Title Time We Spent

Pairings/Characters Kakashi/Naruto with some implied Kakashi/Sakura and Sasuke/Naruto, Tsunade and Jiraiya make appearances too, Orochimaru is mentioned.

Disclaimer don't own, no one's under-age either.

Author's Notes/Warnings un-betaed; AU world; graphic implications, covers a variety of prompts. The first section covers prompt #13 'lonely' from table 'nights'.

Naruto sat at the cafeteria table every day from morning coffee until evening when the porch lights came on and a lonely white moth would flutter around. The blond would eat what was brought to him, talk to people who came by and engage with his surroundings—even get up to go to the bathroom, but he wouldn't leave that table for any other reason.

Even though he wasn't as bad as other abuse cases, the doctors worried because he didn't show any signs of getting better after the year and a half that he had spent in the hospital. His guardian had hunted down the very best doctor and convinced her to help the young man. She had tried an array of treatments, but nothing worked. Acupuncture, hypnotherapy, medications, shock therapy—they all failed. There wasn't much hope for him to ever leave the hospital.

* * *

"I know, I know; but it's what I want to do, Dad." A garbled answer came through the phone and Kakashi sighed. Another loud voice, another garbled one. Kakashi covered his head with his pillow. The voices on both ends of the phone started raising. Kakashi growled. The phone was shut with force and footsteps led to the door, the door slammed—silence. Kakashi sighed and repositioned his pillow, aiming to go back to sleep when his eye hit the digital clock. He lurched up out of bed: he was late! He glared at the door his roommate and friend had walked out of a moment ago and then started to get ready for the day.

* * *

By the time the interview came around, Tsunade was exhausted. Two o'clock in the afternoon came all too slowly since she started working in this hospital. Naruto, these days, was getting frustrating while a few of her other patients were taking huge leaps towards getting better. She knew that she was using her last ditch effort on Naruto and somehow that made it worse. After this didn't work, she was going to have to admit she failed and let down a friend of hers in the process. She was slumped over her desk when her assistant poked her head in the door.

"Ma'am, he's here. Should I send him in?"

She glanced up tiredly, but nodded. As the door closed she straightened herself to look presentable and tidied her desk. A man with an eye patch was let in. She smiled.

"Kakashi Hatake, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Tsunade. Sit down and we'll get started."

* * *

When everything is lonely I can be my own best friend,

Get a coffee and the paper, have my own conversations

With the sidewalk and the pigeons and my window reflection."

Lua by Bright Eyes