TG- *walks up onto empty stage* Ahem. Hello everyone at the site. As you probably know, my pen-name is Tyranno's girl and I am writing this fanfic. Allow me to take you on a trip to an old, far away land by the name of Kon. It is before many of our modern conveniences and could easily be compared to the Middle Ages only with monsters and demons still alive and humans are just starting to come into the picture. *walks over and sits on a stump that has magically appeared*

One thing you have to realize about this fanfic is that although some would call it a crossover, I'm not going to put it in that section. It is more like a rewrite of the story behind the game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Also, we must get another thing clear. *stands up and walks*

Although the characters used in this fanfiction (who are the property of one Masashi Kishimoto, except for the ones that I will identify) are very familiar, they will be playing different roles today and will be addressed as such. *picks up a large scroll* In fact, here is the cast-list! *rolls it out so it reads*:

*= original character

Kyuubi No Kitsune- The child version of himself, Kyuubi (Think pre-shippuden Naruto only a bit younger and with orange-hair). (Our hero.)

Orochimaru- Hachibi-sama, The snake-god of the forest.

Kabuto Yakushi- Shichibi, the badger-demon who is very close to Hachibi.

Sakura Haruno- Sakura, the fairy.

Kakashi Hatake- Gobi, The dog-god of the plains.

Gaara Sabaku- Ichibi, the young, farm-working raccoon-demon.

Hoshi (a.k.a what I call the personification of Curse-Mark Sasuke)- The child version of Prince Hoshi, Prince of Kon.

Itachi Uchiha- Rokubi, the weasel-god of thunder. Also elder brother and advisor to Hoshi.

Yonbi*- Yonbi, the winged serpent-goddess of volcanoes, heat, and poisons.

Sai- Sai, the Great Fairy.

Kisame Hoshigaki- Sanbi, the shark-god of water.

Madara Uchiha- The King of the Humans, Madara.

Jiraiya- Sage of summoning, Jiraiya. Husband to Tsunade.

Tsunade- Sage of unity, Tsunade. Wife to Jiraiya.

Nibi*- Old Lady Shimaka. (Eventually Nibi, cat-goddess of death...)

Neji- God of Wind, Neji.

Naruto Uzumaki (with help from Kyuubi)- Older Kyuubi.

Sasuke Uchiha (with help from Hoshi)- Older Hoshi.

Iruka Umino- Juubi, dolphin-god of life, knowledge, and time.

Other appearances will be made by other Naruto characters and will be addressed accordingly as they arrive. I just wished to get these out of the way so there wouldn't be any confusion. Of course, if there are anymore questions as the story goes by, you can submit them to me in the form of a review or a message. I will try my best to respond ASAP.

Also, me being Tyranno's girl, there will be yaoi. Pairings are (of course portrayed differently in the fic):






And probably others that aren't as important to the plot (Disclaimer- I don't own anything by Shonen Jump or Nintendo). Or will be annotated accordingly.

One more thing. Upon starting this story, I hope to have weekly updates unless something happens that prevents me from doing as such. But it would all depend on if the story gets reviews. Alright, now that that's settled, may I present:

The Legend of Hoshi, Metronome of Time...