This is basically a story I had written for another show but I tweaked it a little towards the end, changed the names, and turned it into a Supernatural story. Don't know if anyone will like it or not, but here it goes……

Missed Turn

Sam glanced over at a napping Dean as he drove, he wasn't happy. Earlier in the week their car had been damaged by a vengeful spirit and was now at Bobby's waiting for Dean to repair it. In the meantime they had read in the paper about strange happening in a canyon a few hours drive from Bobby's and borrowed one of his cars to check it out….but the case didn't pan out. And now to make matters worse they were lost in a torrential downpour. What next Sam thought as he once more glanced over at his sleeping brother. How can he sleep through this Sam wondered? The thunder was so loud that the car vibrated with each crack and the lightening was flashing continuously. He hadn't seen a road sign for miles and right now he had no idea where he was.

"Why the hell don't they mark anything around here?" Sam mumbled to himself.

"You lost?" Dean said smiling as he sat up and stretched.

"If you would have let me get a GPS I wouldn't be."

"You don't need a GPS just follow the signs."

"What signs? There aren't any, and all these canyon roads look alike. I have no idea where the turn off back to the highway is."

"All these roads probably lead back to the highway ….eventually." Dean said as he sat up.

"Oh that really helps."

"You know what your problem is Sam….You have no sense of direction."

"Oh and you do?"

"Yeah, I do….I bet if I had been driving we'd already be back at Bobby's."

As Sam turned to look at Dean his eyes widened in horror, a pickup truck was speeding toward them from a crossroad on Dean's side and Sam could tell it was going to run the stop sign.

"Lookout!" Sam yelled a warning to Dean as he slammed on the brakes and turned the wheel hard to the right spinning the car around and letting his side take the full impact. The sounds of tires screeching and metal hitting metal filled the air. ….then complete silence.


An hour later Dean opened his eyes, at first he had no idea what had happened, all he knew was that he hurt. Finally his senses came back to him and he discovered that he was lying alongside the road in the mud which lucky for him had absorbed the impact of his body. He was bruised and sore but he could move and nothing seemed to be broken. He lay still for a moment trying to remember what had happened and then it came back to him. He remembered his brother shouting a warning to him, then the feeling of the car spinning around and the sound of the impact on Sam's side and then nothing until now.

"Sam! Sammy!" He quickly sat up and immediately regretted it when a sharp pain shot through his head. He winced in pain as he looked around for the car, it was nowhere in sight. He noticed that the pickup truck that had hit them was on the shoulder of the road where empty beer cans littered the area around it. Dean could see that the driver's door was open but the driver was nowhere in sight. His heart pounded in his chest as he frantically looked around for their car. Finally, through the pouring rain, he noticed skid marks going off the side of the road into a deep drainage ditch. He quickly ran over and looked down into the ditch. The car lay upside down at the bottom of the ditch which was quickly filling up with water from the runoff of the nearby mountains.

"Oh God no…." Dean slid down into the ditch and reached into the muddy water filled car looking for his brother, but there was no sign of him. "Sammy can you hear me?" He shouted but his words were lost in the deafening thunder. "Where are you?" He said softly as he looked up and down the ditch. He then ran to the other side of the car and looked down in horror. Sam was trapped under the car, only his head, left arm, and part of his chest were visible, the rest of his body was under the twisted metal and swirling water. Dean knelt down in the water and cradled his brother's head above the water. He could see that Sam's eyes were open, but they were looking at nothing. Dean pushed Sam's wet hair out of his eyes as he gently rocked back and forth.

"Don't you do this to me Sammy." He said softly not knowing if his brother was alive or dead. He put two fingers against Sam's neck and felt a faint, rapid pulse. He then leaned down and put his ear next to Sam's mouth and could feel and hear his shallow breaths. "Thank God." He breathed a sigh of relief, at least Sam was alive but he knew he was far from out of danger.

"Sam….Sammy come on buddy talk to me." Dean gently patted his brother's face praying he'd get an answer.

Sam suddenly gasped in a painful breath of air as his eyes began to focus on Dean.

"Oh thank God….I thought you were dead." Sam managed to get out. "I didn't ….I didn't know where you were."

"I got thrown from the car but I'm fine." Dean couldn't even begin to imagine how his brother must have felt lying there trapped beneath the car thinking he was dead and that he was also going to die soon…and he still might Dean thought. He tried to shake the thought from his mind, his brother wasn't going to die, he was going to get him out of there and everything would be fine.

"Can't….can't ….breathe…." The car was slowly settling into the mud putting even more pressure on Sam's chest. Dean knew it would be only a matter of minutes before Sam's entire body was submerged below the water.