… pathetic. He was dumb founded, stunned, delighted, relieved plus innumerable other emotions—all of them was in constant battle for priority.

Oblivious with the man's internal conflict, Luffy continued, "And there's some roasted turkey, and spiced ham, and kidney pie, and tartiflette, cheesecake… but I didn't bring the salads though because I hate cucum—oommpphh!"

Killer didn't wait the end come of his inner conflicts, only to pull Luffy into a tight embrace as though he wanted to mold the lithe frame against his body. The boy was clearly startled, no doubt with that. But he couldn't care less. All that matter was for him to feel, to make sure to teen in his arms was truly him, the one who's been hunting him relentlessly every goddamn seconds. Since he was a head taller than Luffy, he ended up tucking the boy's head just below his chin and breathed in his unique scent—salty like ocean with a hint of something fruity.

Between the hugging and sniffing, the blond could feel Luffy was grinning down there. "Shishishishishi. "Are you that happy I brought food? Were you hungry?"


Still trapped within the blonds' larger frame, Luffy blinked. Somehow there's a déjà-vu feeling in there.

"The name's Killer. Not 'you'." Oh yeah, that's déjà-vu alright. "My name… Say it."

Now that's new.

Luffy's first instinct was to cork his head to the side and make a stupefied expression, but as he noticed Killer's arm tightening around his mid-waist in anxious manner, somehow he reckoned that this was a crucial moment. So the teen gladly complied the man's request. "Killer."

A small sigh. "Again."


"Again." Once more, the blond requested, not slightest bothered that they were still standing in his doorway and the fact that anyone could see them. Heck, the world could stare at them for all he cared.

"Killer." Luffy repeated, this time louder.

Then, the said man hunched down a bit so he could rest his head against the small shoulder of the boy. "Don't leave me. Ever."

There was a slight quaver in Killer's voice and ever so slowly, Luffy sensed his hands had moved on their own and went to circle the man's back. "I won't."

The teen wriggled a bit so he could look up at Killer with those luminous eyes. The same eyes that pierced into one's soul. "I'll come here everyday."

No lies, no doubt, there was only sincerity occupying inside that look. Too sincere indeed it was actually able to tug the corner of the blonds' mouth into an amused smile.

"Everyday is a little too much." Killer muttered, his eyes softened.

"Oh…" In his thinking mode, Luffy entwined his brows. "Then I'll come by as much I can!"

How is it any different with the previous one?

Closing his eyes, the man nuzzled into Luffy's hair. "That sounds… great."

And yet, Luffy was probably the only certified teen who's very talented when it comes to ruining tranquil moments.

"I'm cold… And hungry… can we eat now?"

When the last time he actually laughed, Killer didn't have the slightest idea. But he was doing it right now, not a crazy fit, but enough to unfurl something inside him. However, as his eyes travelled down and zeroed on the boy's hand, the laughter ceased down.

"Luffy…" Killer frowned and did a double take.

"Hmm?" In respond, the boy made a muffled noise.

"Is that… rum?" Not just your everyday rum, but an expensive 25-years old rum.

Luffy immediately detangled himself, eyes scanning all around him as though the rum Killer had mentioned was floating in the air or got stuck on the wall. "What? Rum? Where?"

"There. In your hand."

Another confused frown marred the boy's face as he lifted the bottle up. "Crap! I thought this was sparkling juice!"

"Nevermind, Luffy." He wasn't as much a rum drinker, but Killer knew someone who does. "Let's get inside for now."

Nodding, Luffy handed the bottle to the blond, feeling slightly disappointed with the lack of drink. Then, another idea popped up.

"Do you still have that chocolate drink? I like that one. It's sweet and spicy."

"It's called minty, Luffy. And yes, there's still some left." Well, Law might be wondering what happened to his chocolate drink, but it was his fault in the first place for leaving his shits around.

"Alright! And, oh! Merry Christmas. But I don't have present for you though."

"It's alright." Killer shook his head as he took Luffy's cold hand into his own and led the boy inside. Tonight where everything seemed to be caught in squall, in flurry, in the cold soundless murmur, the blond felt in some way all the woes and troubles had disappeared because…

"I already got my present."

A white miracle indeed.



"Kidd, I really REALLY don't think this is a good idea after all." Law called for his boyfriend whose busy fishing the keys out of his pocket.

"I don't care." Huffing, the redhead unlocked the front door and bulldozed his way into the apartment. "I'm going to make him come out of that ol'mighty cocoon of his and I don't care if I have to tie him up and drag his ass if I have to."

The ebony haired man followed Kidd, few steps behind. "What if Mister Killer is not wearing anything right now? Are you still going to drag him out just like that?"

Kidd shot don't-fucking-start look at Law. He's cold, he's pissed and the doctor's raw sense of humor was definitely not appreciated at the moment. Once he reached Killer's door, he tested the integrity of the doorknob only to find it unlocked. Hah!

