In the Chamber of the gods, Sanbi readjusted his golden cloak before he called out, "The Ancient Creators of Kon… Those who created the land, seas, and skies…" All attention had focused on him, "Let all our powers come forth…" At that moment, when all the gods moved towards the center of the Chamber and the platform started growing in size, Sai took Neji's arm and spoke,

"You might want to consider moving." Before the brunette could even ask why, there was a brilliant rainbow light and a chorus of roars, hisses, and howls. They both looked back, once they were at a safe distance, and saw the gods in their natural forms. Sanbi roared out,

"LET US OPEN UP THE GATE TO NIRVA AND FOREVER SEAL AWAY THIS DARK FORCE!" Ichibi moved first, the giant tan and blue-designed raccoon moving forward and biting at air; managing to tug on something. Nibi went next, the lavender-shaded cat using her own mouth to pull at the same area. When Sanbi moved in, a hole of light slowly began to grow in the air. One by one, they were followed by the serpent, the wolf, the weasel, the badger, the snake…

"Where's Kyuubi?" They all gritted out before the nine-tailed fox-god bounded in and bit at the part of the opening that he could reach before Juubi joined in. The ten gods all struggled to pull until the gate had completely opened. That was when Hoshi flew into the Chamber of the gods, carrying Madara's weakened human body and throwing him down to the ground.

The human looked around as he found himself in front of the gaping gateway that the gods had prepared. Madara shook his head, screaming, "No!", as he tried to run away. But Sai was there to stop him from doing so via a swarm of fairies all the shades of the rainbow pushing him back.

Madara fell to the floor, desperately clutching at the ground as the gateway started to pull him in. "Stop! Have… Have mercy!" At that cry, Juubi blinked and let go of the section of the gate he was pulling; the other gods yelping as they had to pick up the slack.

"JUUBI, WHAT IN THE WORLD..?" Sanbi growled as he struggled to keep the gate open. Juubi leaned close to Madara, stating,

"If he's trying to repent, then shouldn't we hear him out?" The dolphin-god then asked Madara, "Now, do you really regret your actions?" Madara kept his face downward for a moment. Out of nowhere, he made a dagger appear in his hand and sliced it across Juubi's nose; the light-god's pain-filled screams and chirps accompanying his blood splashing to the floor. Gobi growled, almost running over to the dolphin's aid but Juubi turned his head and fumed,


Madara chuckled at the sight of the god of light in pain, especially because with everyone's eyes focused on the dolphin-god they didn't see him use the very last of his power to send the Chakra of Power far away in the direction of the desert; a piece of his soul accompanying it. Sai sent forth another swarm of rainbow-shaded fairies, this group managing to shove Madara's lethargic body into the blinding light. Before the gate shut, however, he spoke in the words of the gods:

"(Even if it takes a thousand years for this gate to be broken once more, I will have my revenge!)" He gave a weak chuckle, "(I curse you to a misery unlike any other!)"

The gate closed off the King of Evil, the seal forming to keep him there for all eternity.

The purest clouds…

The brightest sunlight…

The perfect breeze moving through the area that lay, suspended over a calm sea. This was the Sacred Realm, Nirva as it should be. The rest of the gods watched on as they saw Hoshi and Kyuubi standing face to face in the center of it all, only they were both in their child-forms.

After a long silence, Hoshi spoke up first, "Thank you… From all that I am to the soul that I possess, thank you Kyuubi." Kyuubi giggled,

"You're more than welcome!" Hoshi sighed, taking in the sweet voice he hadn't heard in ten years.

"Thanks to your efforts, Madara has been sealed away in the farthest, most barren area of the Sacred Realm. Peace can once again reign over Nirva and Kon…" The young Prince's voice faltered, Kyuubi asking,

"What is it?" He flinched when he saw Hoshi's shoulders trembling, as if he were crying.

"It was all my fault. I tried to get into something that was completely out of my power and it caused so many tragedies… So much suffering…" Kyuubi's ears drooped before he nodded to himself and walked over to the dark-haired demon. "What is it?" Kyuubi was silent before he moved in and gave Hoshi a hug.

"It's okay…"

"Kyuubi…" Hoshi gave a soft smile and returned the gesture, "Beloved…" He could have stayed like that forever. But, he knew that he couldn't… "I need to make things right," Hoshi whispered, pushing himself away. Kyuubi was quiet as Hoshi went on, "You have to go back to before all this began and return the cloak of the Kyuubi No Kitsune to the Temple of Time. Also," He gave a teary smile as he asked, "Could you return the Metronome of Time to me?" Kyuubi nodded and got the sacred tool out of his satchel. He was about to hand it over to Hoshi when a voice inside of him spoke,

"Hold on a minute!" Kyuubi looked around at Nirva, at all the gods and the beings who had aided him in this journey before he asked, "Why?" Hoshi gave a heavy sigh,

"So I can return you to your time and shut the road to the time-stream." Kyuubi became as still as stone. "It would be wrong for me to ask you to stay here in this time with me, so I will send you back so that you can regain your lost time. It's the right thing to do –"

"Says who?" Kyuubi screamed, jolting Hoshi out of his mood.


"All this time I've been doing what everyone needed me, what was expected of me to do, what was the right thing to do! But what about what I want to do?"


"Then," Hoshi gulped, "What is it that you want?" Even though this was a tense moment, Hoshi had to admit that watching Kyuubi move his head side to side as he thought of what he was going to say. Finally, Kyuubi spoke again,

"I want… To stay here, in this time." He stood his ground, "I want to be here to enjoy the peace that I've helped to bring about! I want to be here with you and all the other gods! Is that too much to ask?"

