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You are my cat and I am your human. - Hilaire Belloc


Wufei grunted a bit as he put the heavy box down on the kitchen floor. His back wasn't what it used to be as it was constantly reminding him. Luckily this was the last box to be carried in for now.

The new house, or maybe it was considered a large cabin, wasn't even half the size of their old home but now days they didn't need a place that big. The kids had all moved out and started families on their own and the old house had really been too big for just the two of them.

Duo had been against moving at first. He was a creature of habit and any change was bad change to him. But Wufei had been firm on this point, if he was going to be all alone while Duo was on tour he was not going to do it in a house the size of a small mansion. Just vacuuming the damned place had taken a whole day.

Not to mention how empty the place had felt when he was the only one there. Somewhere over the years, Wufei had forgotten how to enjoy being alone. He was no longer the solitary dragon who needed no one, he was a closeness needing, affection seeking old dragon who long ago had lost all sense of dignity and just wanted a cuddle.

Several children and a husband who didn't understand the concept of personal space would do that to you.

Being home alone had therefore proven to be harder than he had first thought. It had been torture and he even started talking to himself, just so there would be some noise around him.

He had in a weak moment thought that getting a cat would be a great idea. It could keep him company while Duo was away and it had so many traits that fitted well with Duo so it couldn't be anything but a success.

He had taken in a black tomcat from a shelter. A slim handsome cat who had enjoyed lying in his lap and didn't show any indication of wanting to destroy any furniture. For a few days it had been perfect.

Then Duo had gotten home, taken one look at the cat and refused to talk to him for days.

The cat only got to stay for another two hours before Wufei had to return it. Duo had then forced him to clean the entire house to get the smell of the cat out and he had slept in the car until it was done.

Wufei had later tried a dog for about a week until he realized that it was just not going to work, no matter how much Duo and the dog avoided each other. Well at least it went better then when their eight year old daughter brought home an injured sparrow that she was going to nurse back to health. In the end there had been one very traumatized little girl and a lot of feathers to clean up. Wufei wasn't about to repeat that fiasco any time soon. There would be no more pets for company. It was another reason they had chosen this specific location. Two of their own kids lived just twenty minutes away with their families and the family of one of Duo's co-performers lived on the other side of the lake. Wufei looked forward to getting to baby sit his grandchildren more often, even if his poor back was most likely going to end up worse for wear.

Wufei took a look around the kitchen, taking in all the boxes and bags spread all around. It was going to take forever for him to unpack everything. And if he wanted at least the kitchen to be done by the time the kids arrived tonight he was going to have to get a move on. Duo wasn't going to get home for another two days so he was on his own there.

Wufei sighed. He missed Duo like crazy while he was gone. Like he always did. The circus had been touring the colonies for three months now and Wufei felt like he was slowly losing his mind. He could just imagine how Duo felt.

He walked over to the kitchen counter and opened one of the boxes standing there. It was filled with plates wrapped up in news papers. Dropping the paper to the floor he started lifting them into one of the cabins.

He wondered how much longer it was to Duo's heat cycle and if they would have time to spend any time with the children before it was time to shut themselves in.

He did a quick count on his fingers, figuring that they had at least a week and a half. Duo's cycles had gotten a lot more stable with age, not like before when they were teenagers and Duo went into heat seemingly randomly. But soon enough they started to recognized the signs and always made sure that they had a baby sitter and a cabin in the woods reserved. Spending a week loudly fucking each other's brains out was such a great way to take a vacation.

Thank god that they had finally dropped the whole friends with benefits thing. Wufei couldn't imagine his life without the kids and the ring on his finger.

Duo had been stubborn there for a while but when they had decided to get the kids, even he had realized that they had a relationship. You don't make the decision to start a family with someone who is just a friend… that you have sex with… and get insanely jealous over when someone flirts with.

Wufei fondly remembered the poor shopkeeper who had very innocently hit on him while he had been shopping. He sometimes wondered just how the guy had explained to himself what had happened. It's not every day someone jumps you from on top of a shelf of canned beans and tried to rip you to pieces with claws like a tiger while hissing at you.