The redhead swung the door opened and paced across the dark room, heading towards the bed with the help of the dim illumination. Now that the target is right in front of him, Kidd rolled his sleeves up to ready himself for the upcoming battle—to wake the sleeping lion, wrestle him down, and drag the bodies off the—the—eh?

Bodies…? As in, more than one?

In the incomplete darkness, Kidd squinted to analyze the picture presented before him in every tiny detail. Uhuh, nope. His eyes weren't playing stupid trick on him after all.

Underneath the thick blanket, apart from Killer, there was another body nestling close, with his head tucked neatly under the blonds' chin. Too close, Kidd doubted there was even an inch to spare in between those two. There weren't much he could tell under the poor illumination regarding the other party—definitely a guy, jet black hair, young… shit, just how old is this guy, no, kid?

Seeing the redhead making a very rare or more like a scandalized façade, Law couldn't help but to inch closer while keeping his voice just above whisper. "What's wrong, Kidd—OH!"

At the sight bestowed before Law, the same visage marred the doctor's handsome face for a few seconds before the corner of his mouth tugged upwards by five millimeters which was equivalent to a smirk.

"What the hell… is THAT?" Wide eyed, Kidd pointed at the sleeping boy.

"Do you really need to ask that question? Really, Kidd?" Law said amusingly.

"Well, last time I checked, Killer isn't a cradle theft. And that…" He gestured back towards the bed. "Look at him! He's obviously a kid! He can't be more than what? 17? 18?"

Even if Kidd couldn't see it, the doctor still rolled his eyes. Why oh why did Kidd have to be ridiculous at wrong place and wrong time. "I don't see what the problem is. We started dating when we were in high school too, remember?"

"That's different. We are in the same age so it's… theoretically legal."

Theoretically… yeah, right. Law fought the urge to snort. "You're being silly. First, you're mad because he wouldn't want to connect with people. But now he that he had, you're pissed because of the age difference? C'mon Kidd, cut him some slack. Look at them. I personally think they look… cute together."

Him being silly? That's madness! He was only being rational, is that a crime?

Amber eyes narrowed into a tiny slit, scanning the occupants of the bed for the second time only to produce another hypothesis.

"They didn't even do it." Kidd murmured, referring to the fully clothed bodies.

Just nice. Not only Kidd was being silly, he was being extremely ridiculous to boot.

"Just because they're in bed, doesn't mean they have to rut like rabbits. Not everyone is a horn-dog like you Kidd."

As if sensing he was the subject of the discussion, the boy made a small, cute whining sound and buried his face deeper into the crook of Killer's neck, away from the harsh light. Too cute indeed, the smirk on Law's face slowly transforming into a wide grin as the ebony haired man searched through his jeans' back pocket for his cellphone.

"Kidd," All of sudden, Killer, the second subject of their conversation spoke, still maintaining his posture with his eyes closed. "If you're done gawking, could you guys leave and close the door? You know that I hate bright light when I sleep."

At any other time, Kidd could have been gasping in shock being startled like that, but this time, the redhead responded with another hiss.

"Explain this, no—" Kidd interrupted in the middle. "Cut into the middle. How long has this being going on? And Law, what the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"Pictures." Law simply answered as he shifted the cellphone in his hands, trying to find the perfect angle for the snapshots. "It's too cute I don't want to miss this."

Instead of slapping his forehead in exasperation, the redhead snatched the phone and held it high in the air and away from Law's reach.

The blond sighed and murmured, "Look, Kidd. It's past midnight; can't we talk about it tomorrow? Or even better, don't talk about it at all."

Imaginary irritation signs were all over Kidd's head as the man huffed. All the while, Law was having a hard time retrieving his stolen cellphone, standing on his tip toe to snatch it back from the redhead. But given that he was few inches shorter than Kidd; his effort was met with less success.

"Fine, I'll let you off the hook for now. But we're going to talk about…" Kidd gestured at Luffy with his head. "… THAT tomorrow."

One sea-green eye cracked opened, and Kidd could have sworn it was gleaming with menace. That was more than enough to send Kidd one step back and flinched.

"His name's Luffy. Not 'THAT'."

Law whistled lowly. For Mister Killer to behave like this… How intriguing.

"Luffy, Taffy, whatever!" Kidd fumed as he stomped his way out, dragging the protesting Law by his arm.

Few seconds after the door was closed shut, the blond sighed again, pulling the cover up further until it reached Luffy's chin. He looked down and felt the corner of his lips turned up in what could have been deciphered as a small smile before shifting closer to the teen, not that there was any room available between them. Everything could wait tomorrow and Killer knew just exactly what to do to calm his fuming redhead friend.

A 25-years old rum would do just fine.

-Final End-

A/N: Phew, I hope everyone's character is still intact in this chappy. And just for you guys to know, I come from a tropical country where there's either hot and sunny or rainy only, so do forgive me if the description of my winter is off. That, and I also don't celebrate Christmas, so let me off the hook if there's a mistake on that occasion too. .

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