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Missed Turn

Chapter eleven

"Now this won't hurt a bit." Floyd said as he took out his knife.

Sam knew there was nothing he could do, there was no way he or Dean could get loose in time. Every movement caused him agony and right now he just wanted it over with. He hated that his brother would have to see him die, but in a way he was also relieved that he didn't have to watch Dean die. He didn't think he could go through that again.

"Now just hold still." Floyd lowered the knife toward Sam's neck.

"Get away from him you son of a bitch!" Dean swore as he kicked out at Floyd. Panic began to set in; there was no way he was going to watch his brother die again. "You sick bastard! You ugly son of a bitch! Why don't you try me first? You damn coward, you have to pick on a man who's injured and tied down! Well why don't you try me?" Dean kicked out again and this time managed to connect with Floyd's leg. Floyd yelped in pain as he stepped away from the table and glared at Dean.

"You want to go first boy, is that what you want?" Floyd asked as he took a step closer to Dean. "Why don't I just slit your fucking throat and you can choke on your own blood while you watch your buddy die."

"Dean …no……" Sam knew what his brother was doing; trying to direct Floyd's anger toward him so that he'd leave him alone. Sam knew it was only delaying the inevitable, Bobby's friends weren't coming, or if they were they'd never make it in time. They both were going to die and it really didn't matter who went first. Sam frantically looked around the room. Where was Castiel when you needed him? Still off looking for God he wondered?

"I'm going to slit that pretty throat of yours and then I'm going to let you bleed out real slow." Floyd lowered the knife toward Dean's throat.

"Noooooooo! " Sam cried out as he watched in horror. Then suddenly his entire body began to pulsate with an anger even he didn't realize he harbored. With one swift movement he ripped the ropes from his body and stood next to the table clenching and unclenching his fists. He could feel all the pain in his body leave as he glared at Floyd. There was no way he was going to let him hurt his brother.

"No Sammy! ….No!" Dean watched in both shock and disbelief as Sam's eyes began to turn demon black.

Floyd spun around and his eyes widened in sheer terror.

"What the hell!" He screamed as he swung the knife back and forth in front of him. "What's going on?.... Who the hell are you guys?" Floyd glanced at Dean before looking back at Sam.

Dean ignored Floyd's question, right now he was focused on his brother. He had hoped when Sam had killed Lilith his powers went with her, but here his brother was standing right in front of him looking just like the demons they hunted down and killed.

"Sammy no!" Dean hoped he could get through to him. He'd rather have them both die then to have Sam turn back into a demon.

Without another word Sam reached out and grabbed Floyd by the throat with his left hand, he then grabbed Floyd's hair with his other hand and twisted his head till it was facing backward. Once Sam was sure that Floyd was dead he let go of his body and it dropped lifeless to the ground.

Sam then reached down and took Floyd's knife off the floor and cut Dean loose. Dean looked at Sam with tears in his eyes. His little brother had saved his life, but by saving it he had once more darkened his soul by using his demon powers.

Just then Frank walked into the barn. He had heard the shouting outside and decided he better see what was happening. The first thing he saw was his dad lying on the floor with his head completely twisted backwards; it was obvious he was dead.

"You killed my daddy!" Frank screamed as he rushed toward the brothers with the shovel he had just used to bury his last victim held high in his hands.

Before Dean could stop him Sam raised his hand and Frank was immediately thrown hard against the side of the barn and held there. Then with a twist of Sam's hand, Frank began gasping for air as he felt his heart being squeezed tight by an invisible force.

"Sammy no!" Dean shouted.

He grabbed Sam's shoulder but it was too late. Frank gasped one last time then his head lolled to the side and Sam let his body drop to the floor.

"Damn it Sammy snap out of it!" Dean gave Sam a hard punch to his shoulder.

Sam spun around and looked at Dean, his lips curled back in anger. He threw his arm back as if to deliver a blow and Dean took a step backward expecting to now be at the end of Sam's rage. Instead Sam's anger hardened face suddenly softened and he closed his eyes and began to sway on his feet as if ready to pass out. Dean managed to catch him before he fell to the ground.

