Bella's POV

All I felt was pain, but it was a distant pain. It was like I could feel something happening to someone else. I couldn't focus on it. Not that I wanted to, but even if I did his face would not allow it. Again and again his face swirled in my mind. Who was this guy and how can I be laying on the ground on the snow about to die and see a face so vividly in my mind of a person I have never even met.

I guess they had it all wrong when they talked about the light at the end of a tunnel, although his face was so magnificent that it could quite possibly be an angel. That must be it. I was looking at an angel. Yes.

Time seemed to drag on for days, yet at the same time, felt like it wasn't moving at all. I was stuck in a timeless place, I suppose. I was cold and yet the burning pain was relentless. How could Edward have done this to me? Everything was going so well! He seemed like an everyday kind of guy. I saw him at school, crushed on him and he paid attention to me out of everyone else.

People at school said that this just didn't happen. Edward stayed with his family of equally good looking brothers and sisters and never spoke to another soul at the school unless he was answering a question for the teachers, so I was lucky right? I mean c'mon!


My fate was sealed the moment Edward laid eyes on me. He was on a mission. He knew what he was going to do all along that selfish prick. He wooed me, had me enamored beyond belief and just as I thought I was falling in love with this glorious Cullen his true colors come to light.

He picks me up for a date. A stroll through the forest he says. Romantic, is what I think. Everything is the same as always. The sexual tension in the car is almost tangible. He holds my hands and I stopped wondering long ago why they were so darn cold. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

He pulls over on the side of the road, opens my car door, takes my hand and helps me out. He gives me his jacket to keep me even warmer and holds me close to him as he leads me to my death. He stops after a while and turns me around trailing fiery kisses along my neck and my brain stops working. And then out of nowhere I hear this guttural noise. I step back and see his eyes boring into mine, but not seductively like they should have been – nope – they were filled with pure evil and traces of animalistic lust.

I took another step back, feeling a warning call out to me from the pit of my stomach. Run, it told me but my feet were glued to the snowy ground.

"You smell so delicious, Bella."

Huh? I thought. What the hell is he talking about?

"I tried holding back, but I just have to have you."

And of course I thought he was going to have his way with me sexually…if only I knew.

"Stay back. You're freaking me out Edward. Please, just stop it."

He grinned at me, the same lopsided grin that used to make me weak at the knees, but now it was different, it was scary as hell.

"Oh, Bella. I think I'll have a taste of you and then…and then I'll keep you. After all, we really do make a good couple. I love you, but you blood…it's like a drug to me."

My what?

That was enough to make my feet unglue themselves from the ground. I sprinted in the opposite direction, but before I made it anymore than ten yards he appeared almost out of nowhere directly in front of me.

How the hell?

So I ran the other way. Same thing happened.

What the hell was he?

He laughed and grabbed me by the shoulders with more force than was really necessary considering that his hands were like stone grips.

"Ouch, Edward! You're hurting me. Let go!"

And then a softness appeared in his eyes. The real Edward came back and he let me go.

"I'm SO sorry, Bella. I…I don't know what came over me."

The tears that I impressively had been able to hold back up until now spilled over and I ran again. I ran and I ran and I ran.

The cold air burned my lungs and my cheeks but I couldn't stop. I had to get as far away from him as possible, but it didn't work. Just when I thought that I had gotten away, after maybe an hour more of stumbling through the forest running I felt those cold hands on my back and I was thrown face down. I tried to turn around and smack him away, but everything happened so fast I couldn't figure up which way was up or down.

I felt teeth sink into my shoulder and faster than I thought possible the blood was being sucked out. I was dying. I was being killed by a vampire.

The world went black and then it set on fire, but not before the angels face appeared helping me along. I smiled. I didn't want to die alone and I preferred him over no one.

The blackness enveloped me and I was out.

I dreamt of the Angel. He was lost and needed a help out of the scary woods. I tried to talk to him, but I sang to him instead. That was the language of angels, wasn't it? And then the blackness came over me once again.

The pain nearly died away. I felt almost…comfortable. Then I felt a warm hand hold mine and it shocked me awake and then hand fell away.

"Edward!" No, don't touch me! I wanted to say but the words just wouldn't come.

The hand held mine again, but it was too warm. It wasn't Edward's. He was always cold as ice. I gripped the hand tighter holding on for dear life.

"You're not alone." I heard a voice whisper. "I won't leave your side."

And I knew he meant it. I knew this man; this wonderful man wouldn't let anything bad happen to me.

"Kill Edward." I mumbled.

I opened my eyes and wasn't shocked to see my angel sitting on the floor in front of me. I was a little taken off guard that I was in a house, but it didn't matter. My angel was here, nothing bad would happen.

