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Heart of Gold

Chapter 11 Part 2 - This could be the start of something special

The prolonged silenced between the young couple certainly troubled Robbie because it made him feel his girlfriend might be about to tell him that she was dumping him for someone else however as he waited for the confirmation, he looked and gazed closely at her and suddenly noticed that Eva who always tended to be a stronger and determined person now surprisingly seemed as though she must have been sobbing minutes before she had bumped into him out of the blue, he looked thoughtfully at her and considered everything they'd substantially learned about one another over the last few months because right at that exact moment as the world appeared to feel regrettably altered around Eva to Robbie it was pretty much unmistakably obvious the blue mascara was still trickling down her smooth rounded cheekbone, she visibly looked upset and this continued to make him feel absolutely concerned for the woman he loved and admired.

"What's the matter Eva?" Robbie worryingly broke the awkward silence between them, throughout this unfolding scene betweent them he still gave her an encouraging smile letting her know he was going to stand by her and support her all the way after whatever she confesses too, he gently placed his long hands across her shoulders and wiped a runaway tear from her cheek. "You can tell me Eva, whatever it is I promise I won't react badly"

Eva gazed up slowly and looking into his shining affectionate eyes and gave a nervous irrefutable smile as he closed the gap that had uncomfortably sandwiched between them apart for a mere 15 minutes or so, as Robbie stepped nearer while glancing down more closely at Eva and finally found enough courage to comfort her, he kept an observant eye on her, pondering on the next words to come from her lips. "Robbie I'm pregnant, I've missed two periods for the last two months and I've been feeling unwell the last four days. I was really nervous over telling you because I thought you would dump me for someone who appeals more to you" she snuggled up against Robbie's huggable chest, smiling as they held each other more supportively and reassuring. A cold snap of wind curled against his cheekbone.

"Am I, the father?" Robbie looked baffled not knowing what to say or respond with, always worrying that he might inadvertently upset her after already knowing for certain on previous occasions he wasn't an self-reliant person especially when it came to accurately speak his mind, he kept tight lipped waiting for her answer, just hoping that she would confirm he was the father.

"Well I know we've only slept together twice over the last few months but I have strong feeling you are" Eva basically confirmed this, higging him as tightly as she possibly could, she was grateful about finally telling him the exciting news was eventually at last out in the open.


As Derek's date with the delightful Julie became rather fascinating within its own way, he eagerly eavesdropped on what she was presently telling him about herself and her brother's competitive relationship since childhood, how they kept trying to impress her dad with knowledge of Rugby and Football and how they deliberately tried to outclass one another on school sports day in the scorching hot summer of 1975. Derek looked genuinely staggered to discover the woman he was coming to admire a lot more had revealed an competitive edge about herself.

"So what sports do you play Julie, taking a guess would Tennis be your favourite Sports game? I know from watching Wimbledon every year that birds always do more well in the game then male tennis players nowadays" He asked her and also spoke out what he truly thought about the game, he was also feeling fascinated on discovering just a little bit more about the charismatic and sexy woman he was dining with at that exact moment.

"Me Tennis yeah right, my favourite sport event is Horse Racing, don't ask me why but I've always had an impeccable interest in riding horse and attending horse racing meetings. You know if you choose to stay in Bristol for a more lengthy stay, I might treat you to a day out at the races if you like, name any racing meeting and we'll go there" Julie said, promising Derek a fantastic day out together, arm in arm and placing bets on the latest horse races.

"Horse Racing isn't my idealistic subject to talk about, my dad and the rest of the family including my uncles were obviously more into football and taught me everything I needed to know about the game" Derek said, he saw that Julie's smile faded vaguely, he felt so incredibly ashamed and felt as though he let his guard down, probably unmistakably thrown away any chances he had with this pleasant woman. Right now it seemed so observable that they both never had too much in common with each other than they first assumed, Derek never returned a look at her, sensing he'd upset her and then as he kept withdrawn for a few seconds he soon experienced a last minute chsnge of heart, which was something he hardly considered doing most of the time. Had he ought to unexpectedly change his ways for the better and undoubtedly experience the knowing feel he knew to feel more like a Heart of Gold.

"Derek why do I get the impression you feel so embarassed for loving the game of football, honestly if I'm spot on about this can I tell you, you don't have to feel too shy about this. Maybe if we meet up again in Manchester you can take me to a Manchester United match at Old Trafford" Julie pressed her hand against his, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

"I feel terrible for going all fearful , just thought I'd ruined our happy moment" Derek gave a rare adorable smile as Julie watched on.

