Title: The Scent of Spring Pt.1

Pairing: Killer x Luffy

Summary: Like the rays of morning sun and the buzzing of bumble bee—every little thing about the boy stops his anxiety and leaves Killer's heart pounding with joy. Back there where the cold, harsh winter had brought them together, now the magical months of spring brings their hearts closer. Sequel to A White Miracle.

Warnings: OOC-ness especially Luffy, lemon and language of course. .

A/N: Yea, yea I know. After disappearing for a year, finally I came up with another update. Not to mention it's a sequel to A White Miracle. Hah! But really, it surprised me in many ways that lots of you enjoyed Killer x Luffy pairing despite there's not much we know about Killer. I've received many requests as well including Bartolomeo. But I want to write Paulie or maybe Kyros next! Can I?! Can I?!


Daytime gradually fell apart as sunset began to bloom outside the windowsill, saturating the sky with intense orange and red hue. While the ray of colours was filtering through every leaves, grasses and building, inside the apartment, fit of hysterics filled every nook and every corner of the living room. The one who did all the laughing part was only and ONLY one teen, but the little chuckles and happy giggles spread throughout the apartment like an infection. Similar to magic or even seasoning of salt, it never failed to give a rise to smiling faces around him.

Eustass Kidd just had to digress—because at the moment, he was neither smiling nor felt even a tiny, speck of cheer.

"Don't make such horrible face, Kidd." Sat on the sofa and next to him, Law elbowed the redhead gently. "You look like a scrooge who wants to eat small toddlers."

The scowl on the man intensified at the remark. His eyes, now brimming with dissatisfaction, focused more on the boy sitting on the floor by the coffee table. Books and stationeries scattered across the said table—a visible proof of his week worth assignment. Every once in a while, the small shoulder shaken with every laugh erupted from the back of his throat with eyes fixated solely on the cartoon show the television was broadcasting.

"I'm missing my game." Kidd huffed lowly as he watched another smile cracked Luffy's face. Well, he was gazing heatedly the back of the boy's raven's head, but he just knew the younger was grinning like a small child.

Then the commercial slipped in between and the sound of laughter just now immediately disintegrated in almost a blink of an eye—replaced by scribbling noise as the highschool junior jotted yet another and another set of mathematical figures into his opened book. Gone the smile splitting the childish face and deep, determined façade took place instead.

To be honest, Kidd has always believed that the boy is a Martian or a creature from another dimension thrown into their subspace. Everything about Luffy was out of place per se. One glance and the boy appeared like a five year old child crammed into a teenage body together with a large portion of stupidity and innocence. Oh how he wished that was the case because that would make everyone's life a lot easier. But when he had taken a sneak peak on Luffy's report card not long ago, Kidd had to withdraw his statement.

In fact, Luffy ranked five in his last exam and his number had never gone past ten even in the previous tests. Stupid? Hell no. The kid is a fucking smart boy. Tell that to the press. For someone who constantly displaying idiotic features most of the time to be this… less idiot, Kidd wanted to believe that someone up there who created this oddball had a very sick, sense of humour.

"I'm putting the tele on recording mode. Don't worry, you can still watch your game later." In a reassuring tone, Law whispered lowly when he noticed the frown distorting Kidd's features wasn't going to pass by anytime soon.

"It's not the same as watching live broadcast." The redhead muttered under his breath, taking small sips of his soda as he grumbled some more. "Why is he even here?"

"Let him be." The surgeon in training picked up the distressed noise coming from Luffy while the younger tapped the surface of the table impatiently with the tip of his pen. Oh-hoo. So the smart boy was stuck after all.

"He just wants to see Mr. Killer." Pressing his back further into the cushion, Law took a hold of Kidd's hand and laced their fingers together. He knew the redhead wasn't anywhere pleased with such reason, but he REALLY did hope that the pale man wasn't assho-lish enough to start a brawl with a 17-years old teen.

Kidd groaned further and let his head to fall backward. "He's loud kid."

"He makes things livelier."

"He eats like a pig."

"He's a growing boy."

"He hogs the pillows." The redhead pointed at the zebra patterned, throw pillows littering around Luffy. What's more, the boy even hugged two of them possessively against his chest and Law just had to chuckle at the cute antics.

"He's just—"

Suddenly Luffy spun around and tapped on the set of algebraic expression written on his book. "Do you know how to do Sign Chart for this one?" Oblivious that he was the subject of their current discussion, the raven stared at them with hopeful gaze.

"Uhh…" After few rapid blinking, it was only then Law worked on his voice although the first sound coming out from his mouth was more like a startled noise and less like a syllable. "I uuhh—"

"You need to factorize it first. If you use Sign Chart straight away, you won't be able to solve it in another decade."

Three more rapid blinking and Law turned to his side—to confirm that the one who spoke just now was indeed Kidd, and not an imaginary math connoisseur from another subspace.

"Factorize?" It was clear the highschool student was still confused with Kidd's explanation.

Kidd beckoned the younger to get closer. "Let me see the question."

So shuffled closer was what Luffy did while the two male literally paid no heed Law's jaw dropping activity. The teen then dropped his book on Kidd's laps and the redhead's eyes focused on the part which Luffy was currently pointing at.

"Like I said," After taking the blue ballpen from Luffy's fingers, the redhead began, scribbling on the piece of blank rough paper. "You need to do the factorization first to know when the factor is positive and when it's negative."

Still sitting on the floor, the boy gazed intently on the freshly made scrawls with undivided concentration.

