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Chapter One: A Serious Misdeed

It was a week into the peaceful summer holiday after the war against Voldemort. For the last week they'd been mourning Fred and some of the other's. It was only just this morning that they were allowed to go out again and carry on.

Ginny was outside playing an easy game of quidditch with most of her bothers, Harry and Hermione as scorekeeper and referee.

From the house she heard her mother's raspy voice scream her name. Ginny ignored it. Whatever it was it would have to wait.

"GINNY! GINNY!" Again and again.

Harry consulted her, sounding annoyingly more mature. "Don't you think you ought to go and find out what's the matter?"

"I think Harry is right, Ginny."

Ginny replied with an angry, capricious glare straight to her brother, Ron. But she was so impatient and angry she wanted to hurtle the look even to Harry.

Ginny spent several moments braking her broom and then traipsing off through the warm, summer grasses to the broomshed. Her head had been in the clouds lately. She was so in love with Harry! And the daffodils were nice. Maybe she would pick some for Bill and Charlie's old room (which Harry had taken over).

Carefully she put her broom back. It was a special broom. With the galleons rewarded to him for defeating and vanquishing Voldemort, the wizarding world belotted Harry a hefty prize of galleons. He'd bought his girlfriend a shiny Nimbus 2000.

Ginny turned around suddenly. Her mother was making her way over, breathlessly.

"Oh, mum. What is it? I was just thinking that tonight I'll polish my new broom!"
Ginny smiled and looked up at the sunshine, eager to get back to the game. Her beautiful auburn hair shading her.

Molly Weasley was seriously angry, but Ginny had not sensed this. She had not even looked her mother full in the face to see how livid it was; lips tensed together, eyes still doleful with thoughts of Fred. Although of course she had stopped the constant crying several days ago. But sometimes it came on again sporadically.

Molly Weasley pinched Ginny's arm to get her attention.

"Ouch. Mum, what was that for?"

"Your father and I want a word with you, young lady. And it doesn't look so good that you dawdled, you've made us even less lenient."

Her mother's hand closed around Ginny's upper-arm and she started dragging her up the dusty path.

Ginny struggled and being the stronger freed herself.

"I don't understand. What am I in trouble for? I thought I emptied the chicken coop every day this week, plus I did the gardening!"

"Oh it isn't chores, Ginny. You've been a great help for me this summer, yes. And it's good practice for next year when you'll probably become Harry's-"

Ginny finished the sentence Mrs. Weasley seemed unable to say, "Wife. I hope so."

But Harry and Ginny had not discussed the matter yet. They weren't even engaged. Instead they were taking every opportunity to go out alone. It had been more fun than Ginny ever had in her life. But Ginny perceived her mother did not approve, and seemed resentful. And she was about to find out what justified Molly's feelings….

They entered the burrow and went into the living room. It was airy and pleasantly breezy in there. The fruity smells of the kitchen wafted out as well.

Ginny went to sit next to her father on the couch. "Hey dad. What did you need to tell me?"

Her father stared at Ginny, without conveying emotion. He didn't look angry, but it looked odd to see his expression blank. "Molly – why don't you start? You explain what it is."

"Ginny…We have not talked about what happened at the Battle of Hogwarts yet."

A shadow passed over Ginny. Remembering her brother's death and all the people mourning in the Great Hall later.

"I know it was violent. But really – I'm okay," said Ginny sounding tough.

"I'm not surprised," her mother almost snapped back. "But I recall giving specific instructions to stay in the Room of Requirement."

And Mr. Weasley chimed in gravely, "Ginny – I told you to stay there."

Ginny crossed her arms defensively and settled into the couch. She felt small again, like a misbehaving child. But still she had to explain.

"Look…Harry told me to leave! He had a-a job to do in there and it was dangerous. In fact, the whole place burned down in a fire! Aren't you glad I got out in time?"

Ginny gave a blazing look to her mother, yet her mother's glare was equally blazing.

Arthur spoke up again. "I had a conversation with Harry about this last night…We wanted to make sure to get our facts straight before I make my decision on what to do with you. Harry ordered you return to the room afterward. In fact he told me he relayed the message twice. Surely you would have heard?"

"Well, I wasn't going to stay in a charred mess like that! Are you out off your rocker, dad?"

"Don't talk back to your father!" screamed Mrs. Weasley. "You could have found another safe room. Perhaps one of the classrooms where they were rounding up and treating the injured."

"I-I didn't know…Er…"

Ginny's words faded away, they were powerless words. There was no argument she could make for that.

"Instead," began Molly, furious as ever. "Instead you went off to fight! I saw you and I couldn't keep watch on you all night! Not in a- in a"

Molly burst into tears. "You could have died."

"But Tonks let me pair up with her!"

"To protect," said Arthur, suddenly harsh with his daughter. "We were all – me, Lupin, Kingsley, your brothers doing our best to watch out for you. You didn't listen when I told you to get out of the action!"

"I'm sorry, dad. But it was my decision."

Arthur turned to her, finally provoked. "It was not your decision as we just reminded you Ginny. We had you under order to stay in a safe place and you disobeyed. You are an underage girl. Naturally, your mother and I were terrified!"

"Ginny – you are still sixteen years old!"

Ginny burst out, raising her voice; yelling louder than both of them. "I was in Dumbledore's Army!"

"And I am telling you, Ginny," spoke her father softly. And what he said next quieted Ginny. "Your friend, Colin Creevey was in the D.A. and in your year and only sixteen. The poor boy should not have given his life. He was so young."

Ginny hung her head, ashamed at the memory of her friend.

Molly became stern. "As I told you the night of the battle – Dumbledore's Army was a mere teenager's gang! You are a child – you shouldn't have volunteered to take on Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters! They could have kidnapped you and done – done…things. It could have been so much worse."

Molly cried some more. And meanwhile, Arthur patted her shoulder reassuringly. The mother was filled with thoughts of what her only daughter could have experienced torture, kidnap, and rape, murder. With the Death Eaters one could never tell what they'd do to a pretty girl. And Arthur thought of all the pain his wife was going through these days and he was angry his daughter caused even more heartache. It made him keener to administer the punishment his daughter would receive later: a sound spanking.

"Ginny…Go stand in the corner until supper tonight," said Arthur calmly. He was still holding Molly, stroking her hair.

"What? Dad, please! I'm too old! Don't make me-"

"Do it!" spoke her mother.

Ginny obeyed and stomped off to the nearest corner, muttering curses under her breath. Her parents didn't hear it, too intent on their grief.

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