"Hey you don't have anything to feel worried about besides I don't want to wait any longer Derek, for our dessert, let me tell you I've had something being playing on my mind for most of the evening"

"Why was it is, don't tell me if I'm acting all too curious, you aren't planning a secret rendezvous for us?" Derek twigged she was giving the distinct impression that she wanted him to spend the night with her.

"Perhaps" Julie pulled him up by surprise from the chair in the pub/restaurant and paid £10 for the meals they'd ate. "Keep the change lovey" she rested her cleavage over the bar and squeezed the barman's cheeks playfully.

Derek look on, secretly smitten "Are you trying to make me jealous by flirting with Big Daddy?" he chuckled and grabbed her hand as they hurried from the pub and down towards the local street where she lived.


Robbie lovingly stroked Eva's cheek minutes after the news of him becoming a father digested in. "Eva you should have told me earlier?, or was matters at work getting too stressful for you to handle?"

"Always typical of you Scottish gorgeous handsome men to constantly question a woman's periods. I've only just found out myself, I'm not precisely predicting I'm pregnant Robbie. Truthfully I haven't exactly told anyone yet, I haven't told my sister Jess, usually me and her always share news with one another on the phone every evening during Emmerdale. She's going to be thrilled I just know she will be, she'll be saying how much she'll be looking forward to becoming an aunty." Eva squealed with excitement and delight.

"I should let my folks know back in Scotland, Should let Derek know as well, he'll be patting me on the back no doubt about it" Robbie debated on how to break the happy news to his loved ones and to his friends back at the GMP. "Last time I heard from him, he'd told me the hearing went perfectly well and that he was taking a break for a few days, it would be funny if we bumped into him" Robbie laughed at the possible coincidence. As he escorted Eva back towards the local street hotel, he glanced up and caught a glimpse of Derek and Julie walking hand in hand together. "Shit its Derek, over there" Robbie shouted out.

"Not so loud Robbie sweetheart, you've got a voice like a foghorn" Eva giggled after she'd mentioned it.

"Derek! Derekkkkk!" Robbie run after him down the long stretched pavementm running like a 400m sprinter at the Olympics.

Derek glanced over his shoulder, he looked overjoyed to see the young Detective catching up. "Bloody Hell Robbie, have you been training to be a runner for the next Olympics in Seoul" he laughed, instantly hugging him and feeling delighted to see him once again. "How have you been, has Eva got you doing challenging tasks around the station?" he laughed.

"No she hasn't, we've been stronger these last few weeks, well especially after me losing my temper and nearly losing my job, she stood by me. Also ..." Robbie nearly revealed the news to Derek and Julie just as Eva stepped forward and stood alongside her boyfriend.

"Nice to see you again Eva" Derek said, smiling as he held Julie closer to him.

"Seeing as we're altogether in Bristol, me and Eva have some exciting news... in nine months time we're going to become parents of our first child together" Robbie spilled the beans finally as he held Eva's hand.

Derek pursued his lips whilst staring at Robbie and then Eva before looking back at the young Detective, expressing his considerable surprise yet at the same time feeling ever more pleased for the younger jubliant couple . "Congratulations, I'm really pleased for you both" He willingly hugged his friend again, lightly patting him on the back as they stood in the chilly weather.

Robbie pulled away moments later and soon noticed the younger woman accompanying his friend. "So Derek are you going to introduce me and Robbie to your lady friend" Eva asked, standing by the tall dark streetlamp looking more particularly happier than ever, she was interested to find out how the two met.

"Lady friend?" Julie bafflingly asked, not quite understanding whether Eva meant it as a passing joke.

"She doesn't mean it Julie love, she's just luring you to a practical joke that's all" Derek sarcastically smiled a little, Robbie felt tempted to laugh at this. "Me and Julie here were heading back to where she lives, would you like to join us too, young lovebirds"

Robbie looked for approval from Eva. "I don't see why not just as long as you two don't turn into a Comedy Act throughout the rest of the evening" Eva smirked, feeling more pleased by how the events of the evening had turned out so effortlessly well.

Derek and Julie prepared to run off quick away from the parents-to-be. "Oi don't you treat this like a race Derek" Robbie suggested, nonetheless his warning was straightforwardly ignored as they hurried down the pavement of the long stretched road.

End of Chapter

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