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It's not that Dudley hated Harry, he was jealous so he made sure his cousin had no friends.

Dudley was terrified of gingers after the Ton-Tongue Toffee incident.

Dudley had always wanted a brother…maybe a sister.

He had never been jealous of Harry's magic. He was jealous of his bravery though. He didn't know how he would handle having a mad serial killer after him.

He had been terrified for Harry when they had parted ways. He wondered if he would ever see his cousin alive again and he very much hoped he would.

Dudley had gone to Grimmauld Place in a panic when he had seen his eldest daughter perform accidental magic. He wanted Harry's advice on how to tell his wife, Beverly.

Beverly didn't even flinch when she saw families go through the brick wall to Platform Nine and Three-quarters. Dudley couldn't help but admire her for that.

Dudley was very impressed by magic. Sometimes it terrified him (especially when the Weasleys were involved) but other times he very much enjoyed it.

Every now and then Dudley still had nightmares that Harry had been killed. He called Harry when this happened just to make sure he was alive.

Dudley was very disappointed in his mother's behavior toward her sister and Harry. He hoped his magical daughter would change her mind, so he told her first…after Harry.

A/N: I just thought it would be hilarious if Dudley had magical children. He wouldn't know what to do! And maybe his parents would lighten up to magic if that happened.