A/N: The other project is more (and by more, I mean completely) a romantic-comedy piece. Let's see, shall we? Just a hint: It was majorly inspired by a certain event that's taking place in Vancouver in February...

Tyranno's girl Productions...

We enter the scene at a colossal stadium. It is heavily, yet tastefully, decorated with flowers, streamers, and posters; confetti sprinkling down and fireworks exploding in the sunny sky. The stadium seating is filled to the brim with spectators, a special section of the seating reserved for the children of the contestants.

Which reminds me.

Contestants for what and where are said contestants? Well, if we look down to the empty fields and to the left and right of it, you will see two covered entryways. A blue sheet covers the one on the left and the one on the right is covered in pink. Inside the pink-covered entryway, a conversation could be heard.

Well... It was more like random statements by each of the people behind it.

"Ve... This banner is heavy! When can we go eat? I wanna get some pasta!"

"Oh, for the love of Jashin! Shut up!"

"Guys... Calm down, we have to have a calm demeanor going into this... Remember, we are the calm, beautiful, honest ones."

"But this is getting boring, un!"

"Too bad. We have to stay still and-- Would you stop jumping around?!"

"Sorry..! But it's so exciting! So exciting!"

"I agree with him! This is going to be awesome, dattebayo!"

"Ugh...!" Groans were heard all around. Then, a meek voice stated,

"I hope that we'll all do our best. Right Kumajiro?"

"Who are you again?"

"Oh..." Then,

"Don't worry! We're going to cream the competition because I'm the hero!"

"Ugh...!" More groans.

"With team-mates like this maybe we'll have to..." A briefcase of medication was brought out and glasses were delicately pushed back with one finger. "Thin out the competition?"

"Oh, now don't be mean! As long as we have our wits, we can beat them easy!" As things were going on, blue eyes looked around and found a pair of sea-foam green ones outlined by eyeliner.

"Hey! Are you ready for the main event?" The green eyes looked up and rolled,

"I'd rather die..."

"That's the spirit, dattebayo!"

Before another groan arose, a smooth voice stated, "Now let's not let hostility get in ze way of this pure competition, mon amis!" There was silence as everyone looked at the owner of the voice. Then shrieks and protests,

"Oh, for Heaven's sake!"

"Mon pére, please put on your clothes!"

"What?! But that would get in ze way of the tradition in this event!"


On the opposite side of the field, behind the blue curtain, another conversation was taking place.

"Alright! On the count of three I want everyone to give a big 'Go team'! Ready? One..."

"There's no way in hell... Unless you pay me that is."


"Can we count down in Espanol?"

"Three! Go team! Wait a minute, you guys didn't join in!"

"Because we didn't want to?"

"Come on! It'll boost team-morale!"

"We don't need our morale boosted! Not as long as you all have the Awesome Me!"

"Oh..." Groans all around.

"Maybe we should all be having a quick drink," A gloved hand brought out a large bottle, "I brought some of my best vodka, da?"

"Damn you!" Light green eyes narrowed in agitation, "Don't tempt me, you know what happens when I drink!" There was a bit of laughter before a voice added,

"Do we even need to try that hard? I mean, we don't want to hurt their feelings or anything, right?"

"Nein... But they proposed this challenge so we have to respond." Sounds of agreement were heard all around. However, soon a large horn sounded.

"Guys, it's time!"

"Raise up the banner!"

"Come on you guys, carry the banner right! We have to get going!" There was commotion behind the pink curtain while all the people behind it tried to get ready to make their entrance.

Proudly Presents...

The audience in the stands was quiet as they waited. The band on-stage waited for a signal from the administrative-booth. When they got it, they began playing a loud fanfare. When the music started, the curtains parted and revealed large groups of men, both young and older. The crowds went crazy as both groups started marching toward the center field. The men from behind the blue curtain were all older, stronger-looking, and confident as they walked behind three men that held up a large, blue banner that had the kanji for 'seme' on it.

"IT'S LONELY AT THE TOP!!" They all called out in high-spirits to the crowd. As they passed the children's area, half of the children cheered, while the other half waited for the other side to pass.

"Hi Vati!" A girl with curly blonde hair waved happily.

On the other side, however, the younger, delicate-looking males were struggling to figure out who should hold their banner, which had the kanji for 'uke' on it. Finally, they came to a decision and marched across the field. They all cheered,


After that, they other half of the children got up and cheered wildly.

"Mama! Be a good boy, okay?" A green-skinned girl with green hair that had flowers in it cheered, orange yes wide and cheerful.

The groups marched around the field for a while, spurred on by the triumphant music, until they both walked to the center field. When both groups were there, you could sense the tension in the air as both groups looked at each other. The bottoms trying their best to look confident against the tops that had no problem with their confident airs.

In the administrative-booth, when she saw that both groups had made it to their respective spots, a woman picked up a microphone and began, "Thank you everyone for coming here today! We are to have the honor of being the spectators of a fantastic event!" The crowds cheered. "We all have seen the battle of the sexes and the battle of the species, but here is a competition that tops those both!" The woman stood up and announced, "We have the honor of hosting and seeing the first ever


The crowds cheered again, as well as the groups on the field. From here on out, you didn't have to be a fortune-teller to see that things were going to be tense. The atmosphere was tinged with aggression. Until a thump-noise tore the ukes from their stare-down with the semes. Itachi Uchiha, leader of Team-Uke, groaned,

"Did Greece fall asleep again?" Ben Tennyson replied,

"Yep, along with Italy."

The semes had to hold back their laughs. Oh, this was going to be cake.

The Seme-Uke Games:

Coming soon to , hopefully around February...

A/N: Yes, my other project is going to be a competition between semes and ukes to see which position is better (not in that way!). It is my hopes that it will be quite the humorous story and I hope that people will like it. The characters that will be in this story are from all my fav yaoi pairings, which means that it's kind of a crossover, but not really.

Some characters from these animes and things will be used (That I do not own in anyway whatsoever...):


Hetalia- Axis Powers


Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Ben 10: Alien Force

South Park

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Legend of Zelda

Petshop of Horrors

...And probably more as time goes on. Did anyone catch any of the conversation points, rather who was talking to who? Well, this is just a preview, in the actual fic, I'll say who is who. Also, I could use a partner for this fic in case anyone is interested! And just one more thing, what pairing should I put this fic under? Well, I hope to get some feedback on my previews and I hope that everyone liked them at least a little bit. Until February...

-Tyranno's girl.