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Chapter 1: Alice's pov.

I sighed sadly gazing out the window watching the rain roll slowly down.

I knew it wasn't safe for us to be out around humans when it was sunny, but all this cloud and rain could really get you down.

It was a weekend so everyone was home except Carlisle, I smiled happily letting the sounds of my family chase away my earlier gloom.

Being able to spend time together as a family definitely made up for the bad weather.

"Emmett give it back!" Bella shrieked loudly.

I turned so I could observe the scene unfolding before me.

Emmett stood in the middle of the sitting room grinning, a large book held in his hands above his head.

Bella stood opposite him, hands on hips glaring at him warningly.

"Come on Bella it Saturday. No one studies on a Saturday."

"I have a paper due in on Wednesday." Bella complained causing Emmett to burst out laughing.

"Oh little sister, considering you were so insistent you wanted to become a vampire you're behaving in a very human way."

Bella's scowl deepened.

"You don't need to sleep, you have a perfect memory and you can work so fast you could write out war and peace ten times in one night!"

He pouted as Bella continued to glare.

"I'm bored." he whined.

I decided to save Bella any more upset and hopped down off the window sill.

"Me too, what did you want to do Em!"

Bella gave me a grateful smile as Emmett flung her book back at her and spun to face me.

What Emmett failed to realise was Bella was seriously worried about failing college, despite it being virtually imposable, especially with Edward's input.

We had only settled for a few years so she could attend college to keep Charlie happy and she didn't want to disappoint him.

She felt guilty at having left him when we had decided to travel until Nessie was fully grown and that was now mixing with her guilt over having to keep Nessie hidden away from human eyes so no one would notice her rapid growth.

The rest of us were happy to take a break for a couple of years but Emmett had point blank refused to go to college.

He knew better than to try and persuade Rosalie to keep travelling with him until the rest of us caught up. She would never leave Nessie whilst she was still growing.

Unfortunately for us, he was now constantly bored.

My nose wrinkled as the smell of wet dog reached me.

Jacob walked in shaking water droplets from his short hair, I really wished he'd dry off properly after he'd been patrolling, the smell was bad enough at the best of times.

"Problems?" I asked trying not to breath.

"I caught a faint scent on the wind." he said.

Emmett's eyes lit up with interest and Bella lifted her head from her book. Jasper appeared from one of the other rooms.

"Where?" he asked.

"Nearly fifteen miles out, it was faint and I tracked it for a while and it was heading away from here." Jacob answered.

I noticed the subtle changes in Jasper as he switched to soldier mode processing what this could mean.

"Did you recognise it?"

By now Edward, Esme and Rosalie had joined us.

Jacob's frown increased "Not really."

Jasper's jaw tensed in annoyance at Jacob's vague recall and I flitted to his side to calm him.

"You all kinda smell the same to me." Jacob shrugged apologetically.

"Fifteen miles out isn't something we need to worry about just yet." Edward thought aloud his eyes flickered expectantly to me and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at him.

"You know it's hard for me to see anything with Nes and Jake here." I told him folding my arms defensively.

The past four years since Nessie and Jacob joined the family I'd been trying to find a way to look around them but the truth was my ability just wasn't useful anymore, I could pretend they didn't exist but then whatever I saw wasn't reliable because they could influence it.

I huffed angrily, it was all very frustrating.

Jasper placed his hand on my shoulder, his thumb moving in soothing circles.

"I'll run another patrol later to see if anything's changed." Jacob said.

I moved to settle on one of the armchairs and slowly probed the multiple paths of the future.

I used to be able to do this so quickly, now it took forever, constantly making different decisions whenever the vision disappeared to find a way around the blind spots.

I frowned in annoyance as each path ended the same. Nothing!

No matter what I tried I couldn't see anything.

Cold fear swamped me, what did that mean?

Visions kept tugging at my mind as though trying to show me something, but I was unable to see anything. It was all black just like my past.

A pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist pulling me back to the present, a wave of love taking the fear away.

"I wont let anything bad happen." Jasper's voice held so much strength I felt myself relax into him.

"I hate not being able to see." I murmured "I'm scared" I admitted biting my lip.

His arms tightened around me "I'll always protect you no matter what." he promised calming me with his gift.

I let go of my fear then, trusting him completely.

Sitting up a little I rested my cheek against Jasper's sighing happily as he held me tight.

It didn't take long for Emmett to interrupt us as he remembered his earlier boredom and roped Jasper into playing some video game.

I headed towards the stairs, thinking it best to find something to stop dwelling on my visions, or lack there of.

I decided to clean out my closet, knowing nothing took over my mind more completely than clothes.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs the room suddenly began to spin crazily.

I came to a stop blinking.

What the hell was that?!

Another wave of dizziness overtook and my vision swam.

"Jasper." I whimpered, staggering slightly I grabbed hold of the banister to keep upright.

Nothing made sense, random sounds reached my ears but I didn't understand any of it. I couldn't focus, everything was blurry I couldn't see.


There was a strange sensation of falling then everything went black.

The chapters will get longer I promise.