"So after you've factorized it, we'll get (x-1) (x-2) larger and equal to zero, right?"

Luffy nodded in agreement.

"Get me the red pen." Kidd muttered out and received the requested pen less than two solid seconds.

"For the Sign Chart of the first factor, where do you think (x – 1) larger than 0?" The older man asked the boy.

"Uhh… x larger than one and x smaller than one?" The teen looked somewhat hesitant but felt relieved almost instantly when he saw Kidd nodded.

"Right…" The first line was drawn by Kidd's nimble fingers, consisting both red and blue colour pen. "So for (x) larger than 1, we mark that in blue and obviously for(x) less than 1, we mark it with red."

"Blue for positive and red for negative, right?" Luffy shifted his weight to his left side since his right thigh was starting to feel numb.

"Yeah." Kidd confirmed and went on to draw the second line by utilizing the same technique. "We do the same for the second factor…"

"And then we combine the charts?"

"Mmmh—hhm." Even though his hum sounded boring and lack of interest, Kidd did however, make a mental note that the teen before him was a fast leaner. "So when you combine the two, you'll get this line…" The third line was finally drawn and the redhead divided it into three equal portions. "And if we consider that x is smaller than 1, then based on the charts I've drawn, you'll see that the factor of (x – 1) and (x – 2) are both negative, and from there, the product of (x – 1) (x – 2) will become positive. Do you get the idea so far?"

Another vigorous nod.

"When we draw the final chart, it tells us when (x – 1) (x – 2) is positive and when it's negative. So if we write the final solution in set notation, it'll look like this," The scribble was nearing the bottom of the paper but the redhead continued to write otherwise since he was about to finish. "And for interval notation, it'll come out like this."

With a simple hash sign doodled next to the answer, the question was officially solved. It was the second last question of Luffy's math assignment and the redhead took a quick look over the last problem.

"The next one is pretty much the same." He handed the book back to Luffy's awaiting hand. No words were exchanged afterwards seeing that the teen was more than eager to finish the last question. Five minutes of stillness ensued—save for the noises from the television and Kidd's occasional sipping—as the raven worked on the math problem, literally ignoring the continuation of the cartoon show.

Law, however, had opted to break the soul-destroying silence. Not via sound, word or even a chocking noise, but with an excessively scandalized expression.

"…What?" Kidd finally turned to his side and it took every ounce of his will not to shove the can in his hand straight down the surgeon's throat.

"I took math as minor back in college, remember?" The redhead frowned, feeling a little offended when Law's lower jaw was still, metaphorically speaking, stuck on the ground.

Sensing the drip drop of miff in Kidd's voice, Law finally picked his jaw from the ground, flexed it a couple of time and muttered, "No offense, but considering the countless time when you almost get kicked out because of disciplinary offences, I've almost forgotten that you were a math geek."

"Hnn." Huffed the irritated redhead while he read the clock hanged on the wall. 7.42 pm. So the kid is going to stay over again, huh?

As if on cue, Luffy twirled around and shoved his book into the pale man's face. "How about this one? Did I get it right?"

Since the book was only millimetres from hitting his nose, Kidd had to recoil a bit. He glared mildly at the boy in every intention to get his point across the thick skull—to make the boy realize that he wasn't welcomed in any way around—but when the grin on Luffy's face didn't falter even by a fraction, the redhead just knew his attempt was fruitless.

Half annoyed, half depressed, the man finally relaxed his featured when his eyes were starting to ache from frowning too much, taking the book from the younger's grasp and analyzing the set of computation. His eyes scanned for any mistakes—improper distribution, cancelling error, simple arithmetic blunder, etc—and found none so far. The boy used the same method he had learned just now and utilizing the knowledge to the full extent until he got a strong hold on a correct solution.

"This one's good to go."

To nobody's surprise, the teen beamed. So gleeful and pure, Kidd could have sworn there was a white, blinding light coming from Luffy as though angels have sprinkled Heaven's dust upon the teen.

"Thanks Kidd! You're the best!"

For a split second, something sharp and icy thrust straight into Kidd's heart. It fucking hurt. My conscience is bleeding. While the redhead was blaspheming and acting like a emperor class asshole behind Luffy, all this time the kid must had regarded him as something entirely different—a respectful and considerate adult.

Someone up there REALLY does have a sick, twisted mind. Why couldn't they just punish him by striking him with lightning bolt instead?

That time, Law could only stare at his partner who appeared only inches away from sinking into the couch.


Almost like a puppy, the boy's ears twitched when the appendage picked up the sound of the front door being unlocked. Luffy's next reactions was almost predictable, at least to the duo—grinned, stood up and he dashed for the door like a track and field athlete. Oh yeah, nothing out of ordinary. And as soon as the person stepped into the vicinity of the apartment, Luffy attacked the man with a flying tackle.

"Killer! You're back!" Or at least, that's what they thought the boy had said just now. It was hard to conclude given that Luffy was pressing his face firmly into the blonds' clothed chest.

"Y—yeah," Killer winced after his back was crashed into the sharp edge of the door frame. "Just let me…" He trailed further while his hand made an attempt to close the door behind him. But what could have been considered as straightforward mission was met a little success when there was a full grown teenage boy glued to him, hindering his movement by almost ninety-eight percent. He did however, succeed but not before flailing here and there just so he could get a good grip on the door.