"What did you say?" he whispered, almost too afraid to speak too loudly.

I felt the pain come back, this time it was full force. He was too late. I was already dying. I choked out my last words, the most important words I would ever say.


And then I was out again.

I know that some time had passed and strangely enough I was starving. No, that wasn't right. I was thirsty. Yeah, that was it. My throat was on fire. I needed something to drink right now and oddly enough this is what brought me back to life.

I opened my eyes crying out and was surprised to see my angel again. He had saved me.

"Who are you?"

"I-I'm Paul." Could this Paul be real? I had to know. I put my hand on his cheek. Yes. He was real.

"You're so warm." I said not caring if he thought I was weird or not. And then the smell hit me like a Mack truck speeding straight into a brick wall.

My mind, although not completely understand, spit out a warning in neon red letters in my mind: ENEMY!

I heard someone else tell him to let me go.

"You should listen to him." I growled, grabbed him by the throat and jumped out of his arms. My surroundings almost threw me off guard. Everything was strangely amplified. I found that I knew things I shouldn't know…like the deer that was 2.32 miles away from where I stood and the smell of wet dog was almost over powering. I turned around to see where it came from and was taken aback by the beautiful man standing in front of me with his arms up, directing me to stay back. Again the sense of ENEMY came back.

"Where were you taking me?" I yelled out.

"The Cullen's. Let him go." He said without skipping a beat. Ah, a brave one.

"The Cullen's? Are you barking mad? They were the ones who did this to me!"

Hell no! I wasn't going to go back there to those monsters! No freaking way!

"The Cullen's did this to you?" he said incredulously.

"Who else? It was Edward, Edward Cullen!"

"Ok. You don't have to go back, but you need to let Paul go. You're killing him."

"And why shouldn't I? He was going to take me back to a murdering vampire! Oh no! Am I…?" but I couldn't finish the sentence. I couldn't believe it. Now I was the monster. I looked over at Paul who was still in my hands and was about to let go when I heard a loud ripping sound followed by a growl. I threw Paul against the tree only to see a wolf the size of a horse hurling itself at me. I caught it in midair but the force of it flying at me knocked me back. We rolled over on the ground. My first instinct was: KILL. I smacked the wolf and I heard it whimper.

"I don't know where you went, Brave One, but you better run before this wolf gets you."

The wolf froze in my hands and looked up at me. I stared it straight in the eyes and recognition hit me. I let him go. I was on the floor and I scuttled backwards until I felt a tree at my back.

I covered my eyes.

"Go ahead. Kill me. I don't want to be a monster. I don't want to be surrounded by fairy tales. Please, werewolf, just kill me."

I tried to cry. I wanted to cry, but I was deprived of my tears. I heard the growling come closer and I knew death was just a stone's throw away. I welcomed it. And just as the angry growl came so close I could feel the hot breath on my face I heard it whimper and cry out in pain. I opened my eyes in time to see an equally large wolf, a gray one, throw the russet colored one halfway across the way.

Then the wolf was not longer a wolf, but a man. A very naked man.

He ran up to me and touched my face. I didn't understand why he was so close. I almost just killed him.

"Are you okay?"

Again I buried my face in my hands, but he quickly took them away.

"I know you're scared, but I promised I wouldn't leave your side."

I don't know what came over me, but I flung my arms around his neck. I didn't expect him to hug me back, but he did. He gently rubbed my back and held me close to him.

After a few moments like this I backed away again.

He smiled. He wasn't afraid of me. I was even afraid of me, but he obviously didn't care.

"Don't leave, okay, I'll be right back." I began to protest, but he begged me not to with his eyes. He stood up and I closed my eyes. He was very exposed.

2 minutes and 28 seconds later he came back. I opened my eyes and he had a pair of jeans on and a white t-shirt. He knelt in front of me again.

"Now, we have a lot to talk about, but first, why don't we start with your name?"

I looked at him wondering if I should tell him the truth. Then again, he hasn't given me a reason not to trust him even after he was mere seconds away from death at my hands. The visual proof was starting to show around his neck as it bruised over. He noticed me staring and put a hand over his neck.

"Oh, don't worry about that. It will go away in a couple hours."

I don't know what he meant, but I wasn't sure that asking any questions just now was such a good idea. I'm not sure I wanted to know the answers.

He kept looking at me and I remembered his question.

"Bella. My name is Bella."

He smiled such a beautiful smile it almost took my breath away, only I realized just then that I hadn't been breathing. Great.

"Bella. What a perfect name."

I smiled back at him; the first time since I tried to kill him. The warning signs kept flashing in my mind, but I ignored them. This man wouldn't hurt me. This much I did know.