Paul's POV

I woke up from the strangest dream.

I was alone in the woods surrounding La Push. I was afraid.

Yes, I said I was afraid.

I was terrified and lost amongst the trees I grew up in. I was confused in a place that was both familiar yet at the same time completely foreign to me.

It wasn't until I heard her voice that I begun to find my way. I was searching for her, for the source of the melodic, almost siren like musical humming that seemed so close, yet no matter how many steps I took in the direction of her cadence she was always just as far.

…and just when I thought I would find her behind that final tree I found myself safely out of the woods and in front of the house that I call home.

I sighed both a sigh of relief and of frustration. For although I was no longer afraid of being lost in the woods I now had a new fear – that I would never again hear her voice calling out to me.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The alarm on my cell phone went off and it was the annoying buzzing that came along with it that woke me from my dream…or was it a nightmare?

Either way I was shaken by my weird sleep state. Not only was it crappy enough that I was a twenty three year old werewolf living alone without a girlfriend, but now I had Siren woman in my dreams. Only, instead of leading me to danger, I was led to safety.


I pulled the covers back after silencing my phone and dragged my feet to the shower. I turned it on letting the water warm up as I brushed my teeth. When I looked up into the mirror once I was done it was completely fogged up. Good thing too, the last thing I needed to see was the dark circles I knew I had under my eyes from all the late night patrols Sam had me enduring.

I hate vampires.

Not only have they completely ruined my life by converting the very structure of my DNA turning me into a wolf whenever one is near, but now they were ruining my personal life…or creating a lake thereof.

I stripped down and jumped in the shower letting the steamy hot water run over me. I was hot, naturally, both internally and externally, if you know what I mean, but instead of enjoying warm or cool showers like I knew the rest of the pack did, I loved the hot.

I closed my eyes as the water cascaded through my hair and I thought back on the voice.

It was sweet and innocent and somehow a bit worry sounding. But…it was just a dream. I am a terminal bachelor. Woman love me yet hate me all at once and it will always be that way.

15 minutes later I was dressed in my jeans and black t-shirt pouring orange juice into a glass and put it up to my mouth about to take a much desired drink when there was a pounding at my door.

So, I did what any guy in my position would do. I ignored it and chugged down my OJ. I took a seat and poured myself another glass and enjoyed being me.

Again the pounding at my door resumed. Rolling my eyes I got to my feet and swung the door open grabbing little Seth Clearwater by the front of his shirt pulling him inside and slamming the door behind him.

"There better be a damn good reason for you to be trying to knock down my front door at eight o'clock in the morning."

"Th-there's a girl in the woods…she's not breathing. I need your help. You're the closest one around."

I let him go immediately and he ran out the door. I followed him, running at full speed. I would have phased to get to her faster but what good would I be to her without opposable thumbs?

It took us five minutes of intense running before we got to her.

She was a small and innocent looking, but clearly in her early twenties. Her long brown hair spilled across the snow and her porcelain skin was beginning to turn blue.

I knelt down beside her and put my head against her chest. Her breathing was faint. I picked her up in my arms and it was then, with the stirring of the air around us that I caught a horribly familiar scent.


"Seth." I hissed but he was already tense in pursuit of the scent.

"I smell it too." He said in answer to my tone. "Get her out of here, I'll keep searching."

"No you won't. You're coming back with me. We need to get her warm."

He starred at me, clearly wanting to argue, but in the end he nodded.

I held the girl close to me trying to give her as much as my body heat as I could. The run back home seemed to take an eternity as I pondered a million different things all at once.

Who was this girl and how did she get so unlucky as to be in the middle of the woods? How did she almost freeze to death and why in the world were there vampires on Quileute land?

I was both seething in anger and panic stricken for the girl that I felt my stomach churn.

Finally we had arrived at the house and I ordered Seth to grab all of the blankets off of the bed as I laid her down on my couch and threw the throw over her.

Seth came in not two seconds later and tucked the covers around her. We both took a step back in silence.

"Uh…don't you think we should take her to the hospital?" whispered Seth.

"We can't."

I could see him out of the corner of my eye starring at me in confusion. I crossed my arms and looked him full in the face.

"You don't smell that?"

"Smell what?"

"Seth, she's turning. She's been bitten. What we need to be doing is calling the Cullen doctor."

He snapped his head to look at her more closely.

"Well, what the heck are we doing keeping her in your house? She needs to go."

He took two steps toward her, but I blocked him.

"Don't touch her. She is still technically human. We protect her for the time being. Meanwhile, why don't you go get Sam? The Cullen should be made aware that there is a newborn in the area…and that someone has violated the treaty and if we find out that it was a Cullen, there will be serious ramifications. If it was someone else…then we have to pick up our patrols."

Again, it looked like he wanted to argue, but decided against it and flew out the door. Not two minutes later I heard a howling that I knew was Seth calling for the pack to unite.

Just then she stirred.

She mumbled something I couldn't make out. I got closer to her and knelt at her side. I could smell the venom in her spreading and my stomach churned. How could someone do this to someone so beautiful?

I would rip the cold dead heart out of chest of the leech who did this to her.

She turned on her side facing me and her hand slipped from underneath the covers. I took it in mine feeling the cold shock that came from the dead hands of a vampire.

She took in a sharp breath and opened her eyes in shock and pain, sitting up suddenly. I flew back taken off guard.

"Edward!" She whispered fiercely before closing her eyes and falling back on the pillow.

Scrambling to my knees again, I got close to her. Her eyes were closed shut and it was a wonder she wasn't writhing in pain.

I took her hand in mine and she held it with more strength than I thought her capable of.

"You're not alone." I whispered. "I won't leave your side."

Again she mumbled something. I got closer to her, close enough that if this were an entirely different situation I could have kissed her.

She opened her eyes letting two tears stream down the side of her face. Her big brown eyes stared back at me, almost pleading me to help her.

"What did you say?" I whispered


And with that she closed her eyes and her breathing slowed along with her heartbeat until it stopped completely.

I had no idea who this girl was, but I felt a loss so great she might as well have been family. I felt an ache deep within my chest as I choked out a sob.

I brought her ice cold hand to my mouth and kissed it gently.

Kill Edward…I will.