"Sam? Sammy?" Dean gave his brother a gentle shake.

"Dean?" Sam opened his eyes which now had reverted back to hazel and looked at his brother confused. "What's going on?" He asked when he noticed the two dead men in the barn. "What happened?"

"I'll explain later." Dean was relieved his brother's eyes were back to normal but that didn't erase the fact that for a few minutes the demon blood in Sam's system had once more turned his brother's eyes black and had caused the anger in him to turn into a full blown rage. "We got to get out of here Sam.....Can you make it?" Dean knew Sam's ribs were either badly bruised or broke, yet now he stood in front of him as if nothing had happened to him, as if he wasn't in any pain at all.

"I feel fine." Sam said truthfully.

Dean gently lifted Sam's shirt up and was shocked to see that the bruises were gone and Sam's chest looked normal. He quickly lowered the shirt. Had the demon power in Sam healed him?

"What's wrong?" Sam asked when he saw the look on Dean's face.

"Nothing." Dean lied….all he wanted right now was to get out of there. Floyd and Frank were both dead and if the cops showed up he didn't want to have to answer questions or to explain how Floyd's head got twisted on backwards .

"Dean what happened? … Who killed them?... Did Bobby's friends show up?" Sam put his hand over his rib cage and seemed confused. "Why don't I hurt anymore?.....Was Castiel here?" Sam assumed he had been healed by an angel, what else could it be?

"Yeah, Cas was here." Dean lied again. Sam apparently didn't remember anything and Dean wanted to keep it that way. "Sam we really need to get out of here." Dean said as he grabbed Sam's arm and led him to the door.

Dean knew Rosemary probably had gone back to the house and could come out at any time, and this time with a gun.. What they needed to do was to get as far away from there as possible but taking the truck was now out of the question. Once the cops found the two men's bodies they would look for the missing tow truck, which Dean was sure the cops knew the men had, and even if they were Bobby's friends they were still cops and more than likely they would put a bulletin out on it. They'd have to hitch to Bobby's and once there have Bobby notify his friends about the house of horror and what was going on there. The cops could then take Rosemary into custody and could then start to try and identify the bodies and notify the next of kin. Dean swallowed hard as he led Sam pass the bucket containing the head of the man they had found in the barn. As much as he hated Sam using his powers he knew if he hadn't used them they would have been the next to die. Sam had only used his powers when it looked like Floyd was about to hurt him, he hadn't used them when he himself was threatened. He glanced up into his brother's face and blinked back tears, Sam had saved him but at what cost?

On the way out of the barn Sam turned and looked back at the broken bodies of Floyd and his son.

"What happened Dean? … Who killed them? … Was it Cas?" Sam stared down at Floyd's backward head; he knew it would take someone with almost super human strength to do that. The last thing he could remember was Floyd standing over his brother then nothing until he saw Dean standing in front of him holding him up.

"After you passed out I broke loose…. I killed them." Dean lied, he was glad Sam didn't remember. His brother was trying so hard to stay clean and he wasn't about to tell him what really happened. Dean prayed that Sam's rage and the black demon eyes were just a one in a million occurrence and that it wouldn't happen again. He glanced over at Sam and saw him looking at him strangely. His brother now thought he had done the damage and that was what he was going to let him think.

"Come on Sam let's go." Dean put his hand on his brother's back and led him out to the road.

Within a few minutes a car stopped and soon they were on their way to Bobby's. Dean knew Bobby would question him about Sam's injuries and how they had healed so fast, and he would have to lie and tell him Castiel had healed him. He hated lying to Bobby but there was no way he was going to tell him the truth, that Sam had momentarily reverted back to a demon. Once Bobby's friends arrested Rosemary they could begin the unpleasant task of trying to identify the bodies, and by then he and his brother would be back on the road, on their way to their next hunt, hopefully putting this all behind them.

The End