Unaware of the man's ordeal, Luffy finally looked up, eased up his death grip but otherwise, still clinging on Killer. A light laughter fell from the boy's lips and almost instantly, the blond felt warmth bubbling in his chest. In his ears, it was like a melody of joy and each note of the musical art was a soothing comfort for his wearied body. Working as a steel fabricator in a structural steelwork company has always left him in a state of exhaustion by the end of the day—mentally and physically.

But once he listened to Luffy's rippling laughter, every ache and niggle was forgotten and when he caught the glimpse of the brightness worn by the boy's childlike face, Killer could only think of one thing.

He's home.

"I'm home." Killer confirmed, mainly to himself as he pulled down his pollen mask and let it dangle below his jaw. Brushing his lips against the boy's forehead, the blond combed the dark strands and loved the silky feeling when they glided through his fingers.

Even his hair felt warm.

"Shishishishishi." Along with his trademark laugh, Luffy stood on his tippy toe and looped his arms around the man's broad back to bring his face closer to the man. Given that he was a head shorter, the teen only managed to raise his body a couple inches but that didn't bother him much since Killer had taken the initiative, bending down slightly and rested his forehead against Luffy's. The blonde closed his eyes momentarily, just so he could savour the boy's mere presence.

Now it was time for Luffy's habitual questions.

"Did you work hard today?"


"Did you eat your lunch?"


"Did you make any new friends today?"

"Hm." Or maybe not.

"Did you—"

"No , Luffy. I didn't injure myself today." Killer interrupted, well aware with Luffy's predictable question. Opening his eyes, he gazed softly at the raven's open stare. Such innocent, such childishness, such simplicity. They were reflected in the younger's eyes so brightly like stars in the cloudless night and the blond wanted nothing more but to wrap himself by Luffy's very essence.

"And no. I didn't stumble upon any unicorn or old-man looking tree drinking alcohol together." The blond quickly said before Luffy could open his mouth.

Luffy pouted in disappointment and twitched slightly when Killer's cold fingers brushed the skin below his eyes.

"Your hands are cold!" He exclaimed and grabbed the man's hands to double confirm it. Even though it was spring and temperature had begun to warm up the soil and awakened the earth, the icy feel of Killer's skin gave away the impression as though the man had been walking through an extremely cold, winter night.

"Are you cold, Killer?"

"A bit." Killer wanted to withdrew his hands but Luffy's was a fraction quicker and brought them closer to his mouth. He could only watch silently as the boy breathed into them and rubbed their hands together to create sufficient heat. Not only that, Luffy even placed the open palms over the side of his neck in hope that he could at least share his body warmth with the blonde. His involvement with heavy-duty metal working machines has left his palm rough and callous but that didn't bother the teen a bit as Luffy tightened his hold on the hands to quicken the heat transfer process.

"Are they warm yet?"

Eyes soft, the blonde gave another soft lingering kisses across Luffy's forehead. "Yeah, they are."

All of sudden, the highschool teen let out a short laugh when Killer swiped his fingers across the ticklish spot. Once it has ended, Luffy let his fingers ghosted over the dark gray rim of the blonde's glasses that framed the man's face quite nicely. Somehow, it made Killer's high cheekbones stood out a little bit more and much more to his delight, the clear lenses didn't obscure the brilliant sea-green orbs that Luffy loved so much.

At the beginning, the younger had wondered about the mystery behind the non-prescription glasses, more so when he knew Killer's vision was nearly 10/10. But he later learned that the blonde is suffering from pollen allergy and had to keep it from landing in his eyes, everything made sense. The mask, the glasses and Killer's habit of avoiding parks and gardens. Shame though. While the raven enjoyed the sunshine, light clothes, colours, and the blooming fresh flowers, Killer probably one of those many people that despised the flower-making powers of pollen.

The blonde allowed Luffy to remove the glasses and hugged the lithe frame closer, not stopping until he felt the thump of the boy's heart against his chest. He sighed in contentment and rested his head against the small shoulder while Luffy was still busy inspecting the glasses with interest.

"Oh Hell. Someone please gauge my eyes with a poker." Kidd groaned and gave three sets of eye rolling. He wasn't a poetic or even dramatic type of man, but still, at that moment, he could have sworn they were multicolour flowers blooming in the air around the couple as if spring itself was crammed into the apartment. To be honest, he couldn't care less if spring, summer or even Hell was brought into the living room but for now; he was more content to have someone to tell those two that the world doesn't belong only to them.

But that someone—whom he hoped to be Trafalgar Law—was currently grinning and smirking like an idiot thrown into Romeo and Juliet opera. Goddamit.

Killer ignored the sets of groans and Law's repulsive mug and prolonged the proximity for another minute or two before he finally straightened his pose.

"You're going to stay over?" Small hope was laced in his voice even if Luffy couldn't notice it.


"Did you bring your clothes?"

"Uhh…" Luffy looked somewhat hesitant when realization rained upon him. "I forgot."

"Nevermind, Luffy." Strangely enough, Killer didn't feel as much as surprised as though he was expecting it all along. Like such simple task and forgetfulness was an everyday basis of the boy's. "Just use mine."

Somewhere in the middle of the living room, Kidd groaned for the umpteenth time and reached for the remote control. "The kid just solved emperor class chemistry and algebra questions but he forgot to bring his damn clothes. It's either our creator is twisted in the head or you really have a weird taste in choosing partner."

Even if there's some truth in Kidd's sarcastic remark, the blonde didn't make any further comment as he removed his black, wool plaid jacket and hung it on the rack. "Have you eaten?" He asked the teen.

