I cant believe I had done that! I got a tattoo! It was the symbol for Virgo on my wrist. The skin was sensitive, but otherwise fine. Edward. Is. Going. To. Flip. Out! But I don't care, this is my body. My choice. He takes pleasure in controlling our relationship, but now this is mine. No one can tell me what to do with it. I got in my truck and drove home. Charlie didn't give me a problem, which I was thankful for. When I did get into my room Edward was laying on the bed, waiting for me. Suddenly his eyes became thoughtful.

"Bella, love, were you near printing presses today?"

"No, why?" suddenly he was near me, starting at my shoulder to my arm, he paused at the tattoo. His eyes widened and he ripped my sleeve off my arm. He stared at that tattoo before glaring into my eyes.

"Bella what have you done?" He asked, he was controlling his temper but I knew he was furious.

"I got a tattoo." I shrugged.

"You did what?!"

"got a tattoo."

"Bella have you lost your mind!?" Edward fumed, if he was human, he would probably of popped a blood vessel.

"No, I just got a tattoo, plenty of people do it. It's no big deal."

"Yes Bella, it's a very big deal. What have you done? You were so perfect, so beautiful, but now…" Edward trailed off, seemingly unable to finish. I paused, I had known he would be mad but I had wanted to get a tattoo for a while now. What if…I trailed off, what if he went to another girl, one with unmarked skin.

"Please don't go." I'm saying that before I even realize it. I can feel the fear and tears pulsing in my eyes I had never considered, even for a moment, that he had chosen to leave because of this. The hole in my chest, that monstrosity of everything I was without Edward, reeled it's ugly head.

"Go? No! Bella listen to me! I'm not going anywhere!" Edward shouted pulling me from my revive. He gently pulled me into his arms. "No Bella, I will never leave, I don't like that you got a tattoo. But I would never leave, never! Especially for something as trivial as that. I don't like it exactly, you were perfect the way you are, but if it's what you want then it is what I want." Edward spoke brushing away a few tears I hadn't realized I had shed.

"I'm sorry, I'm being stupid. It's just I hadn't thought that you would even think about leaving, just when I saw your face you looked really mad. And I can't stand to have you mad at me or disappointed."

"Bella, I am never disappointed or mad at you. I love you, and now that I look at your tattoo, it's the symbol for Virgo isn't it?" I nod to him. "The virgin, the constellation of innocence. It fits you perfectly, my love." Edward whispered kissing me gently.