Wufei smiled at the memory, thinking that Duo really had been pretty dense back then. Adorable but blind. Trowa had a lot of entertainment as he made fun of the both of them, but Duo especially since he had a habit of reacting more strongly. Even now, over thirty years since the end of the war, Trowa Barton still had the ability to turn Duo into a pissed off beast ready to start ripping throats. And the bastard enjoyed every second of it.

Wufei unpacked two more boxes before taking a break, wandering aimlessly around the buildings five rooms.

If he got the time he should try to prepare the living room too. When all the kids arrived there was going to be a need a lot of space. They had planes to turn the old barn into a kind of guest house for the kids who lived further away when they and their families came to visit but for now they would have to camp on the living room floor.

They were going to have to make sure that the pipes wouldn't freeze during the winter and that the windows were holding out the cold air. Damn, there was so much to do. Wufei sighed, rubbing the small of his back. He wasn't even fifty and he felt like he was eighty. Having grandchildren did that to you he assumed.

The kids were going to be there in a few hours to help him unpack but his pride wouldn't let him sit around and wait.

He jumped as arms suddenly wrapped themselves around him. "Caught you:" Duo rumbled happily in his ear. Wufei felt his whole body relax, leaning back into the embrace.

"Hey, what are you doing back so early?" He asked, lifting a hand to rub behind a big furry ear.

Duo purred under the attention. "Trowa sent me home, said I was being a pest and that they could pack up without me."

"Imagine that." He teased lightly as he turned and dragged his hands down Duo's body.

Duo didn't respond to the barb as he was far too busy arching into the touch, purring for all he was worth.

Leaning forward he placed soft kisses down Duo's throat. "When do you start practicing again?"

"Two months."

Wufei hummed happily. "I get you all to myself then."

Duo had been with the circus for almost twenty years now and their performances were one of a kind. Duo called it a freak show but Wufei was more inclined to call it a performance by unique individuals.

Duo and the two other victims of Dr Emerson formed a very impressive if slightly strange acrobatic act that never seemed to get old. Wufei had been very proud the first time he had seem Duo walking calmly across the stage with both his tail and ears in plain sight for the entire audience to see. Back then it had been a huge thing while now days it was still strange, but not unheard of as more and more of the victims came forward. And there were many of them.

Why a respectable scientists had kidnapped several women to a lab and turned them into some kind of half cat, half human combination who went into heat a lot more often than a real cat was something that Wufei didn't want to think about. It made him even more grateful that they had managed to get Duo out in time.

It had taken some time but Duo had finally found peace with the changes and everything that came with it. Well, except for the hair on his back.

Wufei loved the fall and winter because that was the time when Duo skipped the shaving and the waxing and let the fur grow wild. The fur on his back wasn't as long as on the tail but it was just as thick. It spread from the back of his thighs up to just above his should blades. Wufei could enjoy the softness as much as he liked for those precious months.

It was like having your very own fluffy, heated blanket.

At lease he had talked Duo out off shaving his ass since he was pretty much the only one who saw it. The white fur was still light and soft, much to Wufei's enjoyment. He could spend all night petting it. Gripping those firm globes, feeling the hair that gathered up between his fingers as he squeezed and rubbed and- damn, why think about it when you could do it?

Wufei shamelessly pushed his hands into the back of his husbands pants, gripping the hairy buttocks tightly.

Duo moaned happily, humping hungrily against him.

It was time to move along. With there hands all over each other they managed to make their way to their bedroom. There were no sheets on the bed yet and as they tumbled down on it, Wufei gave a brief thought about how much they were going to regret not putting any on later.

Luckily, years of experience had made him unpack the lube first of all and the tubs were waiting for them by the bed. It had taken a few months before Duo had given up on the notion that he didn't enjoy 'having it rammed up his ass' as he so charmingly put it and since then Wufei always had lube at hand.

Wufei was lucky if he got to be on the bottom one time out of ten. Not that he felt any reason to complain because really, who would with this kind of view?

Duo was already naked, up on all four with his tail flat against his back and three fingers up his ass.

