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Some time ago

La Paz, Bolivia

Victor Sullivan knew he had a gift.

Some people wouldn't call it that but Sully was a positive guy.

He had begun to realise something strange was going on when he was fifteen. It had started with his English teacher and then, suddenly, it occurred more frequently. It used to worry him but he had long since come to terms with it.

The bar was crowded and noisy. Sully didn't mind, this was how he liked it. Spanish music floated down from the low ceiling, crackling slightly on ancient speakers. The bar-tender buffed glasses to a crystal shine, the drinks he poured were ice cold, a blessing in the evening heat. Not to mention they were dirt cheap. And as for the bar maids, well, they made eyes at every foreigner who had cash in his pockets and that suited Sully just fine since he was that foreigner with cash in his pockets.

Sully had a good feeling about tonight and was pretty sure he wouldn't be going back to his motel room alone. How wrong he was.

One of the barmaids came up to him with mischievous eyes, giggling as she did so. Sully grinned at her. If Nate was here he would have made some comment about Sully's age and then called him a pervert. Sully was glad he wasn't here this time. Many nights had gone to waste when Nate flatly refused to help him pick up girls.

The barmaid batted her eyelids at him and Sully was just about to suggest something when he felt it. It was the gift, or as he sometimes called it ' a goddamn pain in the ass'. Sure, Sully was a positive guy…mostly.

The feeling, which usually entailed one stomach cramp and three twitches of his big toe, was a sure sign that he should stay away from this woman at all costs. Well, maybe not, but Sully knew what he wanted in life and it definitely wasn't what this woman had.

He stared at the barmaid again. Just to make sure.

The barmaid, called Eva, was unsure about the staring old man and smiled nervously back. It wasn't meant to be like this. She was fairly new here but Maria-the head barmaid-told her if she looked willing she would have no trouble finding in finding some rich man who was easily parted with his money- her mother-Consuela-thought this was immoral but it paid for her younger brother, Pablo, school fees- as for Carlos, her on-off again boyfriend; he had no clue and hopefully it would stay that way till she found a rich American who would marry and take her away from this tired old town. Her, papa, the honourable judge and priest Emilio Rodriguez, may he rest in peace, wouldn't have approved in this 'cavorting' with men, young or old, but she was twenty now, and her own person. Well, that's how she had explained it to Maria who then hired her on the spot.

Sully sighed.

There was no mistaking, the girl was…afflicted.

Sully waved for the bill. He shook his head at the girl, who pouted but then gave up and moved on. Once he had paid, Sully motioned to Maria, who he knew had some senior position in this ramshackle establishment.

Maria gasped and spoke to him in broken English. What? Are you sure? How can you tell?

Sully answered as best as he could and left the bar and made his way back to the motel, alone. Maybe it was about time he visited Nate, that usually cheered him up… or led to some death defying situations which any normal man would've been floored by. Judging on how lonely he felt today though, Sully wouldn't have minded either.

After the bar had closed for the night, Maria pondered about what she had been told. The barmaids were wiping down tables and clearing dishes. She called Eva over and had a quiet talk with her.

Eva ran all the way home to tell Carlos to whom she had been ever faithful (she was good at making the easy foreigners drunk enough to think they had a good time with her when, actually, she had just pinched money from their wallets).

Nine months later, the newly married Eva, gave birth to healthy baby boy. The dad, a proud Carlos, had taken over his own father's garage; securing a steady income for his new family and even, let's not forget, Pablo's school tuition fees.

If you had a lifestyle like Sully i.e. frequent liaisons with various women, there was a chance that ten years later a boy called Humphrey would knock on your door claiming to be your long lost son, needing food, shelter and lots and lots of money. Ok, maybe not Humphrey…Jack or Ben possibly…maybe even Pierre.

To zero his chances of this ever happening to him. Sully avoided all pregnant women.

How did he know if a woman was expecting?

One stomach cramp and three twitches of his big toe would do it for him because, of course, Sully's gift was to be able to tell when women were pregnant.

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