TG- Hey guys! It's Tyranno's girl and I'm here with Kisame Hoshigaki…

Kisame- Hey guys!

TG- And his lovely wifey Itachi.

Itachi- I could kill you and no one would know or care.

TG- The readers would care, right?

Readers- * crickets chirp * …

TG- Aw… Anyway, we're here just to talk about some things about the Games and… Kisame, what are you doing?

Kisame- * on his IPhone * Updating my twitter and seeing if – He did! Let's see what Ivan is up to… * reads * 'Currently at Mall of America with son and wife… Wife buying everything in sight despite recession.' He's so funny, isn't he?

TG- Yeah… But, um, that brings up a question. Itachi, what did you think of this prevailing bromance between your husband and Russia?

Itachi- Well, at first it was fine; I mean, Kisame always needs more friends. But when it started getting to an uber-friendly-sugar-friend-time, it was getting ridiculous. I mean, look at this! * points to Kisame *

Kisame- * on phone * Ivan! Yeah, I saw your twitter update! … Ha ha ha! Seriously? … That is too much! I – Itachi, wait what are you doing with my phone?

Itachi- * takes phone, tosses it into the air, and incinerates it * There, that's better.

Kisame- * sobs * Do you know how much that phone cost me? Kakuzu's going to kill me!

TG- Before Kisame cries anymore, let's continue. So, what were your thoughts on the Seme-Uke Games in general?

Itachi- You need writing help. This should not have taken a year to document events that took four months.

TG- Screw you, I tried you know. I told people that I needed a co-writer, but no… That's why if people say that there should be another 'Seme-Uke Games', I'm not doing it without a co-writer!

Kisame- Hey, except for the updates taking forever, I loved the Games! Team Seme FTW!

Itachi- Of course you would say that. Even though, if it weren't for the judges, Team Uke would have won.

Kisame- Heh, I highly doubt that, Itachi.

Itachi- How so? And choose your words carefully, Mizukage-sama.

Kisame- * looks away * You know what; maybe I'll just keep my comments to myself.

TG- Okay then, if there's nothing else you guys want to say…

Kisame- What about the extremely long list of 'thank-you's that you had made for the reviewers?

TG- * grits out * If people want to hear that, they'll visit my YouTube account to watch the AMV I made for the 100 reviews celebration. * sighs * No, this is about my up-coming projects.

Itachi- So, should I get the pop-corn started so we can sit through a bunch of your lengthy previews?

TG- Actually… No. My usual previewing style was taking too long, and with these fics if I preview anything, it gives away everything, so… We're just going to talk about my up-coming fics.

Kisame- Yay!

Itachi- Yay…

TG- Yeah! * sweat-drops * Let's get started.

TG- Let's start with my Naruto ones first.

Itachi- Aren't you just going to do a sequel to 'The Legend of Hoshi'?

TG- Yeah, that's one of them. 'The Legend of Hoshi: The WindWhistle' will be coming out… as soon as I finish 'The Legend of Hoshi: Metronome of Time'.

Kisame- In other words, not for a while.

TG- Pretty much. And, seeing as how I thought that LOZ: WindWaker. Was really a joke of the Zelda series, this fic is majorily going to be a parody as well. You will hear more when I finish 'Metronome of Time' if anyone is interested.

Itachi- Next!

TG- Fine… * reads through files * Oh, this one is good! For all those people who wanted to find out when Mizuki and the other Akatsuki children came into the picture, exactly how Kisame became Mizukage, when he and Itachi got married, and other things… My fanfic 'Niebla, Brume, Foschia' is going to clear that all up. And if anyone is wondering what the title means… a cookie will go to whoever figures it out. Really easy though…

Itachi- So they'll be hearing about everything?

TG- Mm-hm!

Kisame- Like when James joined us for a few years after Sasori's death?

TG- Yep!

Kisame- Sasori's going to kill you.

TG- Yeah, he might…

Itachi- You aren't fazed at all?

TG- … * ignores the comment* Next project? Okay! * reads * Okay, now for my Hetalia work. The first one…

Itachi- Wait, what happened to the 'Saga of Evil'?

Kisame- Itachi, why did you bring that up?

TG- No, it's fine, I'll tell them… Do you guys remember the one full-length preview that I had in this fic? 'Saga of Evil'? Yeah, forget about it! It's dead! Remove it from your minds! Completely irrelevant! I even removed that section from the fic to cover everything up!

Kisame- But why? The nations were all ready and psyched to go!

TG- I understand that, but I was looking at what I had written so far for it and then I just said, 'You know what? I can seriously see coming back to this later.' That's what I'm going to do.

Kisame- Does that really explain why?

Itachi- Because someone here became obsessed with the 'Mother' series.

TG- Shush! * ahem * Yeah, over the course of this fic, I've been getting into other games and one of them was the only-released in Japan 'Mother 3'. The story is so… God, it's so fucking amazing that I have to bring it to the larger audience via a Hetalia fic. The fic will be called 'Maman' and… It's going to be listed in the 'Prussia and Canada' section of the Hetalia part of the site.

Kisame- But the story-lines of those games are so depressing!

TG- Shut up. And, finally, the fic that will probably have most of my attention… It's funny, this idea actually arose from an argument that me and one of my friends had. I was on a three-way call with my main friends (one's a girl, one's a guy) and I was playing Tatsunoku vs. Capcom. I was going through story-mode and I just sighed, 'See, this is why they need to make a fighting game for Hetalia!' My friend (the guy, who also happens to be a Hetalia-hater) went off, saying that it would be a sucky game, a horrible marketing decision, blah-blah-blah… I retorted intelligently, saying it would depend on the plot and how the game was made.

Itachi- Because of that argument, she didn't talk to the guy for a whole day afterwards.

TG- But it did get me thinking. With the right plot and enough thinking it through, a suitable game could be made. Thus, I started work on the 'Hetalia – Rise of the Ancients' Project (on this site, the fic will be labeled as 'Hetalia – ROTA' and it will have a page on deviantart as 'The Hetalia – ROTA Project') and… that's all I'm saying right now. It's top secret.

Kisame- Wait, if it's top-secret, then why have you been recruiting other writers and artists to help you out?

TG- Oh shit, you're right. Um, wait a minute, I do want people to join and help but the page isn't up yet. It'll probably be up full-swing in March… Or late February.

In fact, that's when all of these fics will start, March… Or late February. Just keep me on Author Alert! And of course, my random spur of the moment one-shots and short fics will still be coming out so yeah.

Itachi- Wow, you have 2011 all planned out.

TG- Yep, and they'll each be one chapter a week updates. I'm done with multi-chapter updates, they're too damn hard! But yeah, I'll be typing the first chapters of those fics up and posting them after I finish 'LOZ: Metronome of Time' So I leave you with my most heartfelt thank-yous for following me this far. Though this story will be labled as 'Complete', I'll occaisionally post up notes here that will say if there's more fanart or if there's a new Seme Uke Games coming up (which will not happen unless I get a co-writer!) But for now...

Kisame- Remember that semes are awesome!

Itachi- And that ukes are the reasons for a seme's existence. * reads script * How come I'm on the bottom?

Kisame, TG- That's what she said!

Itachi- I'm surrounded by idiots…

TG- Love you all, see you soon!

-Tyranno's girl.