Wufei almost fell over in his haste to get out off his pants as fast as humanly possible. He waited impatiently as Duo's fingers worked, his hand stroking up and down strong shaved legs. He could hardly wait until the hair grew back.

Then Duo was mewling his want and with a firm grip on his cock, Wufei lined up and-

Ah sweet merciful God. That was it, right there. The tight muscle started closing in around him, holding him tightly as he leaned forward, sliding further in.

Duo was letting out whining little moans that did nothing to help Wufei's self control. It was so good, far too good.

Then he was in and he started to move. Slowly at first, just gliding lightly along the passage, then deeper and firmer. Then faster and, sharper.

Duo was rarely picky about how he got fucked, as long as he got it when he wanted it and was forgiven for the occasional bite and scratch marks. Other than that Wufei was free to pick speed, position and mood.

It had been too long. Duo had been away for months and Wufei wasn't fond of masturbating. It was over much sooner then he wanted to but at least he had managed to get Duo off first. His husband would give him hell if he didn't. With a happy sigh, Wufei cuddled up against his husband. Thank God Duo had mostly stopped lashing out after sex, it had been such a buzz kill. It still happened every now and then while he was in heat and it was always a good idea to store a first aid kit in the bedroom.

But his life was far too good for him to even think about complaining about it. He had his kids, his grandkids, a job he liked and a husband who loved him. One couldn't ask for more.

Wufei smiled as he stroke his hand down Duo's back, listening to the deep satisfied purr. Back when they had been just friends, Wufei could never have imagined that Duo would become so comfortable with his sexuality. Duo even considered himself to be gay now, despite the fact that Wufei was the only man he had any interest in. Duo loved and accepted him just the way he was. He proved it regularly but Wufei admitted that he had a favorite memory of one of Duo's love declarations. For their one week anniversary in their first house, Duo had gone back to the old safe house and gotten his armchair.

Wufei had been extremely touched, especially since his husband still hated it and would refuse to go anywhere near it. In the end the chair had been banished to the laundry room of all places. Strange as it sounds, it was actually the perfect place for it, even the moisture in the air felt fitting when it came to the armchair.

Wufei had happily taken full responsibility of the laundry. It was actually quite comforting to curl up in the yellow chair in a room that the rest of the family only ever visited to look for a favorite sweater or argue loudly with him for not seeing the importance of washing those specific jeans that just had to be worn right then. In the almost twenty year they had lived in their old house, Duo had not set his foot in the laundry room once. He hated the smell of it, the noise, the size of it, the lack of windows and beyond that, Duo hated the chair.

Wufei loved the laundry room.

With a house full of children and a husband who enjoyed following you around and climbing on top of you, it was nice to have a place where he could be alone for a while.

When house searching this time around, Wufei had done so with the specific goal in mind to find a home with a laundry room big enough for a yellow armchair and perhaps a small table.

The laundry room in this house was perfect. It was in the basement, no windows, barely big enough to fit both washing machine, dryer, several laundry baskets and the arm chair. No table, but Wufei could manage without it. And Duo hated it, which made it even better.

"Dad! We're here! Where is the cleaning supplies? The kid threw up in the car!" There was a pause and the both men stared at each other. "Dad!"

"Your son is calling for you." Duo said smugly, pulling the cover over himself.

"He could be calling for you." Wufei grumbled as he got up and started searching for his clothes.

"Naw, Heero is such a good little daddy's boy, he's definitively searching for you."

Wufei sighed and pulled on his pants.

Now time to stay in bed, there were still a lot to do. They had to unpack the kitchen boxes so that they could start dinner and they needed to put the mattresses up and check the heating to make sure they wouldn't be cold during the night. And they needed to get started on making dinner.

How much potatoes would they need? There were a couple of people in this family who ate more then the rest, no names mentioned but a certain braided man was in the front line.


"Don't shout! I'm coming!" Leaving his softly purring husband in bed, Wufei went downstairs with his head filled with thoughts about potatoes, unopened boxes and ways to get puke off car seats.

The End.



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