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In my cell I could hear little of what was going on outside, but I did feel vibrations in the ground and what felt like the pain, sadness and anger from millions of people seeping through the earth and into my soul, calling for me to help them.

Everything was strangely quiet and I was starting to get worried. The mean lady that usually brought me something to eat around this time hadn't come yet, this was strange.
I paced around my cell thinking of ways to get out. I had been in here for almost a day and a half with no food or water, I was starting to feel weak and nauseous.

I was told once that my cell was three stories underground, and that only seven people knew about me. Of those seven, four knew the pass code to open my cell. So when the door suddenly burst open and in walked two native Na'vi men, you could say I was a little surprised.

I backed myself into the corner of my cell, being careful not to actually touch the bars as they would send a very strong electric shock through my body. I pulled my lips back and hissed as loud and threatening as I could.

The men looked surprised to see me as well, I'm guessing they were just snooping around and happened upon my cell. One of the men walked forward. He had weapons strapped across his body and both sides of his head shaved with hair down the middle, the traditional male Na'vi hair cut. I hissed and snapped my teeth at him, but when I realized he was reaching for one of the bars I stopped and smiled. Before he was able to touch the bars another Na'vi walked in, a female, she said something to the men that I didn't understand.

Both of the men walked over to her and they started talking in whispers. They looked at me every so often, probably telling the female how they found me. Every time they looked at me I hissed, I was not letting males around me ever again. The last time I did, it didn't end well for either of us. I got locked in this cell and forgotten and that man, well...his Avatar is no longer useful with the hole in its stomach.

The male Na'vi once again walked up to my cell and went to grab the bar, and I hissed at him but was laughing on the inside. As soon as his hand touched the bar he started to shake and he fell to the floor. The man and woman both ran to him, asking if he was alright. I was sure he was fine, he was taller and heavier than me and he only touched the bar for two seconds. When I touch one it usually knocks me out for hours.

I went to my bed, sat down and watched as the two Na'vi helped the electrocuted man up and into a chair that was in the corner. My teacher used to sit there before she left me for bigger and better things.

The chair was obviously too small for the large blue man, but he sat there for a few minutes while I looked on. The female started yelling at me in Na'vi. I could understand a little Na'vi but I had a feeling that she was not talking about plants and animals. I just sat and stared as she went on and on, and I started to see that this wasn't just one comrade's concern for another. I looked between them a few times until I saw the connection, they both had the same eye shape. They were siblings.

The female looked over at the other Na'vi and said something to him, and I finally understood something she had said.
"Go get JakeSully, Nì'awve, he will want to know of this," she gently pushed the man out the door, as he was too concerned with his comrade to listen correctly.

She walked over to her brother and touched his forehead carefully, and he opened his eyes and gave her a small smile. He looked over to me, and I hissed while he stared.