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I was outside again, following Jake and Neytiri. They said they were taking me to Hometree. I wasn't sure what that was, but it sounded nice.

I was so absorbed by the plants and animals that I kept tripping over tree roots. I could see that Neytiri was getting a little annoyed, but Jake just laughed and talked about the first time he was in the jungle.

We were walking along, when we suddenly came across a huge tree that seemed to jump out of nowhere.) I gasped and looked around. There were Na'vi children running around playing and adults working and looking amused by their children.

Neytiri smiled and motioned for me to follow her. I stared in wonder at the hammocks hanging over head and the incredibly large tree limbs. I had never seen anything like this before.

As I was staring above me like a skxawng, I didn't hear the tromping of hooves or even the yell of some Na'vi around me.

Something pushed me from behind and I fell on my face. I got up, ready to beat someone up, seeing as I couldn't yell at them.

I saw about 5 Na'vi riding Pa'li. One had something slung over the front of his mount. They were riding quickly to an alcove on the other side of the tree.

All the riders were yelling in Na'vi, something about a toktor for…Txe'lan?

I looked at Neytiri, she looked like she didn't know what to do, stay with me or go help Txe'lan. She told me on the walk here that she was training to be the Tsahìk, it was her duty to help take care of an injured Na'vi, even if they were from a different tribe.

I nodded to her and she ran after the Pa'li.

I looked around, Jake was already over by the riders, as was Neytiri.

I knew I shouldn't interfere with something so important, but this was one of my only friends.

The wind started to pick up, and it felt like it was pushing me towards the small room.

I ran as fast as I could to where everyone was gathering around. I could hardly see past the people. I'm starting to find that I am rather short for a Na'vi.

I looked down at everyone's feet and saw a perfect place for me to crawl strait past everyong and into the alcove.

I got down on my hands and knees and started my trek into the mass of feet.

I got kicked in the ribs twice and a large child had fallen on me but I finally came out right in front of the opening to the hollow. There was some kind of animal skin hanging in front of it, I slipped under that too.

On the other side of the skin there was complete silence.

Txe'lan was laying on a bed of animal skins with an elderly Na'vi woman kneeling beside him. Mawe was on the side of him with tears in her eyes. Jake and Neytiri where standing a behind Mawe with comforting hands on her shoulder.

Neytiri saw me and walked over.

"Mi'niri, there is nothing you can do here. Please go back out side."

I shook my head, still staring at Txe'lan. I knew I had no way to help him, but I couldn't just stand around.

Mawe whipped her head around and growled out "Get out. Now. You not be here


I hissed but didn't look at her.

I stepped up behind the older woman. She was pressing a wet cloth to Txe'lan's stomach with one hand and crushing up leaves in a bowl with the other.

I dropped to my knees and softy took the bowl from her and started to crush the herbs. She looked at me for a second before asking Neytiri to get more water.

Neytiri left with Jake in tow.

The woman slowly lifted the cloth. It was a bullet wound and blood was running out of it at a fast pace.

I turned back to the bowl and continued crushing the leaves. The woman's hand came into my view, it was holding a small bowl that had a purple liquid in it. She poured it into the leaves and told me to mix it with my hands…and to pray to Eywa to help Txe'lan, so I did.

I learned the woman was Tsahìk of the The Horse Clan of the Plains, the clan that Txe'lan and Mawe were from. She learned that I couldn't speak, she didn't even blink when Mawe told her and she still spoke to me like I had thoughts of my own.

Jake and Neytiri came back with more water and Tsahìk cleaned Txe'lan's wound once more before starting to remove the bullet. Jake and Mawe both left when Txe'lan started groaning in pain. I stayed and watched, being here was the only thing that I could do to help.

The bullet had come out without much problem, but I was afraid that he was going to die of blood loss now.

The Tsahìk sewed up the wound with something I had never seen before. I watched closely, over her shoulder, trying not to be a bother.

She held her hand out for the paste I had made with the leaves. I gave it to her and she softly applied some over the wound before wrapping Txe'lan's stomach.

I sighed and laid on the ground. I knew he was neither safe nor healthy yet, but I felt like he had a better chance now.

Pa'li- Horse like.


Toktor- Doctor.