"Nope." Luffy then patted his stomach lightly. "I'm hungry."

"We were all waiting for you, Mr. Killer." On the sofa, Law stretched his body languidly and draped his arm over the soft cushioning. "Don't you feel sorry for leaving three defenceless, hungry chicks in the house?"

Just for once, Killer really wished that he could ignore all the rubbish spitted by Law's smirking mouth. But no matter how hard he tried, the blonde somehow still ended up throwing dagger glares and a look that filled with genuine disgust with a touch of homicidal intent.

"Maybe you should try doing something useful around the house, Law. Cook dinner, mop the floor, polish the knives set…" Killer muttered loud enough for the surgeon to hear as he paced across the living room towards the kitchen with Luffy still held by his hand.

"Who knows… maybe I'll lift your name from my shit list." He continued.

"Housework?!" Mouth formed into a rather deep frown, the surgeon in training cringed. "There'll always be risk in injuring my hands if I do housework." Law then shifted on the sofa—almost kicking Kidd in the thighs—and lifted his hands up for Killer to see.

Well, not that Killer wanted to see the hideous tattooed hands anyway.

"For a surgeon, our hands are much more valuable than gold. I don't want to jeopardize my career, thank you very much. I'll rather starve myself to death and wait for you to cook dinner."

Unimpressed with Law's reasoning, Killer replied the other with his infamous bland look. "Then you'll be forever listed in my shit list." Just like that, the blond entered the kitchen.

"Can you believe that?" Law shifted back and saw Kidd watching the second half of the football game as though the conversation just now didn't concern him one bit. Of course, it never did after all.

"We've known each other since high school and he still treating me like a nuisance." Sinking further into the couch, Law tried to seek comfort from his partner.

"Don't worry about it." Kidd tilted the can to get the very last drop of his soda. Alright, that was a good start. Perhaps Kidd was going to side with him—

"You're pretty much in either everyone's shit list or to-kill list."

Or perhaps not.


In the kitchen, Killer quickly went to work—fishing out ingredients from the fridge, assembling the bowls, plates, chopping board and knife and snatched the apron. There was boneless chicken thighs left on the counter for defrosting purpose and the blonde was thankful to Kidd for that. Hours earlier, he had texted the redhead to take out the frozen chicken from the freezer so that he could go straight to the cooking part once he returned home. The pale man even cooked the rice, although in a very large portion, for his convenience. Too much indeed, the cooked rice was only inches away from reaching the brim of the bowl.

From the steaming rice, Killer let his eyes travelled towards the teen standing a couple of meters away. Kidd must have a wild guess that Luffy was going to stay over and the boy's large appetite would never be satisfied with a normal one or two serving.

Shrugging, Killer began cutting the chicken into small pieces. Next would be the onions, tomatoes, and green chillies. Simple task—quick and easy. But no matter how simple they were, the jobs ought to be slowed down when there's someone sticking close to him like a shadow. There would be a step on other's foot, an elbow into the stomach or back bumping against another chest.

A small bothered sigh pursed his lips before Killer turned his head slightly to the side. Of course, what met him was an anticipating gaze of Luffy's while the boy's fingers fiddled with the other ingredients laying on the countertop—mainly the potatoes.

Oh God, please no… He really wants to help.

He loves Luffy, he really does. Everything about Luffy, every essence of the boy, every flaw, Killer would embrace them with exclusive love. But the only time where his affection is shrunk down is when Luffy is INSIDE the kitchen.

Because once the teen is inside, he would definitely transform into a destructive machine. Full stop. Every single item touched by him would be turned into something gruesome—plates and glasses smashed into tiny pieces, over pouring salt into the meal, burnt food, sauces and broth splashed to the wall and the list just went on. The only thing missing so far is dismembered arm.

"Uhh…" Torn in between accepting Luffy's gracious assistance and shooing the boy from the kitchen, Killer just couldn't bring himself to look him in the eyes.

"Why don't you help me peel the potatoes?" Goddamit. Once again, the blond had lost to Luffy's pleading eyes.

"Okay!" At once, Luffy grabbed the knife and began to peel the potatoes while next to him, Killer had this sickening feeling that he was going to regret his decision as he knew the consequences of having Luffy around the kitchen would be dire.

And he was right on the mark. One, he was regretting and two, the end result was indeed dire.

Put aside the fact that numerous peeled potato skins have landed OUTSIDE the bowl and scattered all over the counter top, the peels themselves were too thick. In the end, the outcome of the peeled potato in the boy's hand was nothing more than a couple centimetres in diameter. But Luffy however, was too content to notice the disaster he was creating as he peeled the poor tuber one after another. And for every potato, Killer felt thousands of cells inside him withered.

"What's for dinner?" Leaning against the kitchen entryway, Law peered around the kitchen to find any clue for tonight's dinner. "I hope there won't be any bread because if there is, I'll throw it straight to the wall."

Another bland look and Killer snorted. "For you Law, I'll make the most mouth-watering sandwich the world has ever tasted."

Law cringed but otherwise, entered the kitchen while sashaying his hips in the most revolting way Killer has ever witnessed. He stopped once he was next to Luffy and lifted one of the peels from the countertop.

"What're you doing, Luffy?"

Armed with a knife, Luffy worked hard to tackle his mission, twisting here and there as he did so. "I'm helping Killer peel the potatoes."

For a minute, the surgeon-in-training didn't make any apparent comeback since he was far more interested with the extremely thick peel pinched in between his fingers.

Peel the potato? No, Luffy. You're actually massacring the potatoes.

