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Chapter Four: Under a Starry Sky

Harry and Ginny went off hand in hand leaving the dinner crowd, now eating desert.

Just hours ago, she expected a terrible evening devoid of amusement and now she was full to bursting with joy. Holding Harry's hand, and strolling leisurely through her father's property, away from the house. They had privacy.

She wanted to bring up the happiest memories. "Remember when we went walking like this?...The year before you destroyed Voldemort."

"Even then, I couldn't get enough of you, Ginny," said Harry smiling. "But starting now, I will."

Harry thought that it was the present time that mattered.

All the little nighttime sounds were just starting up, the thousands of tiny lives singing.

Harry felt uplifted thinking of their freedom. Something in his heart warmed to this time, this moment. Just last year he seriously considered he might not ever get this. A chance for life with the girl he'd wanted most.

But Ginny was here, warm against his side. He could smell the very same flowery scent.

But unpleasantly he was reminded how Ginny nearly ruined everything. How selfish to volunteer for battle and then go off when she'd been ordered not to!

"Ginny, I did miss our talks terribly. When I was camping with Ron and Hermione, I'd wished we'd had had more alone time then. But we're making up for it, starting tonight."


"But there is a few things that should be addressed. I didn't like how you didn't listen at the Battle of Hogwarts."

Ginny sighed, hating to bring up this unromantic thing at a time like this. "Dad disciplined me for it."

Ginny frowned and kicked at a clump of dirt. Then bent to pick some flowers up, picking the petals. She hadn't wanted something as childish as getting a spanking to be brought into the conversation.

Harry tried to get her attention, and clamped his hand firmly at the small of her back. "It was bloody well good he punished you! And I wouldn't have minded if you'd gotten another spanking tonight!"

Ginny's face went red, flushing with anger. "What? Harry, I can't believe you'd say that!"

"Ginny, listen. You need to curb your wild side. Don't get me wrong, I love that side of you. You've got guts. You're bold, and you're anything but a diminutive girl. But- when it goes too far…"

"What?" said Ginny, raising her voice, as her tone squeaked with surprise. "When have I gone too far?"

"Obviously when you didn't listen to my word. I told you not to fight. So did your father, and your whole family. You went anyway."

"So? I can stand up for myself, Harry. I've seen plenty, and I know stuff about combat and defence. I was a member of the D.A."

"Big deal," Harry retorted back angrily, tossing his mop of black hair scornfully. Since after Hogwarts, his opinion about the D.A. had changed. It did not automatically qualify an underage witch to risk her neck.

"I proved that I could fend for myself. On my own."

"Doing so, could have got you killed. And left me alone. You almost lost your life. And I would have been the one left alone!"

Harry felt his throat constrict. He gulped back and resisted any tears. Instead, keeping up this righteous anger. "I was scared shitless, Ginny!"

The words exploded over Ginny, the full impact hitting now. She looked down at her feet, humbled. Her chin quivered, trying not to cry. "I'm sorry. I didn't intend to take such a risk with my life. I would never want to leave you forever. I want to marry and be your wife someday. I was being foolish. I'll try to listen to your advice more in future. Really…."

Harry's face reddened, still angry. "No, Ginny. You won't try. You will adhere my advice. For now on. And always."

Ginny didn't answer. Her face remaining blank, she didn't believe she should obey just yet. But the brown eyes were swimming with sorrow. And Harry was thinking of that talk he'd had with Arthur today.

"You need to show your woman that you're in charge. Otherwise, she'll walk all over you. Remember, Harry…You wear the pants."

Ginny was supposed to be obedient, and Harry was planning to teach Ginny what that word meant.

And like the seducer the girl was, she fell into Harry's arms. "I'm so sorry. I was a bad girl! Really, it was awful of me." This wasn't said sarcastically, Ginny was truly repentant. "Oh! How will I make it up to you?"

And it started with a kiss and then a gentle, comforting caress. Her soft cheek, nuzzling his skin.

Harry felt his senses come alive.

"You will be making it up to me," breathed Harry heavily.

He nudged Ginny. Then playfully he gave a light smack to her bottom. And then the both of them collapsed on a soft bed of daffodils.

Entwined in each other's arms they kissed some more. Ginny was on the ground, and Harry nestled on top.

Ginny once again took initiative and undid Harry's belt, taking down jeans and boxers. She was finally getting a look at his goods, and subconciously licked those cherry-red lips.

Harry only noticed the eyes go all a flutter.

"May I?"

He nodded and Ginny attacked his member, giving it a good tongue brushing and lip suckling.

Harry's eyes closed with pleasure and Ginny's were opening, looked up, happy to see a pleased expression.

Suddenly there was a grunt of dissatisfaction. "What? Did I graze you with my teeth?"

"Er- we'll talk about it later."


Harry was unpleasantly reminded that Ginny had been seeing Dean Thomas and Michael Corner before him. Had she'd done this for them too? It must be. Harry was sure Ginny had volunteered to perform the favour. The little minx!

Harry was close to climax, but it was taking a while to build-up. Ginny changed tactics. She grabbed his waist and held his body tight.

They pantomimed intercourse, bodies throbbing against each other, pulling and pushing. Harry's cock grinding against Ginny's opening.

Ginny was slowly losing herself to it. Lost in pleasure. "Harry…Please take me. T-take me! I want it now. I want your big, juicy cock inside me. I want you, you're the one for me! I've always known."

Harry groaned with pleasure at these words. It was so tempting. The sweet scent of female masturbation, the glowing look on Ginny's face. It would make his girl so happy. Maybe now was the right time.

Her legs spread. She opened and waited, looking willing.

"You'll want it much more when we're married." It took all Harry's determination to admit that. It showed the great restraint he had gained over the years. The restraint and maturity of a man several years older than him some would say.

And yet he was just eighteen. And Ginny was still only a girl.

Ginny looked a little disappointed, but they went on grinding. She gazed above at the stars and felt very small and vulnerable. She wanted to be Harry's and she thought it might not be a bad thing to submit to him.

Harry pulled himself away and moved closer to the creek a few feet away. Quietly, Ginny watched him ejaculate in the grass. Harry did not scream when he climaxed.

He hadn't wanted to bother making Ginny lick it or eat it up. But he was sure she would have liked to. But yes, it would be a neat thing to see it swallowed as well. Harry affirmed that yes, she would be made to swallow, lick it or wear depending on his mood. Surely it was done for Michael and Dean.

Harry came back to Ginny's side and extended a hand.

Ginny came up off the earth. "Let's go back to the burrow. We can hang out in my bedroom…"

And Harry meant Bill and Charlie's old room. Thus summer it was occupied for his usage.

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