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One Hour Challenge #301 by Dertupio

"The kiddie department wants to know when they can get back their swimsuit."

"Very funny. Then why haven't you taken your eyes off me since I took my clothes off?"

"I have been waiting forever for this!"

Nearly skipping with joy the navigator of the Strawhat pirates moved to the enormous poolside, smiling dreamily as she dropped her towel onto the lounge chair. "And it's the perfect day to go swimming too!"

Practically purring in contentment the petite woman began stripping off her clothes, eager to get down to her swimsuit and into the water.

"Aaaaahhhhh~!" Feeling more relaxed than she had in ages the pirate slid first her legs into the pool and then followed with the rest of her body. Oooh, it was heavenly!

Smiling cheerfully she began swimming back and forth slowly, enjoying the coolness of the water compared to the heat of the day, as well as the silky sensation of her body cutting through the liquid smoothly.

For several minutes the pirate simply floated along, ignoring the other people hanging around…she could feel the furiously embarrassed stare of a certain someone but she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of thinking he had gotten to her.

Humming happily to herself the copper haired woman eventually pulled herself from the welcoming embrace of the water; she didn't bother drying her body, the sun would do that, instead she sank into the lounge chair where she had left her things and then basked in the warm golden glow.

Nami continued to ignore the furious glare she was receiving from Galley-La's head foreman as she stretched luxuriously beside the pool. The blond was standing with Lulu and Tyselin but she could feel the intensity of it…

Her lips curled upwards into a self satisfied smile at his heated gaze. "Did you have something to say to me Paulie?"

The two other men stopped their conversation briefly, but when they realized it was most likely the start of another argument they ignored it. Paulie, on the other hand, took her words as the challenge that they were and the blond stomped closer to her.

"What do you think you're doing, you shameless woman?"

Reaching up in a lazy motion she began twirling her fingers through her still watery hair as she smirked at him. "Sun bathing." The twitching in his eyebrow only made her feel all the more satisfied. "And before that I was swimming… in the swimming pool."

He didn't appreciate her sarcastic wit apparently. Folding his arms in a pseudo-intimidating manner the shipwright snorted softly. "The kiddie department wants to know when they can get back their swimsuit."

She gave him a tolerantly amused smile, her tone teasing. "Very funny. Then why haven't you taken your eyes off me since I took my clothes off?"

The carpenter's glare increased. "Have you no shame?" He demanded furiously. "I have told you a thousand times, and yet you still can't be bothered to keep yourself clothed properly!"

She waved one slim hand up at him, feigning boredom. "Yeah, yeah…" Very deliberately she stretched again; it gave her such a heady feeling when the overbearing shipwright couldn't tear his eyes away from her. "You've said it closer to a million times! But you know what…?" Smiling smugly the petite woman rose to her feet; she still barely reached his shoulder. Sauntering closer she laid one hand against his chest, secretly pleased at his quick intake of air. "Your boss invited us here, and he never said anything about it…so I think that you…" She stepped closer and was rewarded by his hasty step back. "Just need to deal with it…"

The blond's eyes narrowed angrily; Iceburg-san was probably the one person in the world that Paulie would never go against in anything. Before he could find some way to refute her logic she spoke again; she loved the effect she had on him!

"Besides Paulie," She practically caressed his name as she said it. "You know that you really like it…if you didn't you wouldn't be watching me all the time."

The carpenter made a choking noise in the back of this throat. Still smiling knowingly at him she stepped closer again and looked up at him coyly. "This is an argument you can't win…I'd give up if I were you." Then she gently pushed at his chest; without his realizing it the tricky woman had backed him to the edge of the pool, all it took was one last step away as she pushed him and then the head foreman was wind milling his arms, trying to keep himself from falling into the waiting water.

She had thought she'd won…but as his last desperate act the stubborn man grabbed her around the waist and they both went tripping backwards, creating a huge splash.

With his hands around her Nami was unable to drag herself back to the surface immediately, in fact…The pirate blinked furiously, trying to see…That son of a bitch!

Paulie was grinning up at her from the bottom of the pool, very deliberately holding her underwater longer. She attempted to hit him with no real effect. Instead he dragged her down further from the surface, apparently taking enjoyment in her struggling.

She knew the shipwright wouldn't keep her down there long enough to drown…but it was a toss-up between the idea that he would keep her underwater long enough for her to go unconscious or let her up if she gave him a pleading look.


Regaining her smirk Nami stopped fighting, sinking down to lie on top of the suddenly startled man. He must have guessed her plan because he stubbornly kept his arms around her waist.

That was okay…the idea that he would let her up if she pressed closer had been a long shot anyway…no, what the copper haired pirate was after wasn't an escape…she just needed enough air.

While his hands were tangled up around her she had the advantage of using hers to pull him closer; one tangling in his hair and one grabbing his shoulder. He must have realized it at the last second; his eyes went very wide just before the petite tease pressed her lips to his.

When she was sure their mouths were sealed together she slid her tongue out to touch his lips, and just like she had guessed the shipwright's opened as he tried to gasp in shock.

The air that he had been holding flowed into her mouth; she would have enjoyed her victory except the man recovered faster than she had given him credit for. Paulie's tongue slipped into her mouth and the precious oxygen she had just stolen from him escaped her just as easily.

Furious at being beaten at her own game the pirate copied him, being sure to press her body close, her fingers tightening in his hair; she absolutely refused to lose to Paulie, especially when it came to kissing!

The carpenter's hands tightened around her waist…and then one of his hands had reached up to tangle with her hair and they were turning in the water so she was pressed against the bottom of the pool.

Ooookaaaay…Somehow she didn't think they were fighting for air anymore. And as unexpected as it was she didn't mind!

The kiss couldn't have lasted for more than a minute, (they didn't have that much oxygen between them,) and the two were forced to return to the surface.

Gasping desperately for the missing air Nami found that Paulie's hands were once again around her waist, in fact the blond was very chivalrously helping her back out of the pool.

Coughing and sputtering for breath the petite woman found herself peeking at her companion, seeing him in a new light.

Lulu and Tyselin had come over and were helping the soaking blond out as well. She felt almost shy as she observed the carpenters; his nakama were laughing loudly at his expense, while Paulie himself was trying unsuccessfully to wring out his shirt and jacket.

"W-well…" Shaking her wet hair away from her face the navigator tried to think of what to say now, but the blond had already turned back to her, a smug smirk on his face. "Teach you to push me in the water, didn't I?"

He was facing her, not his nakama, so she was the only one who saw the shipwright give her a very deliberate once-over, his smirk widening. "Care to try again, Nami?"

Flushing slightly but smirking in return the pirate's eyes slid up and down his wet body as well. "Anytime…" She purred.

Sharing one last heated look they separated again; Nami stretched back out on her lounge chair in the sun, and Paulie left to change out of his soaking clothes, both quite satisfied with the exchange.

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