He knew that Killer would agree with his inner monolog when he noticed the blond winced with every thick peel that dropped onto the countertop. What's more, both men felt their eyes widened by two fraction when they saw the newly position of the knife in Luffy's hand. Instead of having blade facing opposite towards the direction of his index finger, the sharp edge now is facing exactly towards him and dangerously close to his chest.

"Luffy, Luffy," Before the teen could move the knife another inch, Law quickly held the boy's hand and tried to pry the sharp utensil away. Asshole as he was, he couldn't just sit there, smirking in amusement like some damn Cheshire cat and watched as Luffy sliced his own fingers, or hand in the worst case scenario.

"I think you've peeled enough potatoes." Law tried to reason when he felt the boy's grip on the knife wasn't going to slacken any time soon. Hell, the surgeon was more than ready to wrestle the knife off the boy if he needed to.

Luffy's gaze lingered on the potatoes—itsy, bitsy potatoes to be correct—stacked inside the bowl. Either the boy's vision was 1/10 or he simple didn't give a shit or two, the sight of the thick peeled potato skin littering around the bowl didn't bother him one bit.

"Maybe I should peel a couple more."

Maybe now was the perfect time to wrestle the bloody thing off the boy's fingers. "Trust me, Luffy. They're enough." Law tried to tug the knife but it wouldn't budge. Oh—ooh, not good. Luffy's aside, he might be the one who's going to lose his fingers if this goes on. Now off to the second stage. "Your favourite show is about to play. Why don't you go and watch it?"

To their horror, the boy wasn't convinced. He turned around—while Law still trying to yank the knife away—and saw Killer was clutching the handle of the skillet a little too tightly. How odd…

"Is there something else you want me to do—"

"No!" This time around, Killer was faster to refuse the teen. "I mean, I've pretty much got things cover. Just go ahead and watch the show while I finish everything."

"Oh, okay." After a long agonizing wait, Luffy finally released his clutched on the knife, causing Law to stumble back a couple inches. The surgeon flexed his fingers a couple of time as the teen sauntered away and headed towards the living room.

Alright. All my fingers are still here.

"You really need to learn to say 'no' to him." Sighing, Law placed the evil knife into the bowl with a small clatter along with the ruined potatoes. The surgeon realized he was being ignored since not only he received no response or whatsoever, the blonde resumed with his interrupted tasks, chopping, washing and shredding like Law himself was invisible.

If he doesn't want to speak with him, that's fine. Then he won't say anything verbally either.

And staying mute was what Law did although his eyes never left the working blonde. If Killer was at the countertop, he would stand at the far end of the top. If Killer was working something at the stove, he would stand close to the stove but not close enough just in case the blonde decided to hit him with the large skillet. If Killer was by the sink, he would definitely, without fail, follow the blond.

Irritation was boiling inside his chest and Killer finally turned around to face Law, only after he released a deep sigh. "What is it?"

"What are you doing this weekend?"

Thrown off-balance, it took more than five seconds for Killer to process the question. "What?"

Fine, perhaps he hasn't processed the question quite entirely.

"Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow." Law explained as though the other didn't grasp the meaning behind weekend. "What's your plan with Luffy? You have days off, Luffy has finished with his homework and he's here, surely you have some kind of plan, yes?"

A small shrug was all Law received. He was right on the mark after all. Killer didn't have any plan for the weekend or even planned to have any plan.

"You should take him to somewhere—"

"What are you going on about, Law?" The blonde closed the water tap and gave the other a hard look—sharp and piercing. Too bad Law had known Killer long enough and he was indeed immune with such respond. In fact, he didn't as much as flinch and continued to give an equally hopeless look.

"What I'm trying to say is that you don't spend enough time with him." Ankles crossed over each other, Law leaned by his side against the sink.

"I spend enough time with him." Killer responded with a tone harsher than he intended.

Law rolled his eyes and sighed. "Sure… Every day he'd wait in front of the apartment door for you to come home and the two of you would talk let's say… for five minutes before he returned to his home. If you're referring to 'that' time, then I might as well admit that my father is a giant flamingo."

"I have to go to work early in the morning and he has school. He doesn't have the luxury to stay over every night like someone I know." The blond muttered, readjusting the heat again before covering the large skillet.

"Then there's more reason for you to spend 'quality' time with him. When I say quality, I don't mean staying in the house, watching the T.V all day long and doing nothing."

"What are you—"

"Killer." The surgeon gave the other hard look that was more than enough to make him went silence. "Luffy is still a child and a normal child usually demands attention from people he loves. The kid maybe is just too good at hiding his impulse or you're just simply too blind to notice it, but for the love of all the polar bears in the world, just do something nice for him."

After stealing few of the crumble bacons, Law continued. "It doesn't have to be fancy or anything. Just take him out and go somewhere fun or else I'm going to feel sorry for the kid forever. I know you're anti-social but that doesn't mean you have to drag Luffy with you."

Sooner than the blond could open his mouth, Law beat him again. "And oh, there's funfair going on this weekend. A lot of games, a lot of food stalls, rides and whatnot."

Killer pinched his lower lip with his teeth, even harder when the surgeon began to leave the kitchen with a stolen apple in his hand. Just when he was about to reach the entryway, Law rummaged through his pocket and threw a small rectangular box towards Killer in which the blond caught it with ease.

"It's on the house." Smirked the other as he took a small bite out of his apple before leaving the kitchen entirely.

