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James always pulled pranks on Savannah as kids and through Hogwarts. He claimed she was annoying and that he couldn't stand her, but the truth was that she was his favorite cousin. He never got the chance to tell her.

James nearly killed Sirius when he caught him and Savannah snogging in a broom cupboard. Nobody messes with James' family.

Even though he told everyone that Sirius was his best friend and inseparable, it was a lie. Remus was actually his best friend.

At first, James only asked Lily out to annoy her, but when his feelings began to change, he didn't know how to ask her on an actual date so he continued to ask in the only way he knew how.

Though James always told Lily he tormented Snape just because, he was actually jealous.

His first crush was Mary McDonald, but when he found Remus liked her, he backed off. Remus needed his turn with a girl too.

When James and Lily had finally gotten together, James didn't bother to correct the notion that he had been the one to ask her.

James had forgotten until a week later to tell everyone he and Lily were engaged.

When James heard the prophecy, he had nightmares that he would wake up one day and find Harry dead. He would wake up in tears and spend the rest of the night beside Harry's crib.

When Voldemort came, James' heart broke, not for his doomed family, but for all their friends who would be torn because Peter had betrayed not only James and his family, but everyone who had trusted him.