Brother Complex

Chapter One: The Intruder

Summary: These are short little drabbles on Ace's "brother complex..."

Warning: May be talk of sexual stuff...

Pairing: AcexLuffy FTW! ^///^

Rating: T

It happened in the middle of the night when Luffy was on watch. He was looking around when he was a little dinghy in the water heading towards the ship. So he jumped down to the deck to investigate. As he neared the railing, he lost sight of the little ship.

"Ah, oh well." Luffy shrugged it off and turned to go raid the kitchen. But someone jumped on deck and grabbed him by the waist. The stranger rapped a hand around Luffy's mouth and smirked.

"That was just too easy...Oi!" He shouted. "I have a crew member here as a hostage! So everyone come up on deck!" Zoro was the first to arrive at the scene. He slowly walked onto deck, yawning as rubbed his sleepy eyes. He saw the intruder holding Luffy and sighed. Luffy was waving to him.

"I can't believe we have such a simple minded captain." The intruder looked from Zoro to Luffy.

"This is your captain? How sad! He's just a kid!" The intruder laughed. Next, Robin and Nami were on the scene.

"Captain-san, are you okay?" Luffy smiled behind the guys hand and nodded. Nami just sighed.

"Why couldn't we have had a smarter captain?" Sanji was on deck next, looking at the situation.

"You were gonna go raid the kitchen, weren't you?" Luffy nodded again. "What did I tell you about that?!" Sanji yelled. Usopp and Chopper were walking up the steps when they saw Luffy. Usopp just shook his head and yawned, too tired to say anything. Chopper was the same. The intruder was shocked to see that no one really cared about their captain's safety.

"Don't you guys care at all that I have your captain hostage?"

"Not really." Sanji replied. "He's a big boy. He can take care of himself." Zoro just yawned again.

"Oi, Ace! Some guy is holding your brother hostage."

"Ooh, gonna call his big brother? Well, while you're at it, tell him I'm gonna kidnap him, and do a little this and that to" The intruder let out a perverted laugh while he teased the crew.

"And he says he's gonna kidnap him." Zoro continued. There were still no signs that Ace had heard what Zoro was saying. Then Zoro tried another tactic. "And he says he's gonna rape him-" The door to the mens quarter slammed open not a second later, cracking the door. Ace stomped onto deck, his eyes and body on fire.

"Rape?" Ace repeated the word dangerously. The intruder gaped at the sight. The older brother was literally on fire! Ace turned his eyes onto the intruder, who let his hand fall from Luffy's mouth. Luffy did his famous smile.

"Hi Ace!"

"Wait, y-you mean Ace, Ace? As in Fire Fist Ace?!" The intruder panicked. Ace's eyes drifted over to the intruders other arm; the one around Luffy's thin waist.

"What is your hand doing on Luffy's waist?" Ace asked. The intruder instantly let go of Luffy, then froze.

"D...Did you say Luffy?"

"Yes he did." Nami grinned. "Monkey D. Luffy- Wanted for 300,000 berries. And this is his older brother, Portgas D. Ace." The guy shook in fear as Ace approached the man.

"W-Wait! I'm sorry! I-I'll never touch y-your brother again! I swear!" The man stammered. Ace glared the man, his eyes full of death and hatred. If looks could kill, this would probably be one of the most lethal.

"Get. Out. Of. Here." Without a second of hesitation, the intruder jumped over the railing, got in his dinghy, and rowed away from the ship as fast as he could. Ace was back to normal with Luffy in his arms. "C'mon Lu. Let's go to sleep."

"Ace, you're so awesome!" Luffy praised, leaving a smile on Ace's freckled face. As the two walked into the men's quarters, Zoro spoke up.

"What a brother complex." The crew just nodded in agreement.

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