From the entryway, Killer then focused the box in his hand—small and purple color—and began to inspect the info and labelling. One quick scan and the blond have caught few key points the items in his hand was trying to deliver: 24-hours relief, indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms, fast, etc. The blond didn't bother to read the labelling in detail because he already identified the item given by Law.

It's a medicine used to treat the symptoms of seasonal allergies.


Killer watched avidly as Luffy threw his head back when his manhood tore through the teen's scorching heat with yet another short, shallow thrust. Then it settled deep inside the smaller's body and paused before drawing his cock out from Luffy—just a little way, not more than an inch—the pushing back until his groin met the boy's buttocks. Everything movement—the pulling and thrusting—was done in deliberate slowness and precision that left Luffy in s state of beyond frustration.

In mere half an hour, everything happened so quick and unintentional in the confinement of the shower space. Or at least, that was Killer tried to convince himself. One minute he was lathering shampoo onto Luffy's wet hair and the next minute he was pressing the very same teen against the wall, hard cock embedded deep inside him with his chest flushed against the smaller back. Just why-oh-why did he consider of having late shower together with his young lover without contemplating over the possible outcome.

After all, he's just a man with need and Luffy is still a teenage boy who recently discover the enjoyment of sex and boy, he sure did learn it in a faster than any possible moment pace.

"Killer…" Half panting, half sobbing, the boy tried to push back against the throbbing length filling him. Any movement would do as long he could experience the delicious friction he has been longing for a quite some time, but given by his position—front pressed firmly into the cold tiles of the shower wall—the only move he could manage at that moment was turning his head to the side. Left cheek now planted against the tiles, Luffy wanted to at least catch the glimpse of the man's eyes, to let Killer know his craves for pleasure. But it was all for naught when the blonde was busy with his task—raining kisses and nips all over the bare skin of the teen's neck.

"Move!" Luffy somewhat managed between badly suppressed sobs and whines that tore his throat like talons. His hands previously flat against the tiles now had their nails digging into the wall just to emphasize the level of tension the boy was compelled to.

Delicious, torturous with just a tip of pleasure.

There's sharp inhale from behind, followed by shuddering exhale and the barest hint of moan otherwise known as Killer. "Not yet." Persistent thighs then settled in between Luffy's legs and spread them further apart so the blond could make his way into the boy deeper—much deeper than he already had.

"Wha—aah!" Luffy was close from sliding down when he felt the tip of Killer manhood pressing firmly against his prostate and that pulsing hot beat inside him was more than enough to leave him breathless and harder than Hell. He was stretched so tight around the broad shaft that he could almost feel every vein and every details of the velvety shaft inside him.

"What do you mean 'not yet'?!"

Looping his arm around the teen's midsection, Killer pulled the smaller upright back again and stayed still for a couple of moment. The hot water that sluicing over his head and down his back didn't seem to have any power to ease his throbbing dick. Along the way, the blonde allowed his eyes to lick every inch and every contour of the lithe frame before him. This certainly wasn't the first and what's more, the blond positively had imprinted the details in the back of his head but still, Killer couldn't help but to savour the view.

Mesmerized by the way Luffy's voice left him in breathy gasps and the way his skin quivered under his lingering touch, the blonde felt his groin tightened dangerously in response. Half panting himself, Killer then rested his chin on the boy's shoulder just so could see the boy own hardness that was currently in the confinement of his fist. Catching the few drops of clear liquid that had begun to ooze from the tip, the blonde smoothed out the pre-cum along the straining length, earning himself a choked gasp with every lazy stroke.

Luffy clenched and unclenched his fist, almost mimicking the grip of the man's hand around his arousal and finally gasped his words of threat in between strenuous breathings.

"I'm really going to get mad, Killer!" The sobs and the pleading gaze somewhat dampened the boy's futile attempt to look fierce.

The boy barely had time to gather his scattered mind when Killer suddenly pulled all the way out and thrust in deep, giving Luffy what he had been asking for. The rhythm, in which was halted for an agonizing period, had begun to start all over again and Luffy could only manage to choke out moan after moan as the blonde's thrust grew in intensity. The seventeen year old squirmed, bucked and jolted beneath the man for he felt the overwhelming sensation of Killer's manhood delving and jabbing through his sensitive channel as though it was trying to crawl into his lower belly.

"Uhhnn, uhhnn—haaahh!" By then, Luffy had long forsaken the will to stay quite. He couldn't even if he wanted to. Not at the pleasure that rippled through him with every hot shove of Killer's body into him.

"Fuck." Killer swore without realizing it.

Damn, where did that come from? Despite the fiery feeling that was raging inside him, the blonde made a mental note of his young lover tendency to scream shamelessly and him swearing like a damn pirate during each of their fucking session.

"So noisy, Luffy…" The blonde heard Luffy groaned at the husky sound of his voice. He wanted—no, he must push the boy to his limit. The possibility was next to zero though, for anyone to hear them given that the bathroom itself located at the far end corner of the inside Killer's room. And for that, the man was thankful. A lot.

"N-no—I—aahhnnn..!" Once again, Luffy screamed brokenly the second his bundle of nerves was strike so deliciously by the tip of his lover's manhood.

Luffy's body now was caught up in the frantic rhythm and before long; he began rocking his hips back—hard and demanding—until slaps of wet flesh and the sucking echo of hard strokes into the lubricated channel of the boy's ass accompanied the harsh breaths filling the overheated bathroom. Killer on the other hand, was fighting for control as he watched his cock sunk inside Luffy repeatedly. The way that scorching heat clenched and unclenched around his rigid member almost hurt so the blonde took a deep breath and settled into more steady rhythm. Slower only by a beat with longer and harder stroke so that every thrust would hit the boy's special button.