"Not in the least!" Hoshi answered in an instant. But he calmed down and said,

"I don't want you to leave either! I only offered that option because… Never mind!" At Hoshi's flustered appearance, Kyuubi brightened up a bit. But then, "Kyuubi?" Hoshi muttered. "May I… ask you one more thing?" Kyuubi pouted,

"Sure, why not?" Hoshi could only smile at the younger demon's mood. But he took three deep breaths before just deciding to get it out,

"Kyuubi…" An astral-projection of older Hoshi appeared behind him, both asking, "Will you marry me?"

"What?" Kyuubi yelped, a projection of his older self showing up behind him.

"I bet that you thought when I said that I wanted you to be my bride all those years ago, I was joking." Hoshi smiled, "But I am truly still in love with you. So, if you would still have me as a husband…"

Kyuubi gulped. This was such a huge decision and with everything that had just happened, would he make the right decision? But, in all honesty, what other decision could he make? He had been fighting to save Kon for the sake of peace and righteousness, sure, but he had really been fighting… So that he could be reunited with Hoshi.

Kyuubi gave a small nod. "What was that?" Hoshi gave his signature smirk, "I can't understand you unless you speak up." The vermillion-haired demon pouted again, silently fuming as his cheeks turned red.

"I said 'yes', you big mean—" He was cut off by Hoshi leaning forward to press their lips together in a simple kiss. The first response that clicked in the fox-god's mind was to push Hoshi away. But that inner voice from earlier gave him a different suggestion, causing him to pull Hoshi closer as they slowly changed back into their older forms. When both of them finally moved away from each other, each regarded the other for a quiet moment before Hoshi whispered,


"Shut up…" Kyuubi growled with a slight blush.

"Then," Sanbi's voice floated over as an invisible force took the Metronome of Time from Hoshi's hands, "I'll take this…" Then Sanbi did something that was so unexpected. When the Metronome of Time was in his hand, he crunched his hand into a fist; everyone gasping as the pieces fell to the floor. Juubi screamed, rushing over to try and rescue the shattered instrument,

"What did you do? No~!" Gobi had to walk over, gently tugging the shattered light-god away,

"Ignore him." Sanbi proceeded to do just that as he announced,

"Gods of Kon," He gave a sharp grin, "We have work to do."

It was a beautiful sight. First, if you had looked up into the sky, you would have heard a loud chirping noise before all the chakra-induced darkness fell back, like a rippling wave, revealing Kon's flawless blue skies once more.

Powerful winds, seemingly under the control of some benevolent force, cleared the few remaining monsters from the land.

There was a swift storm that blew in, but despite the thunder and the lightening, the rains were cleansing rather than forceful.

Shobura Mountain managed to erupt once more, but this eruption caused an extravagant output of the rocks and stones that the volcanic demons liked to eat.

In the Shion Village Graveyard, all foul spirits screeched and howled as they were shooed away; allowing all the other benevolent spirits to come out of their graves in order to see the glorious new day.

In the Hana Village, all the plants and trees grew forth abundantly; petals raining down like delicate, well-perfumed snow.

And even in Heartlight Fortress…

"Shikamaru!" Ichibi's older sister Temari exclaimed, glomping the human to the ground as she and many other demons were released from their prison-cells. Hinata had traveled forth from her own cage in Madara's mansion and started opening their cages before the other human guards began to help her. She was about to move to another cell when there was a whooping howl of

"Free at last!" and then she found herself on the ground thanks to someone bumping into her.

"Ow…" Hinata whimpered before she managed to look up at her 'attacker'. He had shaggy brown hair that reminded her of a dog, red triangular marks on his cheeks, with dark brown eyes that looked at her in worry as sharp canine-teeth appeared when he asked,

"Are you alright?" Hinata felt a blush rise in her cheeks as she felt something that she didn't know that she ever would. She nodded as she began twiddling her fingers out of habit.

"Could you maybe..?"

"Oh, of course!" He jumped off and managed to help the navy-haired woman to her feet. They stood quietly next to each other: Hinata silently blushing and the demon male nervously scratching the back of his head before Hinata turned and spoke,

"My name's Hinata. And yours?" The demon gulped, a blush of his own rising before he replied,


By the end of that day, a day that would always live on in Kon's history and legend, the darkness had been banished from the lands and Kon had been restored to its natural beauty at long last…

For a time.


TG- Yatta! It's finally over! Can we get a credit roll?

Kyuubi No Kitsune- The child version of himself, Kyuubi. (Our hero.)

Orochimaru- Hachibi-sama, The snake-god of the forest.

Kabuto Yakushi- Shichibi, the badger-demon who is very close to Hachibi.

Sakura Haruno- Sakura, the fairy.

Kakashi Hatake- Gobi, The dog-god of the plains.

Gaara Sabaku- Ichibi, the young, farm-working raccoon-demon.

Hoshi (a.k.a. what I call the personification of Curse-Mark Sasuke)- The child version of Prince Hoshi, Prince of Kon.

Itachi Uchiha- Rokubi, the weasel-god of thunder. Also elder brother and advisor to Hoshi.

Yonbi*- Yonbi, the winged serpent-goddess of volcanoes, heat, and poisons.

Sai- Sai, the Great Fairy.

Kisame Hoshigaki- Sanbi, the shark-god of water.

Madara Uchiha- The King of the Humans, Madara.

Jiraiya- Sage of summoning, Jiraiya. Husband to Tsunade.

Tsunade- Sage of unity, Tsunade. Wife to Jiraiya.

Nibi*- Old Lady Shimaka. (Eventually Nibi, cat-goddess of death...)

Neji- Buddha's Reincarnation, Neji.

Naruto Uzumaki (with help from Kyuubi)- Older Kyuubi.

Sasuke Uchiha (with help from Hoshi)- Older Hoshi.

Iruka Umino- Juubi, dolphin-god of life, knowledge, and time.

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