"More… more… har—ahhh… fuck—" Killer could hear cries and broken moans but he wasn't certain at that point if they came from him or Luffy. One thing for certain, he couldn't care less. Instead, he buried his face in the teen's neck, holding him tightly against his chest and continued thrusting while trying to keep up with his steady rhythm. But the blonde knew the intense, familiar feeling coiling in his lower belly, so taut and tense till the point that even breathing was an act of challenge.

When the older male felt the telltale warning of his approaching orgasm and quickly began fisting Luffy's dripping hardness while his tongue traced the pulsating vein in the boy's neck. Around his erection, the scorching heat of Luffy inner muscles seemed to be squeezing his straining flesh rather impatiently. It was almost painful but downright satisfying in some way especially when the hot, velvety wall of muscle tightened against his sensitive flesh.

A visible shudder tore through his body that had nothing to do with the water and a strangled moan heralded the blonde's orgasm.

Parched throat and shallow breathing, Killer felt his manhood twitched as he came hard, bursting forth everything Luffy had coaxed from him. "Hmmm—Luffy…" Overwhelmed by the blinding rapture coursing through him, Killer didn't bother to suppress his moan of appreciation and he certainly didn't care that he was the first to reach climax. After all, it was Luffy—his one and only Luffy—who brought him to the gratifying completion.

And the moment the initial pearly drops of cum spilled in a scalding wave over his prostate, Luffy's fight for control snapped and his muscles tense for few seconds before blinding light filled his vision for what felt like a thousand thundering heartbeats, momentarily halting the breathe in the boy's lungs. Killer's hand was still working his spurting dick nevertheless, circling the base with the forefinger and thumb of one hand, holding the taut foreskin as he stroke with the other hand.

"Nngghhhh—mmmhhh!" Five seconds later, Luffy was already slumping week-kneed against the tiled wall while the blonde continued to coax the last few pulses of seed from the boy's cock only to have them dripped onto the porcelain and rinsed away down the drain. By the time the last drop of cum was squeezed out, Killer himself was milked thoroughly into the point of exhaustion.

Killer worked on to subdue his erratic breathing and welcomed the feeling of the aftermath, wrapping his arms around Luffy and cradled the lithe frame against his body until he felt the equally thundering heart thumping against his chest.

Then again, the blonde didn't get to enjoy the afterglow completely when his unprepared jaw was knocked hard by Luffy's head.

Blinking away the stars from his sight, he was later met with Luffy pouting expression.

"That's was mean…" Luffy's voice was barely above whisper as he laid his head back against the man's chest, allowing the shower sprays beating softly onto his face.

"Hm." Flexing his sore jaw a couple of time, the blonde leaned down and kissed the corner of the boy's half lidded eyes. Nothing much Killer could say to defend himself since there was nothing innocent about his intention or his action.

And damn, it was worth it.


With a few seconds of cool air blast, Killer finally turned off the hair-dryer in his hand. He was about to set it down when a sudden loud, childish laugh reverberated throughout the bedroom, startling him to the point he almost dropped the appliance. Readjusting the grip on the hair-dryer, the blonde was finally able to place it properly on top of the deep merlot drawer before running his fingers through his golden strands to detect if there was still any dampness hiding among them. There was none.

Killer ruffled his hair lightly as he paced across the room. It wasn't a long time after the spring had begun that the man had decided to trim his long hair. No more hair cascading his back as it was now barely reached his shoulder that softened his alpha male jaw and gave him a somewhat dapper look.

Luffy, on the other hand, wasn't thrilled with his decision. In fact, the teen had fought tooth and nails with him and the aftermath prolonged for another week in which Luffy was seen sulking and refused to come to the apartment. To Kidd and Law, the boy's antic was downright amusing. But to him, it was downright confusing. In the end, after offering toilet paper length explanation regarding how the bloody winter had turned his hair dry and frizzy like scarecrow thrown into a tiger den, Killer knew he had won the argument when Luffy laughed his ass off for at least three solid minutes. As a bonus, the blond even assured the teen that he would try to grow his hair back.

Then again, 'try' was the key word. But Luffy was too busy pouring out his guts to actually hear the word.

That was the first time they had fought. And it was all because of his damn hair.

… He would rather not think too much about it.

The mattress dipped under his weight as Killer sat at the edge of the bed. Right in the middle, Luffy was lying on his stomach with eyes glued on the phone in his hand. After a few swaps of his forefinger across the phone screen, the teen's body once again shaken by his own laughter. Ignoring the feet hitting his thighs as the boy swung his legs back and forth, Killer nudged the boy's side, silently requesting Luffy to sit up in which the teen understood almost immediately.

Now that he was in a sitting position right in front of him, the man began rubbing the extremely damp hair of the teen with a towel. Everytime he applied a little more pressure on the nape of the neck, Luffy would let out an audible purr and hum. Unfortunately, there were also times where his jaw became the victim of Luffy's insensible head-butting when the message inside his phone tickled his funny bones.

"Stay still, Luffy." Killer mumbled while he tried getting the teen stayed in place, his hands still busy rubbing the towel all over the smaller head.

"Ace took pictures of Shanks sleeping." Eyes down, Luffy grinned and a small laugh follow suit when another picture popped up. "There are so funny!"

"Mmm—hm." That was meant to say that Killer was indeed listening to the boy but wasn't that engrossed with the details. He was fairly familiar the relationship between Luffy and his cousin, namely Ace—how they grew up together like siblings alongside with another boy named Sabo, how close they were and how wild they were as children. It amazed him in some way on how one could posses so many stories about their life while he barely had any. Not to mention Luffy was only seventeen.

A few more rubs and the blond finally removed the towel when he deemed that Luffy's hair was dry enough before tossing the damp fabric into the laundry basket located at the corner of the room. Luffy took it as a sign for bedtime and quickly placed his phone on the nightstand after texting goodnight wish to his cousin. Pressing his body close to his lover, the teen allowed himself to be covered by the thin blanket and sighed in contentment as Killer ran his slim fingers through the raven lock. Tucked neatly under the man's chin, Luffy nuzzled further into the crook of Killer's neck and twirled a blond strand about his finger—a particular habit the boy had developed lately that lulled him to sleep.

"Luffy…" All of sudden, the blonde spoke softly.

"Hmm..?" Eyes remained close, the boy hummed in wonder. It wasn't unusual for them to have pillow talk, but it was certainly rare for Killer to be the one initiated it.

In their current position, Luffy couldn't see how the man bit his lower lip in contemplation. "Do you want to go the funfair tomorrow? The one at—"

"Funfair?!" Luffy was all ears by now as he quickly lifted his head up. There was no reason for him to be naïve about the event since almost all of his classmates wouldn't leave the matter alone. Even Ace had mentioned it a couple of time and almost every single day for the whole week, images has been popping up in his mind—the games, the rides, fluffy cotton candy and—and—

… The image of Killer sneezing his nose off. Of course…

"Nope, it's okay!" Luffy let his head fall back onto the pillow. The previous excitement glint in Luffy's eyes was quickly hidden behind the fake, cheerful façade but the muscles pulling the corner of his lips were too strained and starting to hurt his cheeks instead.

That is to say, the teen sucked at lying. But he couldn't care less. To be more precise, Luffy just couldn't imagine himself hogging all the fun while Killer is busy dealing with his allergy caused by the power of the damn pollens. He loves funfair, he loves the games and he certainly loves the funfair food—there no point in denying that. But to Luffy, Killer's wellbeing is far more important and the boy wouldn't allow anything to jeopardize it. Not even a funfair that only came around once a year.

"Besides," The boy added. "There'd be this new show aired tomorrow morning and I still have some homework left and—"

"It's alright, Luffy." Well aware of his lover intention to lie, Killer cut him off and nudged the boy's jaw to make Luffy to look up. Under the silver illumination of the moon, the blonde's eyes shone so brightly, so intense but soft enough for Luffy's heart to jolt in his chest.

"Let's have… fun tomorrow." Killer paused for a while. "Just the two of us."

Gave up with the superficial smile, a worried frown took place instead. "But your allergy… The funfair is close to the park."

"Don't worry about it." It almost made him smile to know how the younger was worrying senseless. "There's this… medicine for allergy. I'll be fine if I just take it."

"Oh…" Luffy trailed. "Why I have never seen you taking it before?"

"I don't really like taking pills. The taste is just too horrible." Half of it was real though. As for the other half, it was simply of the fact that the pill's side effects always switched off any need to take it. To all honesty, he Killer would rather sneeze and curse afterwards than having to deal with the side short term side effects. And Luffy certainly didn't have to know about it.

"Me too!" Unaware with Killer's fabricated reason, the raven haired boy went along with the man. "I always hate cold pills. And everytime I got flu and stuff, Ace would put the pill into the orange juice and force me to drink all of it!"

"So it's alright then? Are we really going to the funfair?!" Luffy added. The grin was back in full force and the excitement, without a doubt, was off chart till the point that Killer had to hold the boy from bouncing too much and head butting him again.

"Yeah. We are."

"Yay!" Squirming in anticipation, the boy hugged the man and murmured again the clothed chest. "There was this stall last year and they have the fluffiest cotton candy ever! I hope they'll be there this year. And then there's this shooting game that I like because all the prizes are so cool! But Ace and Sabo kept on winning and the owner banned us from coming again and—"

"Yes, yes, Luffy. I heard you." Once again, Killer tried to calm the excited teen. "Let's just get some sleep for now…"

With a pleased smile decorating his childish features, Luffy finally returned to his previous position—tucked neatly against Killer. Only this time, the boy took the blonde's hand into his and laced their fingers together. Once in a while, he would give them a gentle squeeze and Luffy only stopped when his breathing pattern was steady and a barely there snores reverberated from his chest. Everytime Killer shifted under the blanket to make himself more comfortable, the teen would whine and the blond patted the boy's thighs to lull him back to sleep.

In the stillness of the night, the moon was shining with all of its might and the silver light was doing a perfect job in highlighting the ground and trees that were painted by the colour of the flowers. Unlike the frosty winter, the air has become a thinning balm—not too hot and not too cold. It was just right in fact and enough to make anyone swoon.

And as for tomorrow, Killer had decided to make everything turns out perfect for Luffy's sake.

-To be Continued-

A/N: There you go... This might be 2 or 3 parts chapter and so that you all die in excitement, I'm going to tell you head start that there'll be interaction between Sabo, Ace, Killer, Kidd & Law next chapter. Still I do hope it won't take me another damn year to update the next chappy. The idea and plot is there in my head, but damn! I need a bloody vacation from work